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  1. IC: Tekmo (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, The Bridge) - My Brothers and Sisters Tekmo kept the ship steady as he opened fire at the mech with the Alp’s energy weapon. He hoped whoever owned this airship didn’t mind them borrowing it to fight a giant robot. Was this it? He was disappointed, almost. Everyone else just seemed... more important. More knowledgeable. More capable. He felt like he was on the sidelines, almost. Brought in to fill up the gaps in the roster. And maybe that was OK. He was here, fighting for what was right, and that was enough. @Eyru@Void Emissary IC: Waveahk and Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Kini-Nui) - Here Comes the Arm Waveahk continued to open fire at the mech. Waveahk continued to open fire at the mech. Waveahk continued to open fire at the mech. Waveahk continued to open fire at the mech. Waveahk continued to open fire at the mech. Waveahk continued to open fire at the mech die die die giant metal die die die KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL- His mind was going. He knew this would come. The lack of effectiveness his weapons were having on the mech wasn’t helping. The mutation had consumed his body, and now... now it would claim his mind. His mind... his mind... his mind... his mind... his mind... his mind... his- Waveahk began foaming at the mouth, and dropped down to the ground, unconscious. He would not wake up the same man. Of killing, that man had more than enough. Ostrox hated this. He hated everything about this. Mazor was still alive, Irna and Skorm were still alive, Aurax was probably still alive as well. Meanwhile, his king, his liege, was dead, as was everyone else he cared about. And now, the universe was either going to end, and begin again the same way, repeating the cycle of tyranny and injustice... or fall completely into the filthy little claws of Matorankind, with little to no hope of freedom. He supposed he wasn’t so different to Mazor, Irna and the others in at least one regard - nothing they did had mattered. He couldn’t have stopped Mazor. He couldn’t have defeated Mata Nui. He couldn’t have destroyed Metru-Koro. He couldn’t have killed Aurax. He couldn’t have convinced Vulimai that Knichou was conspiring against her. He couldn’t truly have helped those people in the Far Shore in any meaningful way. He couldn’t kill this thing... he couldn’t... he couldn’t... he couldn’t... You have failed me. YOU HAVE DISGRACED ME! You have forgotten me... this is not the way it has to- Once again, you have gathered here. Once again, you fail to see. You can’t set yourself above all of us, and not trample us underneath. I think, somehow, Zaliyah knew it. She paid the price she thought she had to pay. But that death was meant for me. That death was meant for me. This is not the world my father knew. I am not the man I know he would have wanted me to be. But we can’t undo it now. You’re like a train, all your cars full of steel. I would stop you if I knew how. Now you’re bearing down on me. But I will stand here, smiling, proud and tall. When you condemn me I’ll not falter. But when you sentence me I will fall. With so much deceit and self-interest behind you, I won’t slow you down at all. Vyran... Sorboros... Here comes the arm. But before the arm of the mech could crush him, a bright light appeared before him. Out of it, appeared a familiar, rusted orange arm, which grabbed him, and took him far away from all of this. After all, if he could come to their world, could they not come to his? And so, with the last true warrior of the Six Kingdoms gone, the apocalypse could proceed as scheduled. Of hatred, there was already enough. @Eyru IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol, Reckless, Lawful, Obedient, Impressionable and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Mountainside) - All Insane Kids Ulkarr led the group out onto the mountainside. On the ground beneath them, was the broken body of one of the Vahki - Reckless, with another - Lawful, trying desperately to collect his various parts and pieces. The machine did not seem too broken, he could be repaired... given