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ultimate discussion of ultimate destiny

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ultimate discussion of ultimate destiny

"#yoloswag pls sell me +5 bronze armour for 500 zenni"


roleplaying // profiles


All out of character discussion is made here, as well as profile approvals and whatever important news/events/death flags/et cetera I think up of. Please enjoy your stay, and no, I don't have any rune full helms to sell to you. Maybe. I don't actually know.




  • Grand Hotel: A cozy, three-storey hotel with a small pub on the bottom floor. It's a bit fixer-upper, rickety, and possibly infested by miniature Kinloka, but it's pretty much the best place in the city. Despite being ######. Don't start trouble here or you're probably going to die. It's neutral territory, boyos.
  • The Junkyard: A junkyard in the north of the city. It's freaky. Don't go there. Nobody knows its original name. "The Junkyard" will have to do, because everyone knows the horrifyingly terrible and possibly haunted place near the outskirts. Maybe it's haunted. But something is lurking there, and if you go, you might die.

(PM me if you want your place listed here.)

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Let the ultimaty commence.


Name: Zarrick

Species: Male Toa of Magnetism

Group: Himself and others


Powers: Zarrick has a strong mastery over his elemental powers and is an experienced naval combatant.



Kanohi Avsa.


Zarrick wields a 2-bio-long staff. When Zarrick activates it by applying magnetism to a button that is inside the handle(and thus unreachable by others) the crown of the staff snaps open and a Visorak-venom-tiped point extends outwards.


He also has a longsword with a strange symbol on it.


Zarrick also has a small Rhotuka Launcher which causes its target to be overwhelmed by despair. It is, however, inaccurate except at close range.


Appearance: The first thing a person notices in Zarrick's appearance is his dark and foreboding presence. His Kanohi is built to obscurese most of his sharp and gaunt features behind a, well, mask, while his sea-coat only serves to accentuate his tall and lanky physique. He is frequently seen with his staff in hand, longsword sheathed, and Rhotuka on his wrist. He is a man of few and sharp words.


Biography: Little is known of this Toa's past, but he has lived in this place for a long time. Originally a protector, he now lives in a quiet corner of the ultimate city and occasionally forays into the more populated sections to patrol the streets for danger.


Next profile up in 48 hours.

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Name: Harata


Sex: Female, Bisexual


Species: Vortixx


Powers: N/A


Skills: Pickpocketing, urban exploration, swindling, persuasion/seduction, lockpicking, drinking, tinkering with technology




- Electro-Blade

A small blade that delivers a controlled electric shock


- Grapnel Gauntlet

A gauntlet-like Grappling hook, pretty straightforward.


Appearance: Petite, lithe and wiry, like most of her kind, with the usual signs of rusted armor, malnutrition and lots of alcohol that a street rat like her could expectedly carry. Life is a struggle here, and it shows on Harata just as much as on anyone else. She's rather thin, with simultaneously shifty and fluid movements, like she's constantly on the run, but never in danger of getting caught. Her appearance, though not "beautiful" in the stereotypical sense, is still fairly nice to look at, there's just something about the way she handles herself that makes her seem perfectly in synch with life such as it is in the floating city. She's almost completely ebony of color, with some lines of silver tracing her face and limbs, and with deep violet eyes and heartlight.


Personality: Energetic, self-serving and quick-witted, with a surprising amount of patience, Harata is your go-to keeper of a finger on the city's pulse. She's always where the action is, and if there is none she makes her own. Able to find enjoyment in anything from petty crime to full-blown skirmishes, for Harata it's all about having fun, and of course getting out alive. Her reckless attitude shines through both in social settings and in perilous situations, if she thinks something about you, she's going to let you know one way or another. Is she completely right in the head? No one can be completely sure.


History: Harata is one of the people that fell on the hardest times when the City fell apart. She originally came from a privileged family, and had everything handed to her from before she could walk. As already said the fell and her family's wealth with it, Harata was forced to survive or die, and she chose to survive, and learn the karz out of how to survive in the decaying ruin. It's been so long now that she's not entirely sure of the details anymore, is Harata even her original name? She's just not sure anymore. Better to forget about the past and live in the now, as she usually says.

BZPRPG Profiles


Akiri Nuparu Posts:

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Characters. Personalities are a little slim, but I've never been one to write a large personality page, as I like to see where the character takes me versus where I take the character.




Name: Nurrad

Sex: Female

Species: Vortixx

Powers: Enhanced Hearing(Via implant)

Skills: Single-handed sword training, hand-to-hand combat training, mechanical training.

Equipment: Katana, Water pouch-backpack, sunglasses.

Appearance: Nurrad stands about 7’ tall, and is extremely slim, leading one to think she is starving herself. Her body is a dark green, which slowly turns into a light gray at her neck and head. Her eyes are neon red, but are normally covered by her glasses. She wears some light armor, leather, on her arms and legs, but keeps her torso unprotected.

Personality: Like a sword-wielding, sunglass wearing, Vortixx acts.

History: When the city died, Nurrad was in her element. Always a fan of stories surrounding the end of the world, Nurrad built a variety of skills that have to do with survival. It was difficult at first, and she nearly died several times in the early days, but now, she’s adapted well to the harsh reality around her, and wants nothing less than to get off this city alive.

