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  1. It was Greg who originally said that it reverted the changes made by Karzahni. Looking at BS01 now though, it's not quite as clear. Some of the pages say that indeed those changes were reversed, but the source is lacking. Other pages seem to imply that only some of the changes that made the Matoran worse off were reversed. So I'm not sure if there's a "new" canon that only some of the changes were reversed, or whether Greg's original comments still apply and the Mahri Matoran were actually restored to their original forms.
  2. I'm surprised no one has pointed out that the Mahri Nui Matoran actually represented the standard Southern Continent Matoran build. They had been "repaired" by Karzahni before going to Voya Nui, but the Mahri Matoran's exposure to the pit mutagen reversed those changes. Therefore, we know that the standard Matoran on the Southern Continent looked like the Mahri Matoran. I presume there's no "standard" version of Matoran across the MU, and that there are slightly different builds based on the location. Metru Nui had its own standard build, as well as the Southern Continent. And at least some places had the Av-Matoran build as the standard (as indicated by Mazeka).
  3. Wow, that is GORGEOUS! Really captures the feeling of the official artwork. Thank you for making this, and I hope to see more artwork from you.
  4. It was featured in a synopsis video of the 2001 storyline in the 2002 Bohrok Swarms CD. (https://biosector01.com/wiki/Bohrok_Swarms_Promo_CD) Here's the video:
  5. This is how I've interpreted it too. The rest of MU probably just had varying degrees of light, without any suns per se. This is entirely head-canon, but I like to imagine that the day/night cycle operated on the basis of Mata Nui's own "rest system" - not that he needed to sleep or anything, but so that half the time he was on energy saving mode or something, to allow for Karda Nui to catch up to his daily energy consumption.
  6. I agree with your general conclusion, but I do have disagreements with some of the reasoning. Ok, so I've got two disagreements here. First of all, I'd argue that the differences here don't matter because Toa and Turaga are supposed to be entirely different forms of a character. A Matoran-Toa-Turaga transformation is expected to alter the character's look significantly, while a Toa-Toa transformation is just a matter of adapting the character to a new setting. There, some similarities are expected. Secondly, the Toa Metru DO have similarities to the Turaga. The Great Huna, Rau, Ruru and Mahiki take some design cues from their noble counterparts. This isn't a case that can be made with the Komau and Matatu, but it's not like the Turaga-Toa Metru differences are as drastic as the Nuva-Mistika ones. Here, again, the design differences make sense. The Hordika are mutations. And there are plenty of similarities to mark that these were the Toa Metru. Their body designs in particular were very similar to the Metru builds. Many of their tools also had similar design elements to their Metru counterparts. The "they're supposed to be the strongest Toa" argument bothers me. Being the strongest doesn't guarantee a win. Sure, it's obvious that the Nuva had to lose because of the upcoming Inika sets, but that doesn't invalidate their loss against the Piraka from a story perspective. Underdogs do win sometimes, and the Piraka were very powerful themselves. Again, like with the Turaga-Toa Metru comparison, the changes were far more acceptable because the transformation was from Matoran to Toa. Not only that, their differences in appearance were given a solid reasoning in the story (new masks + charged by lightning) Here's the first instance that is actually comparable to the Nuva-Mistika transformation. The Mahri look nothing like the Inika, and the story explanation for that is extremely flimsy. Heck, some of them completely change body types (Kongu being the worst offender). I'd argue that this is almost as egregious as the Nuva-Mistika transformation, but the fact that they came right after the Inika meant that they used the Inika build, which slightly softened the whiplash of them changing forms. People also generally like the Mahri sets, which certainly helps their reputation. Ok, I don't know why you think the Phantoka don't look anything at all like the Toa Nuva. There are plenty of differences, certainly, but you can still tell that they take some design cues from the Nuva (even if executed super lazily, like with Kopaka's eyepiece changing sides). Pohatu is short and broad, with a mask reminiscent of the Kakama, while Lewa is tall and lean, and his mask is also believable as an adapted Miru Nuva. Even with the differences, the "spirit" of these redesigns fits the characters they're supposed to portray. And here we get to the real reasons why people dislike the Mistika. They literally had no similarities whatsoever to their 2003 counterparts. Not only that, they had body designs that strongly contradicted everything we knew about them. Onua was suddenly tall and lanky. Gali became a hunchback instead of Onua. Their masks bore no resemblance to the Nuva masks. Their weapons were completely different, as were their color schemes (aside from Onua). Gali looked positively hideous, despite having quite an elegant appearance in both Mata and Nuva form. Then there's the overabundance of silver in the sets, which just made them unappealing regardless of what characters they were trying to depict. This is a good point, I think. No one expected a change of appearance with the Nuva (at least not from a story perspective). Even the story reason didn't imply the drastic change that we got. The adaptive armor supposedly reverts to looking like the 2003 Nuva in neutral environments. Yet, in a swamp environment, it suddenly makes Gali a hunchback and gives Onua a growth spurt? It just didn't work on any level. I disagree with this, because of what I already said about the body types. This is another good point. With the Inika-Mahri transformation, the change of mask powers at least gave somewhat of a justification for their change of appearance (even if it was poorly done). With the Nuva, the masks didn't change, so the completely different looks feel all the more wrong.
