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    You. And your dog. And how I am going to use your dog to bring about a new world order. Have a nice day.

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  1. Which "The Fall"? There are three movies from the last twenty years with that name.
  2. Oh dear, I mistook PM for AM and thought I had twelve more to vote. I would have voted Blade and still will next 'day'.
  3. I was likely going to vote someone else, and still might, but this rather suspicious. Instead of pleading your innocence or their lack of reason, you seem to just be a trying to make them nervous, but in such a way as to say "I know what my role is but you don't so you'd better be careful". Of course it could all be accidental, but it is suspicious. That said, Nev's reliance on a non-clue is pretty suspicious as well.
  4. He is supposedly retiring from G&T Retirement is almost never an immediate change of state. Rather it is a slow process. I expect to see more of Tex.
  5. It might be best to just start with 21 players if we can't get four more in the next 24 hours. I'd rather not see this game die of inactivity before it even starts.
  6. I vote 5. Vuxomo is almost certainly a killer.
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