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  1. Granted, all the powers are useless like making cheese change colors. I wish for a real lightsaber.
  2. Granted. but the pillow is so large you suffocate in it. I wish for toilet paper.
  3. Granted. but the $20 is then stolen by a thief. I wish to rule the world.
  4. Granted. The wishes are used by other people. I wish for a laser keyboard.
  5. I tried to join the chat but it says I need to be invited.
  6. Granted. But not since moeh is not a word the trains are destroyed by spell check. I wish for a computer that doesn't break.
  7. Granted. But it destroys your computer preventing you from continuing to post here. I wish for a chicken sandwich.
  8. Your epic is good as in not being evil because it shows ways to fix bad things but is so horrible in quality that it has to be deleted I wish I could rule the world.
  9. 1. Sensei Wu got the lesson book back in the episode Lloyd stole it, I don't think it will be appearing again I think it was just something the writers came up with to have Lloyd steal to show how he is still having trouble adjusting to being good and not evil anymore. 2. My guess it will be some sort of virus/infection thing that infects him and turns him evil like some kind of mind controlling nano-virus. 3. I believe that he can produce less electricity than that like a little zap or something instead of him just creating a giant blast of tons of watts. 4. I think Dareth should come back, though I doubt the ninja would be foolish enough to leave to army in Dareth's control that would be like in Star Wars they gave Jar Jar the controls for the Trade Federation droid army. Giving the command of an entire army. So I believe they probably destroyed it or at least hid it somewhere safe.
  10. That was so hilariously awesome!! I can't wait to for it to come out it is really looking great.
  11. My EARS!!!! That monstrosity should be destroyed.
  12. My favorite would be the Hagah plasma cannon in hand-held form it's a giant plasma cannon and maybe the impact crystal launcher.
  13. I tried to put glatorian Mata Nui and Tahu stars into my pool some parts of them turned white and some of the joints started to crack. I have also tried to put a lego rowboat into the tub and it capsized and sunk half way.
  14. I agree I don't see it having really any story and the only thing interesting is the mini ball joints.
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