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    I like Homestuck, dubstep, cars, The Incredible Hulk, Judge Dredd, cute animals, and Game of Thrones. If you also like these things, we should be friends! I was previously Ferhago, Roodaka Hunter, and Psychoshy. I haven't been on for a year, but brickfair reminded me how awesome you guys are so here I am again.

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  1. Why are you not singing This Is Halloween perpetually with that name?

  2. Oh noez! Iz da Boogie Monsta!

  3. Wow it's been way too long, there's so few people now compared to years ago.

    1. Jinkmeister


      I know, right? It sucks :(

  4. The ex-hardcore gamer in me is a little ashamed to say it, but I've been really enjoying lego batman recently. Simple, fun, and with lots of awesome characters and functional drop in/drop-out co-op. It's sad how most of the game industry has forgotten that one of the best parts about games is experiencing them with someone sitting next to you.
  5. I loved this movie, and I think the people who call the story shallow or weak are missing the point. Most action movies nowadays are going for the dark gritty oh no everything is hopeless angle, and I found it extremely refreshing to see a movie where that grittiness was balanced by balls-to-the-wall ridiculous action and a real sense of hope. The stakes were definitely high, but I don't think you have to think everyone's going to die to enjoy a movie. The story was simple, and it worked. Definitely my favorite movie of the year so far.
  6. Boogie Monsta


    So I hung out with Ryuujin and Avohkah Tamer and Turakii and a lot of other awesome people at Brickfair on Saturday, which was awesome. I totally forgot what an awesome group of people I left here, I should def log on more often.
  7. Granted. You learn, but you can never stop, so you'll probably never be able to get a job or drink out of a glass.I wish I never needed sleep.
  8. This obviously never happened, but it's some of the best creepypasta I've ever read. Paranormal stories are awesome.-----I sat up in the darkness of my room, frightened. Some noise from the land of the waking had jolted me out of unconsciousness. Groggy, I reached across to the nightstand, turning my alarm clock towards my face. The dim numbers read 3am, and I groaned. So much for a good night's sleep. Forgetting what had woken me, I rolled over and settled back into bed - but there it was again. A thump from the attic above me, loud and deliberate. There was another. It sounded as though someone (for surely it was a person, no house settles in a manner so resembling footsteps) was attempting to make me aware of his presence, almost toying with me. I bolted upright, adrenaline pumping. Someone was in my house.The thumping stopped somewhere above my closet. Slowly I stood up in the darkness of my room, the illumination of the alarm clock extending no further than the nightstand on which it sat. Slowly I worked my way out of my room and down the hall, heading for the storage closet, and grabbed my old bat. I retreated down the hall to stare, waiting, at the trap-door into the attic. Whoever the intruder was, he wasn't going anywhere.I held my breath, waiting for any noise, any sign of life. Nothing. Heart racing, I slowly approached and pulled down the ladder. The light was on in the attic. I wasn't sure if I'd left it that way. I climbed up as quietly as I could and peeked into the room, only to be confronted with... nothing. Nothing there at all. Just the old junk I'd left up in storage. I sighed, relieved. I must've been imagining things. It's easy to convince yourself you're hearing things when you're alone in the dark. Laughing, I shut off the lights behind me and went to lie down.I closed my eyes, thinking how ridiculous I'd been.Then - Thump. Closer now. Just as loud as I'd heard it before, closer now to the center of the room. I jumped out of bed, less frightened than angry, and rushed up the ladder, bat in hand. I kicked over boxes, swung at shadows and old clothing. Nothing. There was no one there. I rubbed my temples, climbing down the ladder and back towards my room. Too much stress at work. Must be imagining things. Maybe I'd take the day off tomorrow.I felt strange as I approached my door. Hand outstretched towards the doorknob, I hesitated, a sense of dread washing through me. I groaned. I was being stupid. I'd probably feel better after I got some sleep. Fingers rubbing the bridge of my nose, I blindly flicked on the light-switch and made my way towards my bed. I slumped down on the edge, rubbing my eyes. So tired. Had to stop being paranoid.Thump.I jerked my hands away from my face, whipping around to glare once more towawrds the attic - but with the light on, I could see it. A grotesque mockery of the human form, bent and twisted, head facing the wrong way, empty sockets where eyes should have been. Slowly, deliberately, it lifted a hand. It grinned as it slapped it down with a thump, dragging itself closer towards me.Thump.I give a panicked laugh as it smashes the bare bulb that is my only source of light, shrouding the room in darkness. I'm not insane. How could I have known?Thump.It walks on ceilings.-----
  9. Boogie Monsta


    Just imagine what those cops who're shadowing people with cartoon bear bumper stickers would do when they saw this thing IRL. Which it happens to now be a life goal to own.
  10. Thank goodness. the making-out-passionately pony banners and girls wearing almost nothing that're plastered around the forum were fine, but thank Celestia there's no more children's cartoon ponies in a barely seductive pose.
  11. Optimus Prime ftw.Ninja'd. Actually Lehvak about to eat a Toa.
  12. You get in shape, but that shape is a triangle and you're stuck as a triangle forever.I wish people could learn by osmosis.
  13. But then Gurren Lagann sues for intellectual property copyright violation.I wish I had a wish I had a portal gun.
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