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    When I was young I was very paranoid about a lot of things. In some ways I still am. I used to imagine myself putting on a protective piece of headgear to... prevent people from reading my thoughts... at school. If I didn't I would be so afraid that people could read my thoughts. I don't know why I thought this other than just basic paranoia. Probably should have just tried to relax, which is difficult sometimes and is still now. Similarly, I used to stare into nothingness, and when I made sure nobody else was around, I would talk into this nothingness as if the world was a television show. I don't know why I did this. Still, it's something I just thought about for the first time in a long, long while. It would be nice, maybe, if we would stop being tools of humour in a televised sitcom. Hmm, maybe not, maybe one should be careful about what they want and wish. This year hasn't been great, has it? It's like we all fell down some stairs and we keep falling down the next step hoping we regain ourselves but we seem unable to for some reason. I hope, therefore, that we right ourselves. Metaphorically, I fell down some stairs and managed to right myself very recently. Of course I think I probably might have messed something up or a few. Threw myself out of the BZP Realms Discord after being there for quite a while in a rude manner. I'm sorry about that, for all those that applies to (a fair number of people if I recall). Well, here's hoping things go better from now on.
  2. THE ROLES OF BOTA MAGNA KRUTIERA MAGNA The Mayor of Krutiera Magna - The Mayor of Krutiera Magna acts as as a 'leader' of Krutiera Magna, chosen by a combination of the populace's votes and then the Lord of Earth picking from a pool of candidates put forward. The Mayor is expected to act on the behalf of Krutiera Magna's populace, while also keeping the Lord of Earth's rule intact. While they may seem redundant with the Lord of Earth present, the Lord of Earth cannot rule an entire city by themselves. For that reason, the Mayor is expected to report to the Lord of Earth on how things are going in Krutiera Magna. Captain of the Guard - The Captain of the Guard is in charge of Krutiera Magna's guard force, which also doubles as its military. The Captain is expected to organise the defence of Krutiera Magna against threats, outside and inside, though they cannot command the Palace Guard - only the Lord of Earth may do such a thing. They also report to the Mayor, rather than the Lord of Earth. Palace Guard - The Palace Guards serve the Lord of Earth above all else, even Krutiera Magna which the Lord of Earth rules. As such, they guard the Palace of Earth, and often accompany the Lord of Earth wherever they go, and in some aspects serve as their bodyguards, though the Lord of Earth is capable of defending themselves. In addition, they can command Krutiera Magna's guard force, a fact that can sometimes cause friction if the Palace Guard are seen to be abusing their privileges of command. Advisor to the Lord of Earth - The Lord of Earth is wise, but not infallible. As such, they need someone to advise them on certain matters, and the Advisor is also expected to accompany the Lord of Earth wherever they go. They are also the individual the Lord of Earth trusts the most - if the Lord of Earth were to be absent, and the Advisor remaining behind, the Advisor would be allowed to represent the Lord of Earth, basically taking the run of things until the Lord of Earth returns. Diplomat - The Diplomat is expected to represent Krutiera Magna when dealing with those from the other settlements such as Bota Minor and Antrauta, and in part due to that is not allowed to carry too much advanced technology on them so as to not jeopardise relations with Bota Minor. BOTA MINOR Chieftain - The Chieftain is the overall leader of Bota Minor, descending from Bota Minor's current ruling family. They are expected to act in the interests of Bota Minor, and respect its traditions while taking a zero tolerance policy towards any and all technology. Heir to the Chieftain - The Heir of the Chieftain is next in line to become Bota Minor's Chieftain, as a descendant of the Chieftain. They are to be prepared for their time leading Bota Minor, and one of these ways is by acting in place of the Chieftain whenever the Cheiftain is away, as well as advising them (which will also help them when they come to power). If they were irresponsible, they might be able to get away with a lot due to their position. Emissary - The Emissary handles diplomatic relations with the other settlements of Bota Magna, and is expected to report upon developments within those other settlements, in part so that the spread of technology does not lead to another shattering. Were they to be particularly underhanded, they might even think about sabotaging the technology they find in the possessions of others... Farmer - The Farmer farms, tending to the large farms on the swampy forest floor beneath Bota Minor. They are expected to care for and grow high-quality produce, assisted by the Scarabigs (domesticated large scarabax beetles), and are also expected to fend off anything that might threaten the farms - insects of varying size, saboteurs, disease; and are often heavily involved in the production of medical salves, poisons, and antidotes of Bota Magna. General of the Vineguard - The General of the Vineguard leads the Vineguard - a force dedicated to the safety of Bota Minor, as well as the destruction of any technology found within Bota Minor, and the well-being of the trees that Bota Minor is based upon. ANTRAUTA The Chancellor - Elected by a vaguely defined council of individuals