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  1. Eeko


    Ooh, that means the third one might be a Ditto.
  2. Eeko


    I love Maimai so much. Finding them made me unreasonably happy.
  3. Eeko

    First Shiny Ever

    I don't think one is really "so often".
  4. Eeko

    First Shiny Ever

    So, while hunting for a Mawile, I found a shiny Solrock. While cool, I wish it was a pokemon I would ever use again.
  5. Eeko


    Have fun with Zelda. It's great!
  6. Eeko

    Dark Souls

    I would argue that it's worth putting the time into it to get good, but I can understand not liking the difficult learning curve.
  7. Eeko

    Dark Souls

    Hey everyone, Dark Souls is on sale on Steam for six bucks. Go grab one of the greatest games ever made. (Minor modding required)
  8. Eeko


    The thing is, buddy, you gotta give yours out, too, or the validation won't take, and nobody will get a Friend Safari out of this. (4871-4061-1437) See, if you go up and click where it says "The Mystery Shack", and scroll down a little bit. You'll see a 12 digit code in my previous entry.
  9. Eeko


    Is it different than the friend code in my previous entry? I honestly don't know, I'm new at this.
  10. Eeko


    So I beat ALBW, which while fantastic, was a little short. Then I went and bought Pokemon X. First time I've really played Pokemon since Red and FireRed. Hooboy, there's a lot to catch up on. And Lumiose is so big and hard to maneuver through on roller skates. Right now my team is Greninja, Lucario, Charmeleon, Ralts, Skiddo, and a Pikachu.
  11. This game is so much fun. Also the zelda 3ds xl is super pretty. Since I have a 3DS, I guess I'll go ahead and put my friend code out there: 3024-6350-4310 As a side effect of Zelda, I have yet to watch either pony or doctor who. So I'll go back to avoiding the internet 'till I watch those.
  12. I can't get to the full sized photo, flickr says the image is private. Based on the thumbnail though, that seems like something I might could pull off. Is there something specific you're having trouble with?
  13. Eeko


    How could we get to the final four with no Zelda characters? Something went terribly wrong. Kirby and Bowser I guess.
  14. Aww, I'm sad Majora didn't make it. Samus Ridley Ganondorf Bowser
  15. That game is impossibly hard on a track-pad. I'll have to try it again sometime with a mouse.
  16. Eeko


    Samus Ghirahim Ridley Kirby Majora Ganondorf Fox McCloud Bowser
  17. I've never understood the hate for its evolution line. It looks so cool!
  18. How much was the extended? I'd get it solely for the Appendices, but it's nice to know that there are some good scenes added.
  19. Eeko

    Shindenny's no Kyojinos

    I feel like I need to eat at Denny's more just because of this. This is amazing.
  20. Eeko

    BZP TF2 Event #1

    I'd be down, I'll friend you on Steam. Nevermind, we're already friends.
  21. Sweet, he was probably my best character in Melee, can't wait to play him again.
  22. As much as I would love a Zelda LEGO set, I don't think one will ever get through their system.Although seriously, it would be the coolest thing ever.
  23. Eeko

    Zelda 3DS XL Preorder

    I can't wait for mine. I'm thinking of grabbing Pokemon X, Super Mario 3D Land, and maybe Monster Hunter as my first couple of games.
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