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  1. Hello, Its that time again. Im on the look out for the last 2 Kraata i need for a complete set. They are both the Cyclone variant Stage 5 and 6. Im willing to pay a fair amount for each individual Kraata. Sadly i have no spares at this time. But im sure we could work something out so please hit me and we can discuss and details. Colour wise they are often described as 'Pearl Sand Blue fading into Pearl Very Light Gray' . Ive seen the colours also been described as Metallic blue and Silver respectively. There is also something else to pay attention to. Sometimes these colours are mistakenly identified as the opposite fade due to the way the colours mix. One good way of identifying the correct colours is to look behind the head of the Kraata where you will see the more dominant colour where its not as apparent from the front. If anyone could help me out it would mean a lot. Its been a long journey. And this would conclude me having a complete G1 set of collectibles that arent of the precious metal or prototype variety.
  2. Hello everyone im finally down to the last 11 Kraata for a complete set. If anyone has any of the slugs im after id love to buy them of you. Green spots mean its in the mail or process of making a deal. Thanks!
  3. This Promo DVD is actually available for everyone to download on BioMediaProject when it was discovered around 2 years ago! Also as mentioned on the thread there is also a preview DVD included with the Novelisation of TLR. They share some content but the one here has much more to offer like commercials in high resolution and different character narrations in various languages. You can see the some of the visual differences of the 2 disks on my instagram page here. https://www.instagram.com/p/CahPvglruSB/
  4. This set took me about 5 years on and off. But only got super serious with it maybe as the pandemic initially hit. Most of that was research and figuring out exactly where each promo came from. I dont currently have a list. But I will have to do one eventually. I hope to scan them all professionally and archive them on a website for all to see Thanks guys! I agree the old school covers do just hit different
  5. Thank you For the longest time I also thought it was a US release. I will reveal all about that once I finish that set too! The yellow special editions came in various DC and Sports Illustrated for Kids comics/magazines during the time of releases. I cant remember the exact issue numbers.
  6. I knew i would get questions about this. I had a few of those already in my collection. They are also not US released promos! It belongs to a completely different set of comics in another English speaking region
  7. Hey guys. Ive been collecting the Bionicle comics for years from different countries regions and variants. Today i have finally completed the only documented complete US set of comics! If you have any questions please let me know. Below are all the US Bionicle comics pictured. Every Issue, variant, promotional, exclusive is included. Apologies for the main photo being blurry it was insanely difficult trying to get everything in one picture lined up like that.
  8. Hey Guys, Im always on the lookout for these types of items for my collection. I am just making this topic so if you have anything that would fit this category I am more than likely interested in sorting some sort of deal out! Things on the lookout for: Press Kits (usually a folder and or CD rom containing press information for that year of sets Retail Kits (distributed to retailers to sell store owners on the new line of toys to stock) Style Guides (usually a book and CDs containing raw assets and image files to be used in Bionicle merchandise and media) Rare CD/DVD Roms Promo CDs/DVDs Comics in different languages/countries (Now mainly looking for German, Canadian, French Canadian, French and possibly others that im not aware of) Promo Posters/sell sheets/retail info sheets Thanks for taking a glance and please let me know if there is anything you have willing to part with. Sadly i didnt win this recent raffle so if you did win hit me up haha
  9. Selling the extra pages version of the Glatorian Comic no4. Please PM for offers. No trades please. Will send photos on request. Here is a BZP post explaining some details on that.
  10. Hi, Its been a while since ive made one of these topics. Im looking for some very specific items. So if you could look at my "want list" to see if you got anything I need. I am more likely to deal with you if you have something rare on there. LISTS WILL BE UPDATED. If a photo is removed it means that thing is gone. Some bundled stuff certain things may be gone so just ask to what you are after. FULL Sell/Trade List: https://imgur.com/a/aecmuBe Want List: https://imgur.com/a/OMW6jRt Brief 'For SALE' List if youre just browsing: Prototype Nuva/Tohunga pieces Unmasked 1 and 2 Comic SDCC 2003 Issue 1 Variant Comic Sealed Rahi Challenge Booster Box Rare Promo CDS G2 Tahu Display Tons of spare QFTMs cards Thanks
  11. Does anyone actually know how the Unmasked interview pages were distributed? Im still on the Look out for Unmasked 2. It seems to be very illusive moreso than no1. I have the Glatorian 4 with extra pages but unfortunately not for trade/sale. I am also on the look out for the Glatorian mini DVD comic with the alternate cover and that Rahkshi no13 mini comic. I wish I had a spare to trade you for it.
  12. Hey I have the SDCC Issue 1 if youre interested. I also may have a spare Mcdonalds Tohunga comic but im unsure, i would have to check. PM if interested.
