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On The Subject Of Love

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer



Turakii: Everyone needs a stalker!

Turakii: Just so long as you don't let them get a restraining order

Turakii: But nice quiet stalking

Turakii: That works

Laughin’Man: I've stalked a number of people...

Turakii: Read their entire interests list

Turakii: Memorize how many friends they have

Ferhago: That's hard to do

Ferhago: Because they keep getting more

Turakii: But you'll notice every time they get more

Turakii: And then get interested in stuff they're interested in

Turakii: VERY interested

Laughin’Man: I'd do that if I knew what she was interested in

Ferhago: I've stalked...2. And a half.

Laughin’Man: Wait, a half? Oo

Turakii: Which half?

Ferhago: Mostly the left half

Turakii: That's only slightly weird

Ferhago: XP

Ferhago: In all seriousness tho

Ferhago: It was only for like

Ferhago: Less than a week

Turakii: Wow

Ferhago: That's what I meant by half

Ferhago: I didn't pull out like the BIG stalking guns

Turakii: Okay, that makes sense

Turakii: Oh, and of course reading all the conversations on her wall

Turakii: Looking at all the pictures she's tagged in

Turakii: Etc.

Ferhago: Yeah. Although that's painful occasionally...

Ferhago: The conversations

Turakii: It is?

Ferhago: Yeah

Ferhago: Actually

Ferhago: The pictures can be even worse

Ferhago: Like

Ferhago: When it's of the girl

Ferhago: And some average millions-spawned-every-day guy

Ferhago: Hugging

Turakii: They don't even need to be hugging

Turakii: Just sitting somewhat close

Turakii: Hey, just looking at each other

Laughin’Man: ... I know all too well what that's like ... ;.;

Ferhago: Yeah...

Ferhago: Your head fills in the rest

Turakii: And you're all, "ASDFGHJ NOOOOO OTHER PERSON"

Ferhago: Yeah

Laughin’Man: What does she see in that stupid Daryl Sabara lookalike, anyway!?

Turakii: Obviously enough to date him

Ferhago: If they EVER tried to make a move

Ferhago: Elaborate murder plots..

Ferhago: Oh, was that just me?

Turakii: I remember really detailed daydreams

Ferhago: Yep

Turakii: About all his ex-girlfriends tying me up

Ferhago: O_O

Turakii: And then him coming in wearing a suit of armor, beating them all up, grabbing me, and emerging victorious

Ferhago: I'd laugh except I'm the same way except I'm the saving part

Turakii: His ex-girlfriends were always unlikeable in my daydreams... if not villians...

Turakii: Or supervillians...

Ferhago: Yeah

Ferhago: For me

Ferhago: They're always going to murder her or something

Ferhago: And I always happen to have an SMG and a sword and brass knuckles

Ferhago: I had that sequence down to an art

Ferhago: Punch punch uppercut


Ferhago: Slash slash

Ferhago: And throw them into the sunset with the end of my sword =D

Laughin’Man: I always do more realistic daydreams... Like bumping into her accidentally, making her drop her purse or books or whatever, and then picking them up for her... Then making eye contact... And mutual mental <3ing

Ferhago: O_o

Turakii: Ooh ooh ooh... and then there was the one where I was magically at his school during Christmas and we walked into each other in a doorway with mistletoe hanging over it and his friends said, "Oooh, you have to kiss her!" so he did 8D

Ferhago: =D

Turakii: Which would have been realistic if teleportation and mind control existed at the time...

Ferhago: XD

Laughin’Man: Goodness gracious Turakii, your daydreams are so cliche! What about something clever, like seeing him/her in the library, spying to find out what kind of book they're getting, get one too, and then stand nearby and pretend to just notice they're getting the same thing you are and then starting a conversation?

Laughin’Man: I've daydreamed that one multiple times

Ferhago: I always imagined some kind of bizarre scenario

Ferhago: Where I would have to do something involving guns and explosions

Turakii: How about the one where he nearly drowned and I saved him with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

Ferhago: =D

Turakii: Or, if you want less cliche, when he had a life-threatening disease and I magically absorbed it and died in his stead?

Laughin’Man: Or the one where I stood behind her in line at Taco Bell, she realized she had forgotten her money, and I offer to buy it for her? Then she, being very thankful, invites me to come sit with her and we talk for hours, even after we've finished our food, finally ending up setting a date for the next available weekend...

Turakii: You're WAY too realistic >=O

Turakii: If you're gonna reach for the stars, reach for shiny stars!

Ferhago: One of my personal favorites is when I envelop the entire universe in a huge white light that destroys everything but me and her and then just hugging her...

Turakii: <3!

Laughin’Man: The way I see it

Laughin’Man: It's funner to daydream the realistic stuff because then you realize hey, it could actually happen someday

Ferhago: Psh

Ferhago: The way I see it

Ferhago: All that stuff could happen someday

Ferhago: So why not daydream about stuff that will NEVER happen so you'll get to live more?

Turakii: How about the one where you both die and become lifelong partners in heaven?

Ferhago: Never had that one..

Laughin’Man: Neither have I

Ferhago: It usually stops when we die

Ferhago: We've both died a few times

Turakii: Died in each other's arms or died kissing?

Ferhago: I've died and become her guardian angel..

Laughin’Man: Sometimes I get a little bit unrealistic, all going into the heroic type of daydream

Laughin’Man: Though even that's pretty realistic for me

Ferhago: XP

Laughin’Man: Oh wow

Laughin’Man: That came out wrong

Laughin’Man: Like

Laughin’Man: Instead of being captured by thugs and held for ransom, in my heroic daydreams I just see her being attacked by bully or a mugger or a predator (not the space bounty hunter) and suddenly I run up and beat the heck out of him and save her

Ferhago: My unrealistic ones usually involve me turning into superhuman things

Ferhago: Or just flying

Ferhago: And I'm like

Ferhago: Hey

Ferhago: I'm a guy

Ferhago: WHO CAN FLY

Ferhago: I like you

Ferhago: Wanna go out?

