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  1. May I have the radical acceptance to accept what I cannot change,

    1. Naina


      The effectiveness to change what I can

    2. Naina


      And the wise mind to know the difference

  2. I'm a girl so I figure a small would fit me. Could I claim a small 2012?
  3. You have my Skype details. Please let's talk.
  4. Naina

    A crazy weekend

    I have a lot of sympathy for this. I lied in high school a lot, because I was afraid too. I was very deft at using the truth to deceive people. Lies of omission and word play were an exercise in creativity. For years, I had the ability to sense what people wanted of me and become that. It left me so unsure of my identity I used to obsess over my name just to have some sense of self. It's hard to move on from that. But you can. Lying becomes part of who you are - you identify yourself as a good liar the same way I identified myself as an analyst. But there are other things you can choose to identify yourself with. You're a writer. That's another part of identity. What you choose to be now is entirely up to you. Carpe diem.
  5. On BZPower, you do not ask for good luck, you ask that people don't burn you too badly.
  6. One time I inadvertently listened to an ad which had really nice background music, because my actual video was more music. It was great, I got to add a new song to my collection.
  7. I should teach you to write Hindi alphabets so you can see just how usefully diacritics work in practice. We don't even have a diacritic for 'a' - it's implied. Makes words much shorter. Oh, and the solution is to have an independent form for the vowel for when it's not attached to a consonant. That's what we do in Hindi. Also lets you have words when the vowel is the starting sound. Edit: Double comment merged. -Wind-
  8. My name is KH. Always has been, always will be.

  9. Oh oh oh. You need to listen to 'Tequila Sunrise' by the Eagles. The potential for puns is too high! It's another Tekulo sunrise, Spreading slowly across the skyyy
  10. I support everything Zox said. I also recommend Coldplay (start with Fix You), Poets of the Fall (start with Carnival of Rust) and the Narrative (start with Eyes Closed).
  11. I totally used this joke on at least three people.
  12. Do you think you'll ever live outside of Texas?
  13. Naina

    What's your favorite font?

    I used to use Magneto for my signature on BS01. I kinda like Mistral, a friend used it for his sig and I always admired it.
  14. Hear the Angels Sing, or Long Time Ago in Bethlehem. I'm not entirely sure what it's called but it's the first I ever sang for our music class's Christmas concert.
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