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Chima TV Series Review: Season 2: Episodes 21-26


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Season 2

Episode 21

This episode really drags in the beginning, but really picks up toward the end with the introduction to a new mystery.


Oh gee Lavartis is creepy. Too much double-talk and secrets. Its clear that hes hiding something. Whether or not hes evil remains to be seen, but the black and silver headband suggests that he could be in league with the scorpions, etc. He also enjoys psyching Cragger out for some reason. He seems to like the Croc Legend beast, though, so maybe hes a little insane? All those years of exile in a dangerous place could have driven him over the deep end.


Like the mystery building up here. :D


Episode 22

Same as 21. Like the side-plot of Lavals father vs. Chi thieves. It clarifies some stuff. Still dont know how they got to Mount Cavora, but I have a feeling thats coming up shortly.


Rogon: lol. Much enjoy the abacus thing abacuses are almost a running gag every time they appear.


Episode 23

Not much to say about this episode. I liked the reveal in here (wont spoil it) and also the characterization for Lavartus. (He seems to be the focus, generally.) Also like the unique method Laval pulls out of his hat to win (although, granted, it might be mildly inconsistent with his earlier ego problems :shrugs:). Youre just going to have to watch it to see.


Episode 24

Not much to say about this episode. As per the title, we get more character development for Burbank, which is a nice change from Laval, Laval, Laval.


Also Legend Beasts lay eggs? Theres more of them?


Episode 25

Nice suspense thing going on, and more development for Worriz. :)

The mystery between Lavartis and Crominous is good.


Suspensealthough everyone knows the answer to this.


Episode 26

Laval officially has plot armor. I thought he might have been mind-controlled by the scorpions I guess the big blasts dont work like that.


Other than that, this is another one of those touchy episodes with much spoilers. I have to admire the animation/camera work going on with Lavartus, for reasons and people should stop throwing Chi into black holes. Thats dangerous stuff, kids dont do it.


Final (ish?) Thoughts:

Season 2 embraces the mysterious adventure type storytelling that Season 1 touched on a bit towards the end but never fully adopted. The characters of the series are now out exploring unknown territory, and other mysteries, such as the nature of the outlands, etc are now being explored and revealed.


Theres a strong sense of continuity with season 1, however, so watching it is helpful to understanding what is going on. Also this series focuses on characters like Rogon and Burbank, giving them depth and development after a solid season of Laval, Laval, Laval, its a welcome change.


Chima is what Id call an epic fantasy series. Yes, like Ninjago, there are vehicles, but they are all fantasy powered by Chi. As typical for these sorts of series, the characters are actually realistic. A good epic fantasy will touch on character strengths and weaknesses in order to convey its themes, but it also needs an element of mystery, humor, or suspense (and usually a combination of both) to drive the plot and hold the viewers interest.


Season 2 attempts the mystery tack, and it does it okay, at least - leaving you with a strong sense of interest. The attempts at humor are pretty much centered on Rogon, and they do okay. The suspense thing is pulled off successfully in some places, where others it is completely undermined. I feel like Laval should have sustained something from that scorpion blast, yes? Oh well, moving on...


Overall, season 2 is miles ahead of season 1's missteps, but it still has a way to go to get up to Ninjago or Bionicle quality (if it needs to get up there *insert debate here*...).

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Season 2 was great, like that they made a screen time for Bladvic (that the bear guy name right) and now, they need to make a minifigure of one of the bear tribe :P. Almost all of them didn't went out of character and why I say almost, well it's because of a Raven name Razar, don't get me wrong he was not out of character too much but he said two thing in two different episode that are so out of character, it made me stop liking Razar (and please the ask me what he said that made me dislike him because I already told two different people on BZP why and made links).


Also speaking of character I like that we get to see 5 new character like Lavartis.

Lavartis was a awesome and odd character (but in a funny and crazy way) and I love that he was ShadoWind and they didn't made him still unknown like Other Theme and TV Show and Movie > :(. But I didn't like that we got any screen time of the other new character and I feel like that we didn't got much of who Rinona is but that she is Rogon sister (maybe that just me :shrugs:).


Another thing that I don't like is that season 2 had only 6 episodes, it just feel like that it's was still a season 1 but it not. It would have been good if it 5 or 6 more episodes (but they are maybe for the fire vs. ice wave and will still be counted as season two). But anyway those episodes that we have seen are great but not perfect.

So I mainly give it a 7 out of 10

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I think Season 2 is great, too. We get to see some real villains that are truly evil. It's impressive that Laval and his gang of friends got some more character development in this season, including the parts where Rogon is being smart when he is near the Rhino Legend Beast. Lavertus is funny and awesome, too. It is also unexpected and awesome that he is ShadoWind, rather than a warthog-like humanoid wearing the costume. :)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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