time. Nothing was ever truly beyond repair. Not even Zakaz. And he would fix Zakaz. All would fear him and rejoice. Enough of chaos... enough. Achro dreamed of a world on fire. He dreamed of burning flesh and charred bone and molten metal. He dreamed of brutality, genocide, torture, apocalypse. He knew this to be no dream. This was the future. His future. HIS DESTINY. The only question was - would be the one to light the fire? Or merely be fuel for it? Either way, he alone wouldn’t be enough. Enra looked at her Shock Gauntlets. As Triage suspected, she had been lying. They wouldn’t work anymore. She tried to channel her power through them... nothing happened. These... these were a gift from her brother. He was always smarter than she was. Now these were all she had left of him, and she couldn’t even use them right. She always thought everyone else was stupid for giving themselves up to Aspects and Nightmares. But what had independence gotten her? Ulkarr didn’t seem too bad a chap... later, maybe. Where spooky dark magic was concerned, she just had enough. Gnabol thought of the children - his children. When he first set out on his quest to obtain the powers of the Toa, becoming a father was the last thing he expected to happen. None of this he had expected to happen. He hoped the kids were safe in Tobduk-Koro. He hoped they could grow up, happy, safe and free from bigotry, slavery or poverty, unlike their father. Oh, and he could feel his old Zyglak traits returning, too. The genetic alteration that gave him his psionic power had only gotten rid of them temporarily, though thankfully the power itself didn’t seem to be temporary as well. At least he’d be able to withstands the kids’ elemental powers once they figured out how to use them. Once they grew up. If they grew up. He didn’t expect this to end happily... but since when had things gone according to his expectations? Perhaps, it might end happily, but not happily enough. Reckless lay broken on the ground. Lawful collected his pieces. Obedient tried to wave the Kahu over to extract them. Impressionable was lamenting that Jojax had to die, despite what she had done to his brother. Wayward hoped his mother was still alive, and that the mutant would give him an excuse to terminate him, for delaying him from going after his brother and possibly preventing this from happening. In the Forge of Vakama, the Vahki on the floor began booting back up... he had slumbered long enough. @Tarn@BULiK@Harvali IC: NU-8020S (Ehlek’s Fortress, Asylum Pre-Processing) - Heart of Steel NU-8020S stared at Nuparu in incomprehension. "I... do not understand. You died. There were witnesses. You were assassinated by Dark Hunters in Onu-Metru in broad daylight. I..." A long pause. "I will not let them hurt you. I promise." Whatever Knichou thought didn’t matter. She was alive. Why else would these feelings hurt so much? Despite her superior computer brain, she didn’t have time to process them all. In all the world, there wasn’t time enough. @Unreliable Narrator@BULiK IC: Navu (Irnakk’s Tooth Airspace, The Taku, Cargo Bay) - Sound and Fury Navu went to hide in the cargo bay. She couldn’t even handle a bit of loud music. Pathetic. She needed more than just a slug in her arm. She needed what Knichou, Nale, Rose and the others had. She needed to become a Toa. No matter the cost. She had just had enough. IC: Klawne (Irnakk’s Tooth Airspace, The Taku, The Bridge) - For Auld Lang Syne Klawne breathed a sigh of relief once Arnex turned off the music. This wasn’t a cultural thing. She didn’t hate it because it was Skakdi music, she hated it because it was bad... at least, that’s what she told herself. She didn’t hate Skakdi. She didn’t. She just wanted them off her land. At least, the ones who weren’t willing to work with the Matoran, work honest jobs and... OK, she did hate the Skakdi. She was full of anger and outrage, but had no outlet for it. She had given up her Toa Power... and what had it gotten her? What had a life of virtue, of forgiveness, of piety, of concern for others gotten her? A dead land, with dead dreams and dead hope. When she first saw Achro, she was afraid of what he might do. He had never been the most stable of the Toa Erebi back before the invaders came, and the eons hiding from those countless pairs of hateful red eyes could not have helped. She thought he would be full of rage and hate and vengeance and death. Now, she thought maybe she wasn’t full enough. @Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Daniel the Finlander