considered to be of significance in Antrauta (who themselves are elected), the Chancellor is the closest thing Antrauta has to a proper leader. Their leadership is not concrete, and thus their authority can be challenged, though for the sake of ease many go along with it as long as the Chancellor has been earnestly representing and benefiting Antrauta, not to mention the ire of any allies the Chancellor may have. The Speaker - Like the Chancellor, the Speaker of Antrauta is elected from the council of Antrauta, however, instead of 'leading' Antrauta, the Speaker of Antrauta is expected to represent Antrauta in diplomacy. As such, rather than a subordinate of the Chancellor, they are an equal who may do what they want, with the expectation that it benefits Antrauta in some way. Commander of the Order of Outcasts - The Order of Outcasts is a militia dedicated to defending Antrauta, led by its Commander, who also does not answer to anyone's authority but their own when it comes to defending Antrauta - a fact that fortunately has not often been exploited; as unlike the Chancellor or Speaker, they are not elected from the council - the Commander is selected from within the Order of Outcasts. at least whenever a new one is needed. WILDERNESS Vorox Warlord - In the wilderness of Bota Magna, there are many Vorox - some solitary, some who live together, some feral, some spurned and exiled. While they could choose to go to Antrauta, many of them prefer to live in the wilderness of Bota Magna - their appearance does them no favours after all. Some, however, have dreams of leading their own pack, and taking what they can.. Hermit of the Northern Wastes - In the icy Northern Wastes of Bota Magna lives a small and disconnected community of Ice Agori, largely ignorant of Bota Magna at large, living in peace and often not communicating with others except for trade. This is one such Ice Agori. --- There we go, the roles of Bota Magna. These roles aren't 100% finalised, though I doubt they will change much.
  3. HOMEWARD -WHITE QUARTZ MOUNTAINS- Surel sighed. A few days ago, he had been visited for the last time by one of the very few other agori he could consider a kindred spirit. This Agori, Voltex, had told him of his intentions to see Spirit’s Wish: the strange archway to the north that he had yet to see with his own eyes, the mystical arch spoken of only in rumours. Rumours once thought easily dismissed, and thus Surel had believed that even if he did not dismiss them, it would not be worth the journey north… Perhaps, if Voltex and cohorts were journeying north to Spirit’s Wish; combined with everything Voltex had told him about the recent events on Bara Magna; it was finally time to see it in person. With the Skrall’s defeat, the Baterra would have a far easier time moving south, and that in turn meant slaughter for Bara Magna if its inhabitants could not adapt to the foul drones of the Great Beings, left without purpose but to kill those armed with weaponry. The Baterra, of course, were just the tip of the iceberg: the Element Lords also made the lands in the Northern Region their home, and infighting between them had fortunately distracted them from going southward - or perhaps the Baterra were also keeping them north, something that could likely no longer be maintained if the Baterra were going southward. Surel didn’t know the exact reason, nor did he care enough to risk his life enough to find out. Then, of course, perhaps worst of all given the news about the monster that had attained physical form and was thankfully quickly defeated, were the Sisters of the Skrall. He did not know why he felt compelled to make that connection, but far more than any other being, something felt off about them. Previously, they had left others alone if they left them alone… but would that continue? Perhaps, with the future of Bara Magna looking so potentially volatile, it was time to leave. To see Spirit’s Wish for himself, and if it could bring him to where he truly desired to be. Before Bara Magna got ravaged by the legacy of the Great Beings. Surel shook his head. He slowly limped to the exit of his den, assisted by his walking staff, before turning to address its fellow inhabitants - Iron Wolves - and their cacophony of whimpering . He had made his decision. “It is time I left this world, for better or for worse. Thank you.” Surel exited the den, only to be followed by the loud pitter-patter of many four-legged footsteps. “Where I am going is not dangerous, but the journey to it is.” He sighed. Iron Wolves were loyal - too loyal, deathly loyal - he had cared for them extensively, and they obeyed many of his commands. Suggestions. Commands was too harsh a word. “Do not throw your lives for me. I have lived among you all long, but you do not owe me anything.” Try as he might, he could convince the Iron Wolves to abandon him. Surel turned around and kept walking, wordlessly, realising the futility of his efforts to dissuade him. A pained, old sigh came, that some of them may die on this journey. “Return to our den if you must do so to survive. I will not judge you.” And yet, despite his protests, he was glad to have the Iron Wolves at his back. -FOREST OF BLADES- The journey north had thus far been uneventful. Surel had chosen to stick to the shadows wherever possible, avoiding as much attention as an old, limping hermit followed by a pack of Iron Wolves could. They had reached the Forest of Blades, where shadows would be ample and paths narrow and uncomfortable - and the beginning of Baterra territory. With slight reluctance, Surel set down his staff as quietly as he could, knowing that while he did not use it as a weapon, the Baterra would see it as one. Any other danger