Ferhago: And she's like

Ferhago: Chyeah.

Ferhago: And then I fly off with her all cool-like

Ferhago: There's this other I really love

Ferhago: Where

Ferhago: I have no Skittles

Ferhago: And then I have skittles! =D

Turakii: What about the one where you're looking through a mirror and it magically becomes a portal to their house and you see them through it and then you fall through it into their arms in their house and for some reason you're completely invisible and intangible to everyone but them?

Ferhago: Sort of

Ferhago: Except I don't fall into her arms

Ferhago: Cuz I'm probably a bit heavy to hold

Ferhago: I'd be like

Ferhago: *fall*


Ferhago: *crunch*

Ferhago: Sorry about your bones!

Turakii: Maybe just both tumble onto the ground and be all, *Stare* "Uh, hey... seems I fell through a mirror, heh"

Ferhago: And she's like


Ferhago: Clearly, we should go out.

Turakii: And falls in love!

Ferhago: Yep

Turakii: She realizes you are THE ONE!

Ferhago: Yes!

Ferhago: *A Day Late plays*

Turakii: And dumps that lame guy, 'cause HE don't fall through no mirrors

Ferhago: Rite

Ferhago: Maybe if I'm lucky I can pump him full of bullets too

Turakii: So he'll never torture another female with his pitiful excuse for boyfriendness again!

Avohkah Tamer: Hey, I'm back and I read the whole chat

Turakii: O_O

Turakii: I DIDN'T DO IT

Ferhago: NO

Ferhago: IT WAS LM

Avohkah Tamer: Took me like 7 minutes 22.gif

Laughin’Man: Ehehehehehe hi AT


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I need to stop going to work so much so I can get back into these fun times. :(

I mean, c'mon, no offense, Ferhago, but you're hardly a good replacemnt for ME. B)

takumasmilie.gifTakuma Nuva:infected:
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An entire conversation about love and not a single What is Love reference? For shame, Turakii and friends. For shame. :P



Also I should probably get Yahoo messenger.....

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That's interesting... I've never had a phobia of getting brutally murdered by stalkers before, I think I might stop talking to girls just in case.


Anyways, you guys need to be more active and confident, stop stalking people and start talking to them, use your brilliant senses of humour - just don't mention the violent day-dreams or the stalking and you should be fine.

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LM = Edward from Twilight

How the heck does what I said in the conference make me anything like Edward Cullen?

Because you're a stalker and Turakii likes that. :P


...actually alot of tweens nowadays would. O_o

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Turakii: Oh, and of course reading all the conversations on her wall

Turakii: Looking at all the pictures she's tagged in

Turakii: Etc.


That and my feelings of jealousy and envy whenever someone hugs her or I hear someone likes her...I THINK IM A STALKA


You guys are so weird. :P If I grow up, I wanna be just like you.

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At first I was all like 0_o.


And then I started laughing. I can't even tell what I thought was funny, but something made me laugh.


The one part which was definately LOLZ was when AT came in...

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:kaukau:I have those fantasies all the time. At least a hundred times per day.


The best ones, of course, are the realistic ones. That dreams where you come out and save her or turn into a superhuman being and all that get redundant and there's no plot or character development to it, and in the end it doesn't end with exactly how we get together. It just gives the implied meaning that she's startled and realizes that I'm not the average person.


In the most realistic ones, I actually play on my insecurities and the story goes with her turning me down in the end. Some girls are flattered when they find out someone likes them, but I'm not exactly sure that it's the same with the one I long for. If she does say yes, or is at least appreciative of me, then I feel even more satisfied because it reminds me of exactly why I like her.


Since this post would seem somewhat lacking if I didn't give examples of certain fantasies, I will give several.


- The all-too-often moment where I dream of an assassination attempt against me when we are within near physical proximity of each other. They're wielding guns. I wield either a sword, a knife, or my bare fists. Whichever the case is, I own them. Then I'm capable of being casual afterwords, in spite of the shock that everyone else is in.


- We both pretty much end up in some sort of Neverland and have to make our way home. On the way, everything is ideal, and the world is filled with fascinating magic. We have plenty of time for development, perhaps up to two years. When we arrive back home, it's as if nothing had ever happened, except we both remember the experiences we shared together. After all this, I feel justified in asking her out.


- I'm giving a serious examination of my faith and give enough hints that I like her.


- I ask her how this love song sounds, which I tell her I wrote for "this one girl". And we're alone together.


- I work really, really hard on a construction site. She's a hard worker herself, and so I want to be able to compare to her. I also have this same image in my head when I wish I could impress my father.


- I'm severely wounded, bleeding to death. She kneels by me and comforts me as we wait for the ambulance.


- She turns me down. Later, I go to the London Olympics and win ever single men's events medal there is. Whether or not things work out after that varies.


- I'm feeling bad about stuff and she gives me a kiss. I hug her in return, and all the bad feelings go away. Things go on as usual after that.


- I help her with her homework. It's usually math.


- She's cold. I put a coat around her. It's a tuxedo coat. And it's Valentine's Day. She asks me if I like her. I confess, and say I might.


Your Honor,

Emperor Kraggh

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Kraggh'd - adjective

1. A state of being, specific to a blog entry or topic, specifically when Emperor Kraggh composes a several-paragraph comment that says everything that any later commenter might have said in a much more eloquent fashion, therefore neutralizing the need for further input simply because Kraggh has said it all.



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