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  1. I left most of mine at my parents' house when I moved out, and I'll still occasionally play with them for old times' sake when I visit, especially when younger cousins are around. I brought all my sets from 2001-2003 along with me though, that's the era that I decided I'm going to try to collect and display.
  2. I have mixed feeling about the Matoran/Turaga/Toa, their designs are pretty cool (especially the Toa), but their heads look pretty weird. I love the Rahi though, especially the Nui-Rama and Tarakava. Their builds are clever and detailed, and do a great job of staying true to the original despite being much smaller. And of course, props for Pepper! Just need Turaga Infomaniac to go with him.
  3. Nice job! As others have said, I like the knightly look. I like how well it blends in, he clearly looks like a knight and clearly looks like a Bionicle figure, but neither looks out of place or clashes with the other.
  4. I was about to say it looks like a trick of the light, but then I looked at a higher resolution image (I just googled the book title to find one), and now I'm not sure. It could be that that rendering was made before the sets were finalized, and there was a last minute change to the leg pieces. Maybe for aesthetic reasons, or manufacturing reasons?
  5. I played Junkbot quite a bit as a kid and replayed it recently, so this was a fun listen. The most interesting parts to me were how the game's aesthetic was inspired by the NYC game dev scene, and how much the team payed attention to the experience of manipulating the bricks to make it feel "real". Looking back at the game you can really see how good of a job they did with that, the "sticky" effect of the bricks combine with the sound effects capture the feeling of building with LEGO even better than something like LDD. If anyone's looking for the download link, it's hosted by the BioMediaProject here: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/LEGO/gms/download/ClubGames/. I was able to download, unzip, and play it without any special steps (no need to install Flash separately) on my Windows 10 machine, but no promises.
  6. Nice job! These work really well, and I like how unobtrusive they are when they're not in use. Also, I didn't even notice the custom arms until I saw a comment about them. Those are really slick, did you make them?
  7. I agree, Metru Nui really could've used a game like that. I never really felt as much of a connection to Metru Nui as I did to Mata Nui. Part of that might have been just that I preferred the idyllic island setting or the clear elemental themes, but I can't help but think part of it is due to it not being explorable in game format. On a related note, I've always thought the later years could've used story year animations like the ones from 2001-2003. I didn't get into Bionicle until 2006, and those animations were my first introduction to the story. They were really well made, and a nice way to get caught up in a time before I was able to find and read all the books and comics.
  8. My favorite is the Zamor sphere launcher for a couple reasons. It's got some sentimental value because it was on the first set I bought for myself (Piraka Reidak), it's got one of the strongest launching actions, and to top it off it's the most customizable; you can build onto the launching stem to create a custom trigger, or you can build onto the top to create an arbitarily large ammo magazine. Honorable mentions go to the Tohunga arm and Rhotuka spinners for their novelty, and the Thornax launcher for being effective and unobtrusive. Worst would have to be either the squid launcher because it doesn't really work, or the '08 Makuta chest launcher because it kinda just drops the projectile (you could say Lego really DROPPED THE BALL on that one! Ha.). Dishonorable mentions: the Midak Ghost Launcher is just generally underwhelming, and I'm conflicted on the Cordak blaster because it looks cool, but it's pretty bulky and can be unreliable.
  9. I got Nuju Hordika as a birthday present before I was into Bionicle. I got into it after playing MNOLG2 and watching the 2001-2003 story synopsis videos, and the first set I bought was Piraka Reidak.
  10. I prefer Matoran, I think it sounds better, and I'm more used to it. As a side note, I never made the connection that Matoran is derived from Mata Nui, that's interesting.
  11. MOCing for sure. I think it's partly because it feels more fulfilling to create something on my own than to follow instructions. Of course, getting new sets is exciting, but I find that most of the excitement is the anticipation of the new set, seeing the finished product, and knowing that when I'm ready to take it apart I'll have all those new pieces for MOCing, rather than from the building process itself.
  12. I'm kind of a sucker for combo models that are just absurdly large. In 2004 we had Ultimate Dume, and in 2006 we had Vezon + Kardas, both of which were combinations of (almost) all the titan sets from that year, and they were pretty majestic. So I agree with you (Lenny7092), a giant sea monster made of all the 2007 titan sets would be pretty awesome. I'd also love to see a combo of the 3 big 2008 vehicle sets.
  13. I think someone here put up scans of the 2001 Tohunga micro-comic a while back, so that may have been the last media I read. Either that or rewatching Mask of Light, which I did with my brother recently.
  14. All great masks in Metru colors All great masks in Turaga colors All noble masks in Matoran/Tohunga colors Number 3 was a close call between noble or great masks in Matoran/Tohunga colors. I ultimately chose noble because assuming you're talking about the 6 tohunga from 2001, going with noble would produce the most original masks, whereas we already have 5 of the great masks in those colors, and all the blue ones would be the same color as the ones that already exist. Out of all those, I can't think of a particular mask I would be most excited for, but the colors I would be most interested in would be the great masks in orange, lime green, and tan, and the noble masks in yellow, teal, orange-brown (Hewkii brown, idk), and purple.
  15. That's why it's concept art, right? My guess would be either that there's stairs combing from the top that are off the edge of the picture, or that there's tunnels going from the surface to the top row of homes. The waterfalls themselves are the bigger logistical problem. I think they're awesome don't get me wrong, and they're kinda the defining feature of the concept, but can you imagine living in a hut by the base of one of those waterfalls? The noise would be unimaginable, the front half of your house is probably perpetually flooded, and one wrong step coming out your door and the waterfall will slam you into the ground before whisking you into the ocean several stories below. Good think Ga-Matoran are good swimmers!
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