Catch phase: “I’m getting off this city alive.”


Name: Thomast Jerffarson

Sex: Male

Species: Glatorian

Powers: None

Skills: Expert swordsman, expert marksman, expert rider, expert writer

Equipment: Quill, Ink, Parchment, Short Sword

Appearance: Tomast stands at 6’2” tall, with hazel eyes and a very firm step, like that of a soldier’s. His chest is slightly broad, indicting strength and health. He wears very formal clothing, including a waistcoat, trousers, socks, and what appear to be riding boots, for reasons unknown.

Personality: Thomast Jerffarson is one to control his temper at all times, and only unleashes it when the time calls for it. He is normally cool, collected, and silent, not partaking in large parties or loud discussions. He prefers reading over anything else, and is known for never giving up on a plan, idea, or a friend.

History: Tomast Jerffarson was a writer at a newspaper when the city failed. He was one of the people responsible for spreading the news, good and bad. The very fact he stayed inside the newspaper building was what kept him alive during the early hours of the riots. Who would steal from a newspaper, after all? These days, Thomast Jerffarson has taken it upon himself to document the final days of the city, for future civilizations to find.

Catch phase: “We the people of this city, have vowed to see it to its end, and to prevent all enemies, domestic or foreign, from bringing about an early end to its life.”


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Name: Jack (In the Box)

Sex: N/A

Species: Sentient Computer

Powers: Giving unhelpful information and generally terrible advice.

Skills: Stalking via jumping from electronic system to electronic system.

Equipment: Mysterious reserve of non-information (unformation?)

Appearance: A simple, weathered, oldschool DOS computer and keyboard sitting on a dilapidated desk in the corner of the pub in the Grand Hotel. In order to speak with it, one must turn a crank on the side of the boxy computer to generate power. One full rotation = one minute of power. Oh, the crank is also a music box.

Personality: Parasitically and generally cryptic and somehow charming all at the same time. Seemingly oblivious to its own uselessness.

History: It's not alive. At least, it doesn't think it is. As for knowing how it got there, well, you'd have to ask it.

Awaiting approval.

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Name: Toa Nymru

Sex: Male

Powers: Ice Elemental Powers

Skills: Ice Carving, Climbing, Hand to hand Combat

Equipment: Twin Triple Protosteel Saber Hooks (can also be used as Climbing Claws); Kanohi Mahuk (Mask of Weather Control)

Appearance: White toa armour; Relatively slim build; Confident posture.

Personality: Confident but not too intrusive. He will assumes his responsabilty and be extremely concentrated and calculating while on a mission. However when he is not, he is rather laid back and joky. He is presumed to be Toa Nidhiki's best friend.

Toa Info: Toa Mangai, Toa of Ice, Currenlty in the Red Star

History: One of the most stunned about being made Toa out of the eleven Matoran that became the Toa Mangai, he quickly managed to adjust to his new status and help the team in any way possible, even up to the point of resolving conflicts. He greatly helped while defeating the Kanohi Dragon, and stayed to protect Metru Nui while half of the Toa went to bring the beast to Xia. During the search for the Nui Stone, he was dispatched with the other four Toa of Ice, and was put in charge of the mission. After that, Teridax in disguise as Dume sent him on a mission to find Makuta Teridax, who was indeed Dume. He was led into a trap in Karzhani where he died killed by the ruler of the land and a horde of Manas.

Matoro is dead. (Lol)

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Eh, we're not in the Red Star.

He might not be there, I'm only guessing. The only reason I'm supposing he's there is because he's dead. Supposedly. Shall we say he somehow survived and is currently stumbing around the falling to pieces remains of the Mata Nui Robot?

Matoro is dead. (Lol)

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Name: Joevrn

Sex: Male

Species: Toa

Powers: The ability to manipulate ice.

Skills: Impressive interrogation skills, overall a tough guy.


-A variety of small knives, including the MU equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife.

-The Mask of Telekinesis.

-A box of matches.

Appearance: Well tailored, but tough-looking. He's tall, but not imposing, and built, but not overly muscular. His features are sharp, and if his face were to be compared to any animal, it would be an eagle. Rather than the traditional white of his element, he wears an assortment of dull greys and silvers. His eyes are an icy blue.

Personality: Cold and indifferent to the enthusiasms of his fellow citizens. Does not play well with others. Sometimes depressed, usually disguises it with caustic behavior and offbeat sarcasm. Has the potential to be creative, but often squanders it. Can be manipulative under stress, not always conscious of it. Tends to distance others by taking things too far.

History: Originally raised quite well, he tended to waist time and blow off steam with unhealthy habits. As he grew up, he made a living for himself hunting down people that other people didn't like and hurting them. For some reason, he never really felt bad about this. He didn't ever make friends, living in a run-down abandoned apartment building and eating basically the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. His life is basically Groundhog Day: the same thing over and over again.

BZPRPG Profiles


"It comes with the job," Halfimus explained, "I'm not paid enough to give anything outside quick flavour descriptions."

So pay me more AuRon.

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