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Diaries of Destral


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I have a question: What mask does miss angry fish wear?

That's a secret to be answered either at the end of this chapter, or at the beginning of the next one. Rest be assured, there will be at least one indirect hint thrown around before I wrap up this chapter.

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New pages are up! Click to see latest! \(°u°)/

Gallery & conceptart topic - Current: Pre-mut & pre-ev Makuta: Krika | Antroz | Vamprah | Miserix | Bitil | .. 

Older pics: Helryx's Fury | Makuta Sethuldur | Order's Call (no necro k? C8)

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Man, these are great! I'm glad you mentioned them to me, it certainly is great seeing more Hand-drawn comics here!

It's a very interesting style, to say the least; certainly unique, I cant say ive seen anyone draw bionicles quite like you do :P I like it! :D


The story is shaping up to be pretty interesting; that water toa does not exactly seem happy at all, I wonder what it was that they took from her?


Cant wait to see more pages! :)


--Akaku: Master of Flight

I really like the style of the movies, but I'm a cartoonist at heart and a die hard for details. Thank you! :3c


TQ fished off her "scarfy-thing" off her. She registered their boat when she passed under it, so she assumes that they still have it. Somehow. Magically. Who knows? But she is mainly miffed at them because of their behaviour. She is also pretty drunk.


Ahh, I feel dumb for not seeing/figuring that out before, sense is made XD


New pages look great! Looks like she's going to be in a world of pain in a moment, in any case... she'll probably think twice in the future when someone says their a Makuta, depending on what's about to happen next; cant wait to see how it turns out! :P


--Akaku: Master of Flight


The Guardians of Gevra Nui | The Legends of Taladi Nui | Reborn

Other Works: Terrible Comics

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Yaay new pages! Can't wait to see Seth in action! I read all pages again from the first to the latests and now the plot makes more and more sense. Great job as usual!


EDIT: I noticed you mentioned the "translator microbes"... Could it by any chance be a reference to Farscape?

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