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  1. I'd say my first few dozen posts here were quite noobish. Also, I once used leet. I was consistently embarrassed during those times. I'm glad to say that I'm past that.
  2. That's quite a predicament he got himself into. The only real question here, is why they thought it was Lego.
  3. As the title says, when was the last time you opened a Bionicle set? This doesn't mean you had to have opened it right after buying the set; it still counts if it had been sitting in your closet for a few years. Well, my last set was Rahaga Pouks, when I discovered him unopened in my closet.
  4. I'm not even sure where it is, but I'm not going to get to go. For those who do, have a good time!
  5. I sooo want to order these now. Hopefully this means they'll be out in stores soon.
  6. If you did not enter BBCC 63, do you still get a prototype piece for sending an MOC in?
  7. This seems like my kind of Topic. I just need to think it over; if I'm interested, I'll post in the affirmative.
  8. Excuse me. I have an idea for a character that is interested in fire, and wields a fire weapon and has fire peices on him. Would this be eligible to enter?
  9. Now, hold the phone. Does Chols knows about Renard Q?

  10. Have a good one! I don't know who you are, but have a nice 22nd nonetheless!
  11. Why Bionicle? Really because I liked to put things together. When I first saw Bionicle, I saw that it was a construction toy, much like the previous toy I built with. And after that, I was hooked on. Yes, the story is great, but the pieces' possibilities are endless. BZPower also helped me stay interested in it. =)
  12. Wow, good job, Lego! I never imagined Lego to be something most people would talk about on a survey. Of course, if you're a good company, word's bound to get around. Again, good job!
  13. ...I really got to get a digital camera, because I might just enter this one.Question: even if you're not a finalist, do you still get a prototype piece if you send in the MOC to BrickFair?
  14. I've never heard of them. Wonder if they were a good promotion.EDIT: Hey, 900 posts.
  15. Krazi's spinnerSkull MotorbikeRattlecopterLloyd GarmadonVenomari ShrineIce Dragon AttackKai's Blade CycleNinja AmbushNinja Training OutpostNinja Glider (2)Blacksmith ShopKendo Cole...I need to refigure my budget. xp
  16. This refers to codes from 2012 sets only, so all you need to do is take off your Hero´s Cores. -Gata Well, now that you reminded me, I'll just go pull off those cores. Thanks, Gata.
  17. Well, I've lost all my packages. : / I suppose that I could dig them out of my old boxes, but it's not really that important.
  18. I like it, but it's not something that I need right now. Like Bambi said, drop the price, and I'll consider it.
  19. Granted. You're a minifigure in a Castle set.I wish I had a segue.
  20. It's always been GeluNumber1. I use it on every site I'm a member of.
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