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To Settle A Debate

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer



Asumi Nase: 2 votes

Starkiller: 23 votes

Nulls: 2

Alternate votes:

Anonymous invisible hedgehog: 1 vote (Don't Flash The Octopus)
HK-47: 1 vote (Toa Tarkana)
Pudge the sheep: 1 vote (~Reoki~)
Gundam: 1 vote (~Anata no Oneesan!~)
Cynthia: 1 vote (-Edward Elric-)
Chuck Norris: 1 vote (Gravitic Ghost Rider)
Gali: 1 vote (Bfahome)
Albert Einstein: 1 vote (Letagi)
Heather Ross: 1 vote (WhispersAngels)
Turakii (XD): 1 vote Lloyd: the White Wolf
Sandtroopers: 1 vote Toa Dave


P.S. Feel free to vote on basis of cuteness, awesomeness, knowledge of existence, or flipping of coins.


Recommended Comments

Under most circumstances, I hate Starkiller. But here, he'd kick butt.


But I'll just cast a vote for HK-47. :P


~ :t: :a: :r: :k: :a: :n: :a:

YES. HK-47 for the win!


But since he's not an option here, Starkiller. I can't believe there's actually a debate on this. Is it not obvious enough?


takumasmilie.gifTakuma Nuva:infected:

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Asumi Nase is a character from Hikaru No Go whom Laughin'Man is currently obsessing over.


Starkiller is a character from The Force Unleashed whom Torhuki is currently obsessing over.




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I would vote Starkiller, but then I read the novelization and found him as think and dull as a sack of bricks.


And I found Hikaru No Go pretty eh.





I vote for...




00 Gundam.

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