  2. IC: Tekmo (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, The Bridge) - What Can I Say, Except... Although an engineer by trade before his transformation into a Toa, Tekmo had somewhat allowed his skills to atrophy in that time. In fairness, he was busy fighting to save Matorankind from slavery, hopefully without enslaving the other races again. However, he was fairly certain of how to make the Alp go, so to speak. The airship’s altitude began to climb, as he rose to above the enemy mech’s head as Irna commanded. "It is done. Yes, yes, I am that amazing, thank you, you’re welcome." @Void Emissary IC: Klawne (Irnakk’s Tooth Airspace, The Taku, The Bridge) - Screw Politeness, I’m a Senior! Niidak’s appearance on the bridge and subsequent questions distracted Klawne from being annoyed at the music blaring on the ship’s radio. "No, they haven’t come back, and we haven’t heard from them. We... aaaaaaaargh." But it didn’t distract her that much. She turned from Niidak to Vican. "Just turn that rubbish OFF." @Vezok's Friend@Daniel the Finlander@BULiK@Tarn
  3. IC: Tekmo, Waveahk and Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Kini-Nui) - We Are Under Attack, This Is Not a Drill "Oh good, I always wanted to try flying one of those things." Tekmo ran after Irna. Waveahk tried to fire his laser trident at the eyes of the hostile mech, since there wasn’t much else he could do. Meanwhile, disappointed that the Cordak did virtually nothing to the mech, Ostrox switched to the Laser Drill. He targeted the head... sending a clod of earth hurtling towards it. Now knowing what it did, he instead went for the feet of the colossal machine, intending to slow it down. @Eyru@Void Emissary IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Death’s Doorstep) - Now You’re Playing With Power "Indeed. Destroying the Pits would be ill-advised, considering the vast amounts of power they hold. A massive explosion of energy devastating the island would be my hypothesis as to what would happen if we tried." "Yes, yes, yes, let’s just get out of here, I don’t think that thing down there quite appreciated our deathless resolution to that." Achro made no violent action as he too left, under the careful eye of the robot, no matter how much he wanted to. @Tarn@Harvali IC: NU-8020S (Ehlek’s Fortress, Asylum Pre-Processing) - Meet Thy Maker NU-8020S was about to criticize the Commander’s moral myopia further when she suddenly realized something. This Matoran that Knichou had sacrificed his Toa Power to save... scans confirmed... it couldn’t be... "Father?" @Unreliable Narrator@BULiK@Tarn IC: Reckless, Lawful, Obedient and Impressionable (Irnakk’s Tooth, Mountainside) - Ramming Speed Obedient dove for cover, the boulder narrowly missing him. Impressionable prepared to fire his Stun Staffs... but he also dove for cover once he saw that the Kahu was trying to ram Jojax. @Smudge8@BULiK
  4. IC: Tekmo and Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Kini-Nui) - Reason Before Revenge The fact that Mazor could fly now only served to anger Ostrox more. "You... you weak-willed, craven-hearted, SPINELESS POLTROON!" He unveiled his new Cordak Blaster, and began unloading it... into the Akamai mech, the more immediate concern. "You and I shall have a productive discussion once this is over!!!" He promised Mazor. "I feel, uh, that I’m lacking context for this. Not just the giant robot thing. What exactly happened between those two?" Tekmo asked Irna, while he tried to create a massive vine spurting from the ground to try and ensnare one of Akamai’s legs. @Eyru@Smudge8@Void Emissary IC: Waveahk (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, The Bridge) - Move Along Waveahk was silent for a moment, as if considering it. "I can give you a solid maybe on that. Let me guess - just outside?" He began making his way off the ship. @Void Emissary IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits) - Open Mouth, Insert Foot "Hey, I didn’t mean your idea was-" Astounding. Gnabol, being an idiot, had just made someone who’s suffering from the fear aura feel like an idiot. He tried to go after Komisti as they were heading out. "I’m sorry. I... I am sorry. We just need to... find more people of the same species. There’s gotta be - there’s so much Toa, they’re practically coming out of my ears. It’ll work... if... if these 'Kaita' things are a thing, anyway... I just did it again, didn’t I?" @Harvali IC: Reckless, Lawful, Obedient and Impressionable (Irnakk’s Tooth, Mountainside) - May I Make a Suggestion? Run Upon realizing the danger Jojax’s acidic bile represented, Obedient began trying to shake it off. Impressionable then came within range, converted to bipedal mode and started charging his Staffs of Suggestion... @Smudge8@BULiK
  5. IC: Tekmo and Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Kini-Nui) - Here We Stand "We’ve come too far to let something as insignificant as giant robots stand in our way! Hrmm... an interesting design for the legs." Tekmo mused, referring to the mech attacking their comrades - or at least, what he assumed were their comrades. "If we go for the thighs - so to speak - it should just tumble over - maybe use the laser the ship has, it should have enough-" "YOU!!!" Ostrox caught sight of Mazor and immediately began sprinting towards him. @Eyru@Crimson Jester@EmperorWhenua@Void Emissary@TL01 NUVA@Keeper of Kraata@Smudge8@Gecko Greavesy@Kal the Guardian@~Xemnas~ IC: Waveahk (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, The Bridge) - Just Add Water "GAH! Beh..." Waveahk, catapulting into consciousness and realizing he was dehydrated, took one of the gourds on his person and poured the water inside all over his body, absorbing it through his skin... most of it. The rest got all over the place around him. "Right... can I help you?" @Void Emissary@Gecko Greavesy IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits) - Loyalty Saver "Er, OK, but... we’re all different species. Except the doctor and this clown, but... that’s not gonna happen, I think." Meanwhile, Wayward addressed Triage’s concerns of letting Achro out of the fireroot. "The danger has passed. He is no longer a threat. My Staffs of Loyalty have ensured that he will take no violent or disorderly action." "Fascinating..." @Unreliable Narrator@Harvali@Tarn IC: Reckless, Lawful, Obedient and Impressionable (Irnakk’s Tooth, Mountainside) - For Peace and the Law Lawful tried to dodge the boulder, but ended up tumbling down the mountain. Still, he had suffered less damage than Reckless had, who wasn’t moving anymore. Obedient primed his Staffs of Loyalty to fire as he managed to almost get to Jojax, converting to bipedal form even as he ran up the mountain. Impressionable was lagging behind, but he’d get within range eventually... @Smudge8@BULiK
  6. IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits) - Smoking Can Be Hazardous to Your Health "Nah, nah, I’m fine. It’s cool, I’m fine." It was most certainly not fine, but Enra was still afraid of appearing to be vulnerable. Achro didn’t respond. The Red Smoke he had released in the fight dissipated into the aether. "Situation resolved. That was idiotic. But he should be more willing to behave in an orderly and peaceful manner. Isn’t that right?" Wayward asked Achro, knowing that the answer would be 'yes'. To his credit, Achro did try to resist, but ultimately, he had to respond the way he was expected to. "Yes..." "We should leave now. It is not wise to stay here much longer." "You’re telling me." "I am. I am telling all of you." "No, that was - never mind." @Unreliable Narrator@Tarn@Harvali IC: NU-8020S (Ehlek’s Fortress, Asylum Pre-Processing) - Just Another Machine NU-8020S followed Knichou inside. She saw what he had just done to the Vahki, whose only 'crime' was being built to follow orders. "I thought you 'apprehended if possible', Commander." Though synthetically produced, her words dripped with venom. @BULiK@Snelly IC: Reckless, Lawful, Obedient and Impressionable (Irnakk’s Tooth, Mountainside) - Campaign for Disarmament The Vahki did not respond, each of them getting closer and closer to Jojax’s position as they scaled the mountain slope, as if daring her to chuck the next boulder. "I get the head." "I get the legs." "I get an arm." @Snelly@BULiK
