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Xbox, Anyone?

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Traku has now set up his XBox 360 for XBox Live. If anyone is willing to die a horrible death in Halo 3 (says he), his gamertag is QPCT999.


No, I don't have it yet. :P


~EDIT~ I has a gamertag now! I wanted to go for EZ Kill, but ended up being (*gasp!*) Turakii instead.





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If I had an Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, I'd whoop him. I beat my friend on it all the time and he's the one who owns it. :P



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Turakii, tell him to add me (Elf Taki Taki) on Xbox Live and we will battle a gruesome fight to the death! Oh joy! :br:




Update: I sent him a friend request. :)

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Let us see how he stands up to me...

You really must get XboxLive, Turakii. I need to kill you to prove I'm better than ya. :P

And no, I have no Xlive... My friend does... I just play his.

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Maybe if you had Halo 2 or any other online enabled, backwards compatible, original Xbox games that I just so happened to have as well. :P




It's Darth Karkinos, if you really want to add it. :P

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Has he battled anyone by the name of TheChamp(He has four numbers behind his name, but I don't know them). It's my cousin, and he would win hands down. Hey, tell Traku to get Call of Duty 4. Infinitly better. It actually requires skill....recruit. :P

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I has Xbox 360 with Gamertag and Xbox LIVE and Halo 3 =D


My Xbox is unaccessable at the moment though <<


(Gamertag: Rakaru) yeah, one of my old BZP usernames =P

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