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  1. Wow, just popped in since...

    1. Trad


      I dunno, forever?

  2. I meant mistake, not mostake, for the last one

  3. Mistake, not mistake.

  4. Maybe reading this topic was a mostake

  5. Am currently on. I have been away for a bit, but that is understatement.

  6. I am currently tempted to actually do something with Project Girard. As in, finish a new page, and do a new chapter.

    1. Trad


      My ever mounting list of things-to-do have stopped growing for a moment. At least IGCSEs are over.

  7. That is rather accurate-I can make some of it out, but the rest is rather obscured to me. The entity below me is currently near a pocket calculator.
  8. I'm neutral on them. The person below me quite adores chocolate.
  9. Weh, what?

    1. 25K Now!

      25K Now!

      Oh, you're alive.

    2. Trad


      Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

    3. 25K Now!

      25K Now!

      Nah, just surprised to see you again.

  10. I'm currently lurking.

  11. It is quiet in the Interwebs, and the entity known as Trad began typing out a story.

    1. Trad


      It started, "It is quiet in the Interwebs..."

  12. What comic should I draw next; I'm putting the decision up for voting

  13. Now to draw a modern vampire-swordmistress/assassin for an art trade.

  14. Added the review topic link, and in response to both the above replier, I am writing this on an irregular basis, and therefore there is no set schedule for updates.
  15. AAAAnd there. Project Girard has been released, although in a prose format, and not a comic format as I'd preferred.

  16. Project Girard Review Topic Project Girard is actually a comic I'm writing and illustrating, but as with another comic called Bad Vibes (which I'm still writing and gnashing my teeth over), I'm writing it in a prose format to sort out the details of the world and story more easily. I need the criticism and the discussion, since that is my ego-fuel. Description: The Story starts here.
  17. REVIEW TOPIC: HERE The Epilogue Pt 1. Pretend. Pretend that the pain doesn’t exist. Close your eyes, and pretend that you aren’t trapped in this cell underground, with your tendons torn out and bones broken, making you the symbol of near extreme helplessness. Pretend that you’re not in this clean, polished, high tech world of pain, but that you’re sleeping on the beach were you met Sara. That the screams of your fellow inmates are actually the sounds of waves caressing the beach. Scream yourself as your mind is dragged unwillingly from the scene you created and forced to relive the events that got you into this mess. Scream.

  19. Project Girard: 75% completion.

  20. Updated the Ennaran Cycles thread.

  21. Necromancer 9 is up.
  22. IC: Jocelyn Nate looked up as she approached. "Hey," he said in greeting. "So, what's the place like?" "Large enough to get lost in." muttered Jocelyn dismissively. "Make any new friends?" "Nah. I'm not that interesting...yet." he replied.
  23. IC: Jocelyn There was silence as Jocelyn slowly, hesitantly headed to the cafeteria. She was rather unfamiliar to the Institute, having arrived here quite recently, and she didn't dare to interact with anyone at all. It was a "Always a bigger fish" situation, and right now, she was feeling rather small. Taking a deep breath, she went inside and looked around for her friend, Nate. He was sitting somewhere at the back, looking around curiously with a dreamy look on his face.
  24. Minecraft has updated to 1.6. Mods, textures and plugins are now become resourcepacks.
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