  7. I just randomly saw a post you made and recognized the name from YouTube. Just wanted to say my brother, who is dyslexic and has a somewhat hard time reading, has been listening to the readings of the Bionicle novels on your YT page for the first time and we both really appreciate what you're doing.

  8. Metru Nui, with Mata Nui as a very close second. With Metru Nui, I feel that it was so creatively designed, and the effort put behind it really shines in most of the 04-05 media. Mata Nui is easier to connect to the real world, but Metru Nui represents something much more alien, requiring its own set of rules. That's not to say I think Mata Nui is inferior, I absolutely love its mysterious nature and the secret purpose behind it. Plus, we got to explore it more comprehensively than Metru Nui, thanks to MNOG and MNOG II. My third spot would go for Voya Nui. We didn't really get to see much of it, but the concept behind it was cool enough, and at least we had VNOG to give us a bit more insight into its different areas. Mahri Nui and Karda Nui were lousy. Both had potential, but they were relegated to being backgrounds for the adventures of the characters. In the overarching MU geography, Karda Nui is slightly more interesting than Mahri Nui though, if only because it served such an important purpose for Mata Nui's health and functioning (like Metru Nui). Bara Magna was boring and non-sensical. It was just a desert, but with random elementally-themed spots here and there that made little sense to the overall geography. Giving us an entire planet at once didn't help either, since it lessened the feel of consistency between the different locations.
  9. This prototype image of the Coliseum should give some insight into what's up with the different Coliseum art. It appears that the main tower of the Coliseum was initially planned to be surrounded by six other towers, and the official Metru Nui skyline art is based on that concept. However, in other media the other towers weren't used, leading to this inconsistency in the design.
  10. Us talking about the dates is just speculating, but Greg said that each story year was planned about 2 years in advance. For example, the decision to cancel Bionicle was made in November 2008, but we still got a whole year's worth of content, just because it had already been planned. Greg has also confirmed that at that point he was working on the screen treatment for the planned 2010 movie, meaning that the process had at least been started by then. Therefore I'm quite convinced the LoMN script would need to have been finished by summer 2003 at the latest, to allow the animators time to actually work on the movie. By December 2003, I'd say most stuff for 2004 would have already been set in stone. And following the same logic, the script for Web of Shadows would've been finished around summer 2004, with work for it having begun in late 2003. That leaves a relatively large timeframe for when the decision to add 2005 would've been made, since the original plans (which didn't include the Hordika story) were made in early 2002 (or late 2001, whatever the case may be).
  11. What you said is true. 2005 wasn't originally planned. My point was that they would've started to work on 2005 content way before the end of 2004, since that's how they prepare all their releases. They couldn't have prepared an entire year's worth of sets, a movie and everything in a few months. Bob Thompson planned the "7 books of Bionicle" around 2002, maybe late 2001, and the 2005 story wasn't in those plans. So if the 2005 story was thought of in 2003, as I presume, it still would've been a later addition compared to the rest of the story, and thus not originally planned. The sets and the movie script would then have been prepared during 2003-2004.
  12. Because 2004 was planned even earlier, and changing the script of the movie wouldn't really be feasible when animators are already working on the basis of what the script says. And this. This is the more important reason, actually.
  13. I doubt 2005 was planned that late, Lego always planned their story years well in advance. 2005 would've had to be planned in 2003 at the latest.
  14. The versions on Biomedia are glitch-free and playable in their entirety. The game was fixed by the community way back when Biomedia was still being created.
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