  7. IC: Tekmo, Waveahk and Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, The Bridge) - Ironbound Tekmo seemed to hesitate for a moment, before responding to Korruhn. "Very well, I suppose we’re all - somewhat - fighting for the same thing. I, for one, will help you." He began making his way off the ship. Ostrox followed him. "As will I. After all, no sense in allowing all this senseless tyranny and violence to repeat itself, right?" Waveahk couldn’t voice his position on the matter, as he was still unconscious, getting his berth all wet. @Crimson Jester@EmperorWhenua@Void Emissary@TL01 NUVA@Keeper of Kraata IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits) - The Red Flower Achro ignored Komisti as he struggled against the fireroot as it wrapped around him, absorbing the flames he had ignited around his body. Noticing that he wasn’t on fire anymore, Enra prepared to punch him again- Gnabol had said something about this place wanting them to fight. Irnakk. She lowered her fist. The Nightmare wouldn’t win. She wouldn’t let it. From his new position above the wall, with the Toa of Fire restrained, Wayward had a perfect shot at him. His Staffs of Loyalty had finished recharging. He fired them at Achro while he couldn’t move. His mind already weak, Achro quite literally had no choice but to comply to his now overwhelming desire for 'order', no longer resisting the firewood, though he still glared at both the beast, the impostor and the robot with murderous intent, eyes darting between the three. "Yeah. Let that be lesson to ya." Gnabol sighed in relief. Then, his attention was directed to Ulkarr, still doing nothing. He couldn’t help but suspect that the Aspect was disappointed, that he was hoping for something like this to happen... @Unreliable Narrator@Harvali@Tarn IC: Reckless, Lawful, Obedient and Impressionable (Irnakk’s Tooth, Mountainside) - Surrender or Run Impressionable scuttled out of the way of the boulder, when- "BROTHERS! They are attacking each other down-" Reckless popped out of the tunnel, and was subsequently crushed by the boulder meant for his brother. The three Vahki stared at Reckless’ body for a while. Then they turned back up to Jojax. Literally shaking with rage, they began scampering up the mountainside towards the troublemaker with intentions of bodily harm. @Smudge8@BULiK
  8. IC: Tekmo, Waveahk and Ostrox (Kumu Peninsula, The Ambling Alp, The Bridge) - At Midnight, All the Agents and Superhuman Crew Well. If this what Korruhn said was true, Ostrox would just have to make sure it was him who ended this 'cycle', now wouldn’t he? The alternatives were the universe falling under Matoran tyranny once again... or the universe falling under Matoran tyranny once again. Neither option sat well with him. "Hmm. I see. And what are we to do with this power, once we have it?" @Crimson Jester@EmperorWhenua@Void Emissary@TL01 NUVA@Keeper of Kraata IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits) - Protector "If you insist." Ulkarr couldn’t think of anything else to say, as he was having another conversation at the same time. I see. Thank you for informing me of this, Bode. I have reason to believe that this 'Caedast' does not have our best interests in mind. Why else masquerade behind Stannis for so long? I will contact you later, I am on the cusp on solving the issue of the giant monsters... Achro loathed firewood. Any plant that didn’t burn properly was loathsome. As was the impostor. Before he could do anything else, though, he was tackled right into the wall by that obese sub-creature. "Blimey, you smell rank. You wanna fight? We gonna fight." Fighting. The thing down there in the darkness. It wanted them to fight. "NO! You have to stop! This is what it wants!" Enra ignored Gnabol as she began choking Achro with one hand and repeatedly punching him in the mask with the other. He released the Red Smoke, but the vile creature just held its breath as best it could. Then he set himself on fire. "AAH!" That got Enra to back off a little, blowing on her hands repeatedly to extinguish them. Converting to quadrupedal mode, Wayward began scuttling up the firewood wall... @Unreliable Narrator@Harvali@Tarn
