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  1. Hopefully they'll give it out like they did with the hero pack! I really want that mask of creation but I don't feel like getting Ekimu lol Also the patterns on the cloth are pretty fantastic.
  2. This comic is blootyful and dirt is yummy.
  3. "What are THOOOOOOSE?" "The reason why we can't have nice things"
  4. Beautiful theme! Also I didn't know you could homebrew 3DS themes, this is something I have to try out.
  5. The first thought I had clicking on this topic was, "OH MY." But you can never have enough Space Jam mashups so it was a pleasant "OH MY." The very beginning threw me off a little, it didn't seem to sync that well. But it got smoothed out a little further into the song and actually turned out really cool. Also "Slamity Hurts" is just so... perfect.
  6. The Bionicle tag on Tumblr's been ripe with quotes from the book and I really like them, now I'm feeling obligated to get and read the book! Plus, the whole reason I was in to G1 Bionicle was due to the story, and now that there's a chunky outlet of story for us, I can get into it again! Gaaahhh I'M SO EXCITED.
  7. This friend speaks my mind. I'd also love to see some LEGO writing contests and while I really liked the fan participation in G1 because it allowed the fans to have a part in sculpting the story to their wants/needs, I felt that it was a case of "too many cooks spoiling the broth."
  8. I thought it was funny that the Agori had wheels and the MU inhabitant's didn't, even though they had gears which I feel would have come into use after the discovery of the wheel/axle... Jaller was indeed surprised upon meeting Umbra and his laser rollerskates in BL #5.
  9. Hooooly cow. These are amazing, and I totally wish I could own one... I know they're gonna explode in price, though. Just gonna have to settle for looking at them online. :c
  10. Thanks! I'm hoping to be able to post more stuff as time goes on... it's been a while since I've drawn Bionicle.
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