wouldn’t care regardless, but this at least should avoid the Baterra becoming a problem. For hours, if not days, Surel limped through the forest’s floor, taking the scenery in. The Forest of Blades was eerie, lifeless in many ways asides from the trees themselves. Agori dead since the core war had their corpses preserved within the trees, still holding weapons, as if they had been fused with them, often causing unnerving silhouettes of figures in the distance wherever Surel looked. But they were just parts of the trees. Every now and then, a patch of trees would be charred, accompanied by the beams of light from the opening the canopy above the charred tree, illuminating dead trees holding dead soldiers. Morbid curiosity found itself in Surel’s mind, and he wondered if any of these trees were made after the Shattering… he hoped not. Such trees would also be perfect for Baterra, and he hoped not to find the creator of such trees, for the Forest of Blades was not natural. Nothing about it was. He found himself cringing suddenly, when an Iron Wolf from his pack ran up to a dead soldier within a dead tree, its jaws trying to grip the weapon the soldier was holding. “Don’t-” he began, as he saw one of the trees become silver in colour, its form shrinking and beginning to move towards the wolf, and in a moment, Surel heard a loud, pained cry, and then total silence. He steeled himself, and spoke aloud to his pack. “We need to pick up the pace.” The dying cries of that Iron Wolf would have likely attracted the attention of anything living, and he wondered what made the Iron Wolf dart forward and grip the sword - did it see a Baterra shapeshift and react to it? He began walking as fast as he could, ignoring any pain his old joints would give him. The goal was to reach the other edge of the Forest of Blades, to the River Dormus, and following it should lead him to Spirit’s Wish. And, if he was fast enough, Voltex and his cohorts. He usually found himself most at peace in solace with his Iron Wolves, but in this Northern Region of Bara Magna, any allies would be most welcome. -RIVER DORMUS- Surel emerged a day later from the forest to see a river, its waters calm. Deceptively so. He knew this to be the River Dormus, and not to keep too close to the water - it was far more dangerous than it looked, and it was the domain of the Element Lord of Water, as far as he knew. He hoped that as long as he left them alone, they’d leave him alone. All he was doing as far as they were concerned was walking north, though his pack of Iron Wolves was hardly inconspicuous. “Stay away from the water, even to drink it. Find other sources.” He limped onward and onward, until an Iron Wolf drew his attention to a large boulder. He followed the Iron Wolf, and it led him behind the boulder and sniffed and pawed at the ground - indentations. A few crumbs. Indicative of someone having been there not too long ago. He knew exactly who it would have been, and hoped they had not run into any trouble. He kept onwards, and onwards he went. Until a plume of water emerged from the River Dormus, and the top froze downward. Surel tried to ignore it, keeping his gaze onward, determined to reach Spirit’s Wish. He could not ignore it - water kept splashing in his direction, Plumes of water kept emerging, sometimes being frozen, as if markers of his position. Surel felt unnerved - were the Element Lords of Water and Ice watching him, and more concerningly, working together just to point him out? He approached the edge of the water, slowly. “Come to me,” he spoke, wanting an explanation. Moments later, a figure emerged from the water, one that looked to be covered in ice. “Kinsman,” began the Element Lord of Ice. “Appreciate what I am doing for you.” Surel raised an eyebrow, trying to be careful and wanting the Element Lord to elaborate. “The Lord of Water is trying to drown you and your pets. I am saving you from an untimely end,” they replied, as a hand of water emerged behind him - and instantly froze in place. “Appreciated…” Surel thanked, keeping his personal opinions about the Element Lords to himself - were it not for the Lord of Ice, he would likely be dead. As he prepared to continue onward, he felt himself interrogated by the Lord of Ice, who was walking along the River of Dormus, freezing it with every step. “Where are you going? There is nothing worth your time north. Should you not be going south? North lies the domain of the Lord of Rock, and the Lord of Sand. Neither will be as kind to you as I have been, kinsman.” Surel kept walking. “You have met me before. Long ago. Both before the Shattering, and after. The south has a much for me as the north truly does for you. I seek to go north instead, but not to the domains of those lords. I do not think you can understand.” Surel’s Iron Wolves began growling as they followed him, preparing to attack if need be, not understanding the danger of the Lord of Ice. “...Surel…” the Lord of Ice began, contempt growing. “You, who deserted after the Shattering, who spurns my advice in favour of foolishness…” Spikes of ice began to grow around the the Lord of Ice. “You, who say I do not understand… I understand more than a savage like you can ever be possible of comprehending! I am destined, by right, to rule these lands, and you think you can spurn me? I saved you! You are to serve me, not to question me, Surel. I know best. You have just been made savage by this planet!” The spikes of ice grew larger. “If this planet is so savage, you would have taken it over already. Now leave an old man to his journey north, where there is nothing for him.” Surel said, an uncommon bite to his words, reserved only for those he regarded as foolish. The Lord