  9. IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits) - It Came From Zakaz! "SHUT YOUR MOUTH, IMPOSTOR!" Achro struggled back to his feet, while pointing accusingly at Triage. Meanwhile, Enra began coughing up the contents of her lungs. "You come down here in your - in your little giant head and think you’re better than me?! Than my brothers and sisters who were slaughtered by these vermin?!" He then pointed to Enra, who seemed to be almost finished coughing. "All the real Toa died long ago! You’re an insult! I’ll-" Wayward fired his Staffs of Loyalty at Achro. The mutant made his feet erupt fire to propel him upwards, aided with his new Mask of Levitation, dodging the blast which impacted harmlessly on the rock floor. He started floating rapidly towards the robot while his Stun Staffs recharged. Wayward prepared to fire his Kanoka... Gnabol looked on in horror. He knew Achro was an atrocious protodermic being, he had to put up with him back in Kini-Koro, but he didn’t think it would ever come to this. He reached for his sword, and bared his teeth. All the while this was happening, Ulkarr went over to Komisti during Achro’s rant and tried to coax him away from hugging the wall. "I am sorry, but I believe it is best that you leave. This may become graphic." He wondered how Irnakk, Skakdi God of Nightmares, would react to having an open brawl, as opposed to the customary trial by combat, occur in his sacred place... @Unreliable Narrator@Tarn@Harvali IC: Navu and Klawne (Irnakk’s Tooth Airspace, The Taku, The Bridge) - Face the Music "Ah. My old nemesis. Rap." Navu began running off the bridge, hands firmly clasped to her ears. @Vezok's Friend@Tarn@BULiK
  10. IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol, Reckless and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits) - Everything Goes Wrong "Uh, yeah, you could say that. I wouldn’t, and I live here. ‘Course, it’s the loser who gets sacrifi-" Enra was cut off by what happened next. If Komisti had bumped into anyone else, they might have seen it as no big deal. Even Wayward, after he would be done insulting him, would have let it go. "'Hurt me'?" Unfortunately, Komisti bumped into Achro instead. "'HURT ME'?! YOU CAN’T 'HURT ME'! NOBODY CAN-" "Oi, calm down, he didn’t mean-" Then Enra made the mistake of clutching Achro’s shoulder, which he didn’t take well either. He reflexively released a cloud of the Red Smoke out of his shoulder, straight into Enra’s face. "BLAUGH-PTTTK-AAAUGH!" Of course, Enra had reflexes of her own, leading to Achro being sprawled on the floor and convulsing a little from a mean left hook from the Skakdi’s Shock Gauntlets. "GRRRBRBRBGRHGRHRHGHSKAKFILTHAAGHGHRH-" Gnabol staggered away from the sheer hatred Achro now seemed to be radiating, being psionic and all. Ulkarr didn’t seem to react. Wayward pointed his Staffs of Loyalty at both Achro and Enra, priming his Shrink Kanoka for launch. "Stand down, all of you. Reckless, relieve them of their - Reckless?" He turned to find that his brother was, in his own mind, 'tactically retreating' out of the Nightmare Pits, with the ultimate goal of leaving the volcano’s underground entirely, this incident coupled with the fear aura being too much for him. "For Nuparu’s sake..." @Tarn@Harvali
  11. IC: Navu and Klawne (Irnakk’s Tooth Airspace, The Taku, The Bridge) - Music Makes You Lose Control Navu clutched her ears and took on a strained expression. "AH, NO, STOP, NOISE!" "Oh, I don’t think it’s that bad-" "YES IT IS!" @Vezok's Friend@BULiK@Tarn
  12. IC: NU-8020S (Ehlek’s Fortress, Asylum Pre-Processing) - Organic Interfacing "Heartwarming. If only I was also soft and squishy, then perhaps I too would be worthy of your 'compassion'. You can mate with each other later, someone is dying in the other room." @BULiK@Tarn@Snelly
