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The Corrupt-A-Wish Game!

CaT in Rogue

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Okay, so I played this once, and I think it's pretty fun. Basically, someone makes a wish, and you corrupt it, then make your own wish. For example: User1: I wish I had a puppy. User2: Granted, but it's an ugly Bulldog-Schnauzer mix. I wish I had a hot dog. And so on. Without further ado, Let's get started! I wish I had a 3DS.

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"Whether that is right or not...I also...as a Rider...have a wish that I want to fulfill."

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Granted, but since you're edible, someone eats you.You should have thought of that. I wish for...one billion dollars. [/drevil]

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yes, but the cookies are high in trans-fat and calories i wish i knew someone else who played supreme commander 2 online on bzpower

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you do, but he plays the game so horribly that you quit playing SC 2 (whatever that is) altogether. I wish that Shoop da Whoop was a canon Bionicle element

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Granted, but Teridax becomes Master of Shoop da Whoop, and you retroactively cause the Bionicle franchise to never have existed in the first place. I wish for a whole library.

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