of Ice screamed in incomprehensible anger, the spikes of ice floating and beginning to launch at Surel and his Iron Wolves. Surel began running, as fast as his age would allow. His Iron Wolves followed, most of them. Some turned and snarled at the Lord of Ice, baring their teeth, attacking and delaying the Lord of Ice. Then water splashed, encompassing the Lord of Ice and the Wolves, and a moment later when Surel looked back to check, nothing seemed to occupy the space where they had been. Hours later, Surel slowed his pace, thinking himself sufficiently far enough from the Element Lords. “I told you, that this journey would be dangerous,” he began, a hint of sadness for the lost Iron Wolves in his voice. It was intended to be lecturing, but could not come out as such. “Don’t throw your life away. For me, or any other.” As they walked, closer to their destination than they had ever been, Surel’s mind wandered to the Element Lords. Most had been accounted for, even if he had not seen them. The Lord of Ice, the Lord of Water, the Lord of Jungle, and the Lords of Sand and Rock apparently to the north. There was one missing. The Lord of Earth. In a hundred thousand years of Bara Magna, not once had he heard any account of them. Most had assumed they had died in the Shattering - all the other Element Lords had ended up on Bara Magna, after all. But with his mind now on the future, he couldn’t help but wonder… did the Lord of Earth have an entire world, all to themselves? The thought was not a comforting one, given the actions of the other Element Lords. -SPIRIT’S WISH- One day later, Surel came to an arch, large and tall. Spirit’s Wish. Beyond it lay his future, and from the footsteps in the mud surrounding it that curiously vanished beyond its threshold, he could only gather it worked. “It exists. It’s real… You may return to the den… or accompany me. I do not think there will be a way back,” he began, addressing his Iron Wolves. “We pass now from this world, to see our true home of Bota Magna.” And so, Surel stepped beyond the threshold of Spirit’s Wish. His final step on Bara Magna… -BOTA MAGNA- -SOUL’S DESIRE- ...and his first step on Bota Magna in over a hundred thousand years. He found himself in a clearing, beneath an arch much like that of Spirit’s Wish, though this one was cracked, and broken. Right in front of him, their backs turned, seemingly in awe of the massive jungle surrounding him, was Voltex, and his cohorts - Ehrye, Burnmad, and Telluris. “Spirit’s Wish works, then.” He chuckled. He was home. --- Something I wrote for Bara/Bota Magna to explain Surel's presence on Bota Magna.
  4. THE CITIES OF BARA MAGNA KRUTIERA MAGNA Krutiera Magna, the City of Earth, home of the Earth Tribe, and ruled by the Element Lord of Earth. It is perhaps one of the grandest cities to have ever existed, even compared to those before the Shattering, and it is still expanding to this day, taking advantage of its resource-rich environment. Its safety and security is unmatched almost anywhere else, a fact so many others could only beg for, enforced by Krutiera Magna's highly trained guards. In turn, this makes moving to Krutiera Magna a highly appealing prospect, especially with its high advanced technology compared to the rest of Bota (and especially Bara) Magna - it contains the highest number of repaired pre-shattering technologies, as well as entirely new forms of technology based upon those. This, combined with the leadership of the wise Lord of Earth, is the reason for Krutiera Magna's success, safety, and security. In the centre of Krutiera Magna, led to by many paved roads, lies the Palace of Earth, the personal domain of the Element Lord of Earth, and guarded by the Palace Guard, a highly prestigious position and few in number. The Palace of Earth itself dominates the skyline of Krutiera Magna, visible from even far outside its walls and dwarfing any other building within the city in height. Krutiera Magna's population is mostly made up of Earth Agori, owing to it being the home of the Earth Agori, though there is a notable amount of Jungle Agori too. Agori of other elements do exist, though they are dwarfed by the Earth and Jungle Agori in population. it is the most populous city on all of Bota Magna. Its military forces are not as much as one might think, however, they are backed up with some of the most advanced technology on all of Bota Magna. This includes but is not necessarily limited to handheld force blasters (smaller versions of the weapons often found on the Spherus Magna vehicles known as Thornatuses), fully working Cendoxes, giant manned robots known as mechs (based on vehicles such as the Thornatus, which are otherwise too big for proper use in the jungles of Bota Magna), and automatic drills. BOTA MINOR Bota Minor, the City in the Treetops, is the oldest city on Bota Magna, and the home of the Jungle Tribe, led by its Chieftain. It is a natural marvel - everything in the city is either made of plants, or done using plants. This stems from the city's reaction to the Shattering, where it decided technology was to blame and rejected any and all technology entirely. Where other cities would build bridges, they grow them by cultivating trees and other plants in the way they want them to grow, most of the city's inhabitants living inside trees cultivated for the purpose of having people living within them. Their rejection of technology has gone so far that they have embraced nature so much that their armour is fused with it entirely. Beneath the branches that most of Bota Minor is founded upon lies a swampy forest floor, where most of its farming for both food and material purposes done. Assisting in this farming are large domesticated