  13. T1 and T2 were given out at QFTM tournaments at Lego stores in 01 - T1 for participating, T2 for winning. There weren't many of those tournaments, so the cards are super duper rare. This old BZP reference page has some decent scans of them. As for the rest of your post - PM sent! Wow. I never heard of those either. This is going to keep me awake at night now. I thought I had collected all of them, was even proud of being one of the few to find 197. Turns out I'm missing T1 and T2 =( Edit: if you do happen to find a spare of either of the tournament cards, I'd be happy to trade you the silver letter kopaka for it. There are still the German versions of cards 1-220 too . I think only printed in 1 edition but i could be wrong about that haha.
  14. Hey, I have 188 1st Ed and 189 Unlimited Ed, if you are interested? I have a few questions. What are T1 and T2 cards? never heard of these. Also if anyone else on here could help me out too! Im missing these cards. Once i have these i will have a complete set of BOTH 1st ed and unlimited edition cards and the 1st edition rahi challenge set. (even including card 197 ) 1st Edition 173 Unlimited Edition 164 209 Rahi Challenge 280 285 288 290 292 294 300 304 305 308 310 Mcdonalds Cards 22 25 26 29
  15. If anyone still wants this please message me as i may still have it. Im closing topic as its been dead for a while anyways.
  16. Pretty rare little comic. Its in great condition considering how old it is. Its not by any means perfect as it comes with some of the usual creasing and dents. But that is pretty hard to come by having been on the comic con show room floor and then in storage for over 10 years. This has the alternate art and inside has various 03 advertising with the Rahkshi and MoL film. Will be packaged safely. Possibly bagged and boarded, ill let you know. Please PM for deals!
  17. QFTMs RARE card sale I Have about 130 Holofoil QFTMs cards for sale. Pretty much pack fresh in sleeves. £2 per card. But we can discuss in PMs for deals Cards marked as 1st edition are of course 1st edition. Cards unmarked are Unlimited edition variations. 161 1st Edition 161 x3 162 1st Edition 162 x6 164 1st Edition 165 1st Edition 165 x2 166 1st Edition 166 x5 168 169 x2 170 x3 171 x3 1 of them is however severely misprinted but still new 172 1st Edition 172 174 1st Edition 174 x3 175 x2 176 1st Edition 176 x2 177 x3 179 1st Edition 179 x3 1 of them is slightly misprinted the holo printed is off centre and is not in line with technic logo 180 1st Edition 180 181 x2 182 1st Edition x3 182 x3 184 2st Edition x2 184 x3 185 x4 186 1st Edition x4 186 x4 187 x2 188 189 x2 190 x2 191 1st Edition 191 x2 192 x4 193 194 194 x2 195 x3 196 1st Edition 196 x3 198 199 201 1st Edition x2 203 1st Edition x2 204 1st Edition 204 206 x3 207 210 1st Edition x2 210 x2 211 212 x2 214 1st Edition 214 215 x2 216 x3 217 1st Edition 219 1st Edition 219 x3 220 1st Edition 220
  18. Yes I am very interested in the Pohatu form Bohrok awake. I have spare Onua and Lewa silver letter promos. I dont have any rahi challenge spares :/ But i have an absolute ton of spares from the the regular QFTMs booster packs and I should have multiple sets of the story cards from both unlimited and 1st edition sets. I would be interested in those bohrok swarm cards and booklet too actually. I should be getting cards 1-40 soon but im unsure of whether they are unlimited or 1st edition so I cant say for sure if i need them yet, so ill let you know about those.
  19. Hi everyone! Im missing a number of cards to have both 1st and Unlimited Edition sets of QFTMs as well as a few other things. Please comment or PM to make a deal ! QFTMs Cards missing: 1st Edition Stamped: 41-99 173 Unlimited Edition (No Stamp) 164 209 Rahi Challenge 1st Edition Stamped: 285 288 290 292 294 300 304 305 308 310 Bohrok Awake Mcdonalds Cards: 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 I may also be interested in some of these: QFTMs Sealed 1st Edition Blister Pack QFTMs Sealed Unlimited Edition Blister Pack QFTMs Loose 1st Edition Booster Pack QFTMs Loose Unlimited Edition Booster Pack QFTMS Limited Edition Promo Pack RC Loose Sealed 1st Edition Booster Pack RC Retailer Information Leaflet I have a ton of spare kanohi to trade as well as a stack of Holo cards both 1st Edition and Unlimited Edition for QFTMs so I’m bound to have something you’re after thanks for looking
  20. Would you be willing to sell proto kanohi nuva individually?
  21. Hi! I have a ton of kanohi for sale. Please PM for offers! thanks for looking.
  22. I sent you a PM Jchavoya. I have an Onua promo
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