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  1. Well, well, well.

  2. That's exactly it, Private. War's over, we won; turns out you're the big hero and we're going to hold a parade in your honor. I get to drive the float, and Simmons here is in charge of confetti!

  3. Waddaya know, it worked.

  4. Perhaps by removing myself from these arguments, the forum will go back to normal. I will, therefore. refrain from mentioning it.

    1. JiMing


      Oh trust me, the damage has already been done. How about you take your poisonous ideas to some other site with like-minded people, instead of a site stated to be accepting? There are members here who do that.

  5. I can see all the possibilities rising up now that you're not holding me down.

  6. Wow, totally missed it, but happy birthday!

  7. Sitting here at my graveside, I've never been so alive/You pulled the dead man out of me!

  8. Ever read a post you disagree with, but know that if you say it, you'll be vehemently put down and might even get temporarily banned? Well, that just happened to me.

  9. We As Human = Good Music

    1. Peter Johnson
    2. Cratak


      Yeah, I changed my stuff quicker than normal, but whatevs.

  10. The Legend of Tuma!

  11. Got to listen to 15 minutes of MakutaFest. Life = complete.

  12. Yo logic don't make no logic!

  13. Just started playing Marathon, already loving it.

  14. Fly, you fools!

  15. Rainbows are beautiful when their meaning is truly understood.

    1. Queen of Noise

      Queen of Noise

      you mean as a refraction of light, right

    2. Cratak
    3. Laughing Man

      Laughing Man

      I agree, science is pretty beautiful, huh

  16. Don't say anything wrong, the secret police are amongst us.

  17. Rain on my hopes, rain on my soul, rain on everything that I know...

  18. The Last of Us = Game of the Year

  19. FUS ROH DAH!

    1. Shadow_of_Angmor


      Well, that escalated quickly.


    2. Cratak


      Truer words have never been said. :P Got "Dovahkiin" stuck in my head.

  20. Hey guys, I'm going to take a short break from BZP for a few weeks. I just need to re-center my life off of a digital format. I'll keep in touch with the items I'm selling, but other wise, I'll be nonexistent. See you in a little while. :)

  21. NEEDTOBREATHE = Talent

    1. Chro


      You don't have to be particularly talented to know how to breathe...

    2. Cratak



  22. Looking through my friends list just to see why I was notified...

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    2. Unauthorized Autobiography

      Unauthorized Autobiography

      I actually was trying NOT to open them. I lasted a few days, and accidentaly opened them. :/

    3. Cratak


      I'm not sure I coul dlast that long. XD

    4. Unauthorized Autobiography

      Unauthorized Autobiography

      It was areal challenge xD

  23. Ah, the BZRPG. I will now learn before I join.

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    2. Shadow_of_Angmor


      Ga-Wahi. I'm waiting for the season to end before jumping in.

    3. CeeCee


      Every wahis pretty active.

    4. Cratak


      Cool. I'll probably wait until the RPG contest is over.

  24. Release the panic.

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    2. Portalfig


      Ah yes. DC Talk. The father of the Contemporary Christian Music genre. I swear, the day tobyMac, Newsboys, and Audio A go on tour together is the day every single venue in the history of ever sells out. =P

    3. Cratak


      That would be amazing.

    4. Portalfig


      It needs to happen so badly.

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