  13. IC: Tekmo and Ostrox (Kumu Peninsula, The Ambling Alp, The Bridge) - Hero Roll Call "I am usually referred to as Ostrox. Universally." "I am Toa Tekmo, these are Toa Skorm, Toa Keitara, Zyglak Irna... the unconscious man from before was Steltian Waveahk." @Crimson Jester@Keeper of Kraata@TL01 NUVA@Void Emissary@EmperorWhenua IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol, Reckless and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits) - Irnakk’s Prize "Some versions of the story say you have a trial by combat between two people to decide which of ‘em is gonna be sacrificed to the Pit. Clearly, Irnakk is willing to settle for most of you, not all of you." "Interesting, interesting... is anyone gonna - uh, do anything with that? We’re not just gonna leave a severed arm lying around, are we?" "Meh." @Tarn@Harvali IC: NU-8020S (Ehlek’s Fortress, Asylum Pre-Processing) - Apprehension NU-8020S turned her volume down to a whisper, just enough so Knichou could hear. "I can hear hostile Vahki units in the next room, they seem to be torturing an organic being, likely under orders from Ehlek. They seem to be aware that we are here, but are apparently uninterested in doing anything about it. Are we to 'apprehend' them as well?" @Unreliable Narrator@BULiK@Tarn
  14. IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol, Reckless and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits) - Communication Breakdown "Of course not. We came down here to find those responsible for creating these giant creatures. Behold - they are not here. We must find them. We must correlate data." "They’re not exactly inconspicuous, these things. Surely, if we look around outside, we’ll pick up a trail. Marks, footprints, paths of devastation left in their wake, stuff like that." "Look, uh, how about we get outta here? This isn’t a place that provides a calm and clear-thinking atmosphere." @Tarn@Harvali IC: NU-8020S (Ehlek’s Fortress, Intersection) - Search and Destroy The strange sights and sounds produced by warping through space via whatever means Stannis - presumably, if objects could be taken with him, he could take people so long as he had their consent - were dulled by the sight of Captain Meatsack himself. "You again. I presume you are also here to terminate Barraki Ehlek?" @BULiK@Tarn
  15. IC: Tekmo, Waveahk and Ostrox (Kumu Peninsula, The Ambling Alp, Boarding Ramp) - The Last Laugh Well, this had been a complete waste of time, or so it seemed. Ostrox followed the others back aboard the idiotically named airship. Whatever crisis Leklo and Korruhn were racing to stop by acquiring these 'Makoki Stones', it couldn’t possibly be the real one. That would require acknowledgement of fault, after all. Worst case scenario, he could take delight in seeing their minds enslaved and precious 'Three Virtues' revealed for what they really were when their master returned. For some reason, that thought didn’t comfort him as much as he thought it would. Tekmo accompanied the others as they boarded the Ambling Alp. Charming name, could do without the abnormally-fleshy foot coming out of a mountain insignia on the exterior. "Erm, pardon me, but may I ask what exactly it is we’re saving the world from? And what are these 'Makoki Stones', precisely?" Remaining firmly unconscious, Waveahk could make no effort to resist Irna picking him up. @EmperorWhenua@Crimson Jester@Void Emissary@TL01 NUVA@Keeper of Kraata IC: Ulkarr, Achro, Enra, Gnabol, Reckless and Wayward (Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits) - He Who Fights Monsters "This is a place of great power. I fear detonating explosive devices, even at the entrance, would merely make the problem worse. Guarding passage inside instead of destroying it would be my recommendation. However, those responsible for this will no doubt return... and no guard will withstand a Riteborn attack. Without contact with the Kini-Koro ACR pilots, we haven’t the power to stand against them. Unless, of course..." Ulkarr peered into the abyss below them. He could have sworn the abyss was staring back at him. "Instead of creating giant destructive monsters to fight other giant destructive monsters, we should make an effort to get back in contact with the other refugee cells, so we can coordinate our efforts more efficiently." @Tarn@Harvali
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