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  1. How have I not seen this before? This looks epic.
  2. I feel like the legs could be reworked to allow for other creatures to unite there Great job!
  3. That head just makes it for me. Again, good work.
  4. Wow, the music fit perfectly with the scene. Makes me want to read Downfall now.
  5. Can't say I like the repeated clicking in the background (is there a technical term for that?), but overall it is quite enjoyable. Sounds like it could be the end-credit theme for the Bionicle 2015 game we should've had.
  6. I feel like the show never really follows up on its plot-threads at all. We haven't seen any of Cole's father since rebooted, I'm pretty sure everyone has forgotten about the Serpentine, and I still can't understand how the ninja's elemental powers work.
  7. I've always wanted Alpha Team to make a return in some form or fashion. I'm honestly not sure how feasible it would be to reboot many of Lego's previous themes, but hey, we can always dream.
  8. Wow. It feels like yesterday that I first picked up Evo 2.0. I love this system.
  9. I literally throw them into whatever storage bin is handy. I do somewhat sort them by the theme they came from. ex. a bin of castle and space parts, a bin of Ninjago parts...
  10. I personally feel that Umarak's power operated more like a Green Lantern power ring, except with shadow.
  11. I want every CCBS piece imaginable to be made in that smokey/clear black featured in Lava Beast.
  12. If we go the superheroes route, we need a Galactus figure, if only for it to stand imposing over the normal minifigs.
  13. Something insect/dragon-like thing would be cool. We have far to many humanoids and not enough zany characters.
  14. While the text still feels cumbersome, the story was much more enjoyable than the rehash of the 2015 animations. There was a lot more world-building here then in Island of Lost Masks.
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