insects, such as beetles resembling much larger Scarabax, colloquially called "Scarabigs", as well as bright bio-luminescent plants to make up for the light that cannot make it to the forest floor. Conversely, above the canopy of Bota Minor are a few much taller trees, grown to be outposts for watch the jungles below, as well as perches for large domesticated Pterahks, large winged and feathered creatures that are very rare but provide some of the quickest transportation across Bota Magna. Bota Minor's population is mostly made up of Jungle Agori, and there are very few Agori belonging to other tribes, but not many; due to Bota Minor's apprehension toward technology. Those who would bring technology are either driven off, or persuaded to throw it away or destroy it forever. Its military forces are quite sizable, and quite formidable despite or perhaps due to their aversion to technology: those who dare to battle have to be exceedingly tough to get by in battle without any technology whatsoever, and they have a cavalry of creatures resembling smaller versions of Bara Magna's Rock Steeds - Jungle Steeds, smaller and better for navigating the jungle floor. More vicious, some would say, as well. In addition, they wield weapons very similar to Bara Magna's Thornax Launchers - and on Bota Magna, there is a subspecies of thornax that grows much larger... ANTRAUTA Antrauta, the Village in the Caverns. Carved into the Grey Spike Mountains, it is centralised into one large open cavern with many caves branching off to many homes and many merchants, with the southern area of Antrauta giving way into a large cove joining the River Cadellum. This is the primary method of entering Antrauta, and the easiest - taking a small boat through the river and turning into the cove will lead you to the docks of Antrauta, and the cold, damp reality that it is: a village of outcasts, the exiled the spurned. Those who have nowhere else to go, those who would be welcome nowhere else; whether or not such reasons are justified. The Iron Tribe, cast out for the still lingering suspicions of the Dreaming Plague. The Vorox, cast out for the fear they could turn into beasts. The Skrall, who with no leaders on Bota Magna, desire structure and yet are cast out from Krutiera Magna or Bota Minor for being too different to their Agori populations. Due to its nature as a cavern village of outcasts, it does not have a concrete leadership, but rather a vaguely defined council, whose members are elected, and then the 'Chancellor' is elected from that, as well as the 'Speaker'' - the former acts as the leader, and the latter represents Antrauta when it comes to diplomacy, such as with Krutiera Magna or Bota Minor. These individuals can be defied, however, though doing so is taboo - in Antrauta, you can do what you like as long as you can deal with the consequences, and dealing with the consequences is often too much for some. Antrauta's population doesn't have a clear elemental makeup as a community of outcasts, though it does have higher than average numbers of Iron Agori, Vorox, and Skrall compared to its fellow settlements. Due to this, it is also the most 'connected' with those who live in the wilderness, and the most in the know with where to find those who live in it. It is also the original home of the Iron Tribe, before they succumbed to the Dreaming Plague. Some would think that attacking such a settlement would be easy. However, it is defended by a self-titled 'Order of Outcasts', a militia dedicated to defending Antrauta from any would-be attackers. Due to their nature, many Skrall join this order, desiring the life they once had before the Shattering, where they still had leader-class Skrall to defer to, and when it comes to weapons and technology, Antrauta has a mix, traded from Krutiera Magna, Bota Minor, and other individuals. OTHER SETTLEMENTS AND LOCATIONS While few would choose to do so, there do exist those who would live in the wilderness of Bota Magna, away from the cities, such as exiles, hermits, even small villages of intelligent Vorox and Zesk are not unheard of, however they are few and far between given the wildlife of Bota Magna can be incredibly dangerous. Once, for example, there was settlement of intelligent Vorox and Zesk in the area now known as Bara Minor, and despite what one might initially think, this was before it became the desert it was today - the Vorox lived underneath the trees, creating a heavily interconnected tunnel system. Unfortunately, the local volcano, Mount Igfumis erupted, and turned much of the area around it into a mostly uninhabitable desert. Few things have dared to live there since the eruption. There is also a small 'community' - if it can be called that, rather a group of hermits - of Ice Agori in the Northern Frost, the northernmost area on all of Bota Magna, beyond the Grey Spike Mountains and Bara Minor. Due to their position, they often need to trade for food and other goods, as the icy wastes of the Northern Frost make for poor farmland. Conversely, at the absolute southernmost point of Bota Magna, lies the Great Crater. As the name suggests, this is a gigantic crater filled with water, fed by almost all of the rivers on Bota Magna. Within this crater lives a surprising amount of wildlife, both aquatic and amphibious, though such wildlife rarely leaves the water in this crater. Perhaps most interestingly all is the large red fortress in the west of Bota Magna, lying halfway beneath the distance of Krutiera Magna and Antrauta - an ancient fortress, red and gold, that has been the focus of many a doomed adventurer. Those who have entered it have never come out, and thus any secrets it contains have never been discovered... yet.
