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  1. Haven't been in one of these in a while, count me in! (Force_UnBleached)
  2. I know you've probably decided by now, but I'd totally be down for that.
  3. Entry name: Chestnut Winged Cuckoo Entry pic: Link Entry topic: Link
  4. =====^gallery(when public)^===== (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) More commonly known as the "Brown-winged gold-necked blue-tailed Stradivari"
  5. Thanks, I'm glad I didn't cause too much damage.
  6. I don't think any of the signs were destroyed, but I'm not sure. ;_;
  7. We didn't have any trick-or-treaters tonight, so we have some leftover candy. ;D And these guys spawned with pumpkins on their heads for Halloween.
  8. So many great Halloween updates this week.
  9. Stop teasing us and get on with it!
  10. House* renovations are going nicely** And a new skin: *Before **after (still a wip)
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