  5. Trijhak

    Bota Magna

    Vibrant. Wet. Dense. The Jungle Moon of Bota Magna is no place for the faint of heart. Yet its inhabitants defy its many dangers; of gargantuan wildlife amd the labyrinthine jungle floors eternally shadowed by the canopies above; to build some of the most impressive settlements that have ever graced Spherus Magna - or a part of it. Krutiera Magna, the most advanced city to have ever existed, utilising its local resource-rich environment to develop, expand, and advance. Bota Minor, a city of trees manipulated so finely that nearly everything in the city is grown, rather than built; a monument to nature and a rejection of technology. Antrauta, a carved cavern network for the exiled, spurned, and unwanted, where they can band together. Together, these settlements, along with those hardy enough to live in the wilderness, have gotten along in relative peace, if not apathy. In spite of everything, Bota Magna's future is uncertain. Tensions that have existed for thousands of years are beginning to boil, and are becoming increasingly harder to ignore; such as that between Krutiera Magna, with its acceptance of technology, and Bota Minor, with its complete and utter rejection of technology; still remembering the horrors of the Shattering. Those in the wilderness are beginning to wonder how long it is before Krutiera Magna deforests what they know to be their own homes in search of resources for itself; and those in Antrauta are tired of being outcasts just about everywhere else. Most unusually, Bota Magna itself has been graced from visitors... visitors from Bara Magna, the first to do so in many millennia... some who intended to come, some who didn't. Everyone on Bota Magna is very nervous. Because this is Bota Magna, and everything is about to fall apart.
  6. Wow, BZP is different now. I don't know what to say, really.
  7. You ever just get that feeling where you are screaming, but not audibly so? That you're screaming on the inside?
  8. The Great Game begins, and it seems we are facing worse odds than ever, in a 'reality' bleaker than ever.
  9. Player Name: TrijhakCampaign: 2 - A Clash of BrothersCharacter Name: Pulse VattenGender, Age, Element: Male, 42, WaterPersonality: Not exactly the brightest, will do whatever he thinks is best even if to observers it looks to be an extremely poor course of action. Can be frustratingly insistent on doing whatever he desires to do to solve a problem, and not exactly the best at assessing the risks of doing so.History: Once he ruled Okoto as its king, ascended after the previous ruler was overthrown among increasing unpopularity. Pulse did not fare much better, being unpopular with the regions his predecessor was popular with and popular only with Water and Ice, now Agua Hielo. Fire - now Aodhiim - soured quickly due to his perceived misplaced sympathies with what is now known as Karamu. Despite said sympathies, he was unpopular with them too, having been one of the driving forces behind their burning. Thus he abdicated (what he calls it, when he was really overthrown) roughly 3 years ago, and since has mainly just assisted in the running of Agua Hielo.Greatest Fears: Losing control of himself - a fear he's never been able to identify the source of; having others not just dislike him but actively turning against him; losing his son.Greatest Dreams: Reuniting and ruling Okoto; ensuring nobody loses control; and ensuring peace.Ultimate Power: Were Pulse to regain his memories, he would seek out a way to destroy the Mask of Ultimate Power. It destroyed him once, and that must be repaid. Were he not to regain them, he'd be very hesitant and uneasy, and choose not to use it for any clear reason.Strength: 3Agility: 4Intelligence: 2Charisma: 1Player Name: Trijhak Campaign: 6 - The Watchers of WinterCharacter Name: Rilgivi NivisGender, Age, Element: Female, 31, IcePersonality: A proud, no-nonsense Protector of Ice, stubborn in her beliefs and often harshly judgemental of those she considers to be people against the good of the North, who cares about those under her command and tries to avoid needless sacrifice.History: Rilgivi Nivis was a relatively normal Ice Protector, enlisting into the army of the North and quickly rising up the ranks until she became fairly well respected in the North's army. Once, she was more important (as its General); and once found herself trapped in what proved to be a somewhat distressing experience (another side of the world). Now, she has a reputation for harsh punishments and a fanatical devotion to the North,Greatest Fears: Losing her soldiers, failing to protect the North, and being trapped with no chance of escape.Greatest Dreams: The ensured protection and safety of the North, to be entrusted with the protection of all Okoto, and the loyalty of those under her command.Ultimate Power: With the MoUP, Rilgivi would put herself as commander of the armies of an Empire of Ice across all Okoto and perhaps beyond, uncontested and iron-gripped in its rule, with all unthinkingly loyal to the Ice Region above all else, with harsh punishments for those who would even dare go against the Empire of Ice, and many benefits for those loyal to it.Strength: 4Agility: 2Intelligence: 3Charisma: 1 Player Name: TrijhakCampaign: 4 (5 or 3 if 4 is too full)Character Name: Virndrung VattenGender, Age, Element: Male, 21, WaterPersonality: Virndrung is steadfast and determined in his actions and beliefs, and knows when to bide his time and when to act - he's not line his father in that way, and won't just simply walk into obvious traps like his father may very well do one day. He, interestingly, also has sympathies for Kamuk - and has tried to work on forging an alliance between Kamuk and Agua Hielo, as he also harbours a dislike for Aodhiim for a reason he cannot place. In addition, he he has this empty longing for vengeance over something, yet it also simultaneously feels already filled and yet not. Despite his patriotism for Agua Hielo, he would also not turn down the right offer if it came from Kamuk - something familiar compels him to help Kamuk.History: Virndrung, being the son of the overthrown Pulse Vatten, has gone through some hardhsip. Once he was in line to be more or less king, now he's nowhere near it and not even the ruler of southern Agua Hielo. As a result, he's rather irritable, and doesn't really get on with his father - something about Pulse makes Virndrung's skin crawl, and Virndrung cannot pinpoint why. This sort of sabotaged his chances at being the ruler of Agua Hielo - where as once it would have been guaranteed, his strife with his father has caused him to be passed over. Instead, he was forced into diplomatic work (as well as given the objective of spying on other regions when possible - which, if found out, can also be used as the excuse that Virndrung is 'the black sheep' of the Vattens), which has proven to be a strangely good fit for Virndrung. In addition to all this, he has almost been involved in many altercations with representatives of Aodhiim, where there is much tension between him and them - he feels like Aodhiim once did something bad to Agua Hielo, hence his greater-than-usual antagonistic attitude towards them.Greatest Fears: Having no legacy; being disowned; Aodhiim conquering Agua Hielo.Greatest Dreams: Ruling Okoto and forging his own legacy - he is the Once-In-Line, Never-To-Be King; revenge on those who have wronged him; and the prosperity of his home - through whatever means necessary.Ultimate Power: Virndrung would insert himself as the uncontested, universally beloved - and feared - ruler of a united Okoto, and put his enemies and those who have wronged him in an eternal prison with eternal suffering. Aodhiim would be sunk beneath the waves, Karamu would go from domination under Fire to domination to Water; while the rest of the island (and beyond) would enjoy its incorporation into Agua Hielo.Strength: 1Agility: 3Intelligence: 4Charisma: 2
  10. Trijhak

    22 years

    22 years of existence on this 22nd of the month. Hmm.
  11. I will take a spot in Po-Koro, where all the other cool people are.
  12. I ran away from my problems for a very long time. At least since 2014. It probably didn't help - and in retrospect it helps contextualise some of my fears - that I did ask for help, only to get none over the course of almost two years around that same time. So instead I ran away from them, or distracted myself from them whenever and wherever I could, for as long as I could. If I couldn't get help, that seemed like the next best option. To just look away from it, and occasionally pretend it wasn't there. I distracted myself mainly through media and browsing the internet, often obsessively. The alternative was having to confront what - at the time, at least - could not be confronted. This obsessiveness doesn't come from that though, it merely only served to exacerbate the pre-existing obsessiveness I already had, being autistic. Rinse and repeat for years. Years in which I barely interacted with anyone, besides maybe a few scattered conversations here and there with some people, mostly because they were the one starting it. In other words, I isolated myself from most people if not all. Yes, I know I played many games here on BZPower. But that was just another manifestation of what I spoke of above: running away and distracting myself. It wasn't until half a year ago or so I finally stopped isolating myself. and thanks to that, and a lot of the people I met that helped me. They pushed me along those smaller steps you don't really have the strength to take alone when your thoughts are dominated by anxious ones. Hence where I am now: were it not for them I doubt I would have finally decided to stop running away from my anxiety. Though now that I've had that support, those small pushes, that foundation beneath one's feet... I fear, perhaps irrationally, that I'll lose it again, and then where will I be? Would I retreat back into isolation, or would I push forward yet still? But... hmm. Perhaps that fear is just another manifestation of anxiety, perhaps because I am finally taking steps against it. In a perhaps cringe-worthy metaphor, I'd say it's scared it's going to lose control. I think, if I were to disappear entirely at this point, a fair few people would miss me. I can't help but wonder, if I hadn't let my anxiety control me, where would I be now? But I guess there's no point in considering 'what ifs' and only being disappointed, there is still a future left unshaped and a past to heed.
  13. Trijhak

    Some Hope

    Last week I finally went and got an appointment with a Doctor. It went better than I had feared. All things being well, very soon I'll be getting some form of counselling/therapy. I should have done it years ago, really. But that's the joke, isn't it. Not wanting help for often severe anxiety because said anxiety is telling you that you're better off with it or that you're faking it. I let so many things, so many people pass by because I was too anxious. Sometimes ending up with regret, other times apathy. A lot of things left unsaid, thousands of words typed out only to be deleted. Things that I wanted to say but didn't have the courage to. A few people I wanted to talk to and yet I just stopped. Even now, it's still hard to just talk, to articulate my thoughts. Still. Enough obnoxious self-pity. There are people I do talk to. I'm taking small steps against anxiety. A lot of people have shown me their support, some of it unexpected. I'm doing so much better than I was at the start of the year.
  14. Thanks for hosting this, Tex. It was fun.
  15. Trijhak

    BZPMN 2 - Overview

    I wouldn't be so cruel as to pit players against the Rahkshi and the Bohrok-Kal in the same season. Besides, I think I implied last season that the rahkshi were already dead. I legitimately just threw that symbol in because it looked cool, and fit nicely into that spot. I read these sentences with intense scepticism.
  16. Trijhak


    Don't worry, I'm finally trying to rip the anxiety out of myself and punch it in its metaphorical face.
  17. Definitely brighter skies this year.

  18. Trijhak


    It's like a loud voice in your head drowning out any other. It's the voice in your head twisting a reasonable course of action into one that seems unreasonable and unthinkable, while it makes you take an unreasonable course of action, because it's telling you that if you take the reasonable course of action, the worst possible scenario will happen. It's the voice in your head telling you to pity yourself, that you should be sorry for simply existing. It's the voice in your head telling you to isolate yourself, because if you don't others will judge you and hate you because it's telling you you're a terrible person who's wasting their time. It's the voice in your head telling that it's the only thing keeping you from being a worse person, that it's the only thing keeping you in check. It's the voice that demands you do what it wants loudly. I refuse. I have found that even though it drowns out other voices... there are some it cannot drown out, once you listen to them. Another, more confident voice, strengthened by the support of friends; emboldened by the knowledge of what one is capable of; and actualised by the desire to finally get rid of it. No more listening to that voice, which has interfered with so much, and helped never.
  19. Trijhak


    Not really, I often find myself crippled by my social anxiety.
  20. Trijhak


    Are you okay?
  21. Once again I'm not too good at recalling the exact details but... I had a dream that at least two (or more) of my friends died. It was very depressing. There was someone accompanying me, I can't recall who it was. We were driving along a brick road in a van until I asked to stop when I saw a mirror-like... memorial thing. But also like a touch pad you could interact with to show the dead, their obituaries, and their last words. I collapsed there, mourning in the cold winds. Crying a lot. And I was crying when I awoke. I can't recall if I too died at the end of the dream - there felt like an indeterminable time between the end and when I awoke, like a deathly void - or if I cried myself awake.
  22. "Those who believe that Bara Magna holds life are mere madmen. "
  23. I hope you've heard of the tale of Bara Magna? Yes, the Great Barren. You can see it at times in our starlit skies. The tale's not what you might expect. There's not a happy ending - we wouldn't be here if it had a happy one. It was once one with our world, and the Great Sea in the sky, Aqua Magna. Imagine that. Our great world of Bota Magna, one with Bara Magna and Aqua Magna. It's hard to imagine such a desolate place as Bara Magna could have once been one with our idyllic paradise. We all know many of us died when we Split Apart. How, inevitably, we were separated from the Great Barren and Great Sea. How that we saw so many people dying, how the Great Sea and Great Barren were incapable of supporting life. Too desolate, or not enough land. We're the last legacy of Spherus Magna. We have our Great Empress of Earth to thank for that. When the world split, she saved us all. She took those of us she could, and found the safest place on what would then become our world of Bota Magna. It is by her rule that Bota Magna has remained as it has been for so long. For a hundred thousand years. Krutiera Magna, Bota Minor, Antrauta... we all get along. A Great City of a Earth, a City in the Treetops, a Cavern Refuge for Outcasts. That is how it has been, and that is how it will be. Don't ever worry. Nothing will change. Not even when the find our way into the Fortress. This is Bota Magna, and our world will never fall apart.
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