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ultimate profiles of ultimate destiny

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ultimate profiles of ultimate destiny

"This is probably an incomplete census of everyone who lives in the city. AKA that means unless you actually matter, you don't go here. YAY."


roleplaying // discussion


After having your profiles approved in the Discussion topic, you may add them here. Please keep all characters in one post.



[b]Name:[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Sex:[/b] Self-explanatory.
[b]Species:[/b] Custom ones please PM me.
[b]Powers:[/b] Elemental or not, yadda yadda.
[b]Skills:[/b] Are you a bad enough dude to save the President?
[b]Equipment:[/b] Kanohi if applicable, weapons, tools, whatever.
[b]Appearance:[/b] What do you look like?
[b]Personality:[/b] How do you act?
[b]History:[/b] Why are you on this city, and how are you even alive?


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Name: Harata

Sex: Female, Bisexual

Species: Vortixx

Powers: N/A

Skills: Pickpocketing, urban exploration, swindling, persuasion/seduction, lockpicking, drinking, tinkering with technology


- Electro-Blade

A small blade that delivers a controlled electric shock

- Grapnel Gauntlet

A gauntlet-like Grappling hook, pretty straightforward.

Appearance: Petite, lithe and wiry, like most of her kind, with the usual signs of rusted armor, malnutrition and lots of alcohol that a street rat like her could expectedly carry. Life is a struggle here, and it shows on Harata just as much as on anyone else. She's rather thin, with simultaneously shifty and fluid movements, like she's constantly on the run, but never in danger of getting caught. Her appearance, though not "beautiful" in the stereotypical sense, is still fairly nice to look at, there's just something about the way she handles herself that makes her seem perfectly in synch with life such as it is in the floating city. She's almost completely ebony of color, with some lines of silver tracing her face and limbs, and with deep violet eyes and heartlight.

Personality: Energetic, self-serving and quick-witted, with a surprising amount of patience, Harata is your go-to keeper of a finger on the city's pulse. She's always where the action is, and if there is none she makes her own. Able to find enjoyment in anything from petty crime to full-blown skirmishes, for Harata it's all about having fun, and of course getting out alive. Her reckless attitude shines through both in social settings and in perilous situations, if she thinks something about you, she's going to let you know one way or another. Is she completely right in the head? No one can be completely sure.

History: Harata is one of the people that fell on the hardest times when the City fell apart. She originally came from a privileged family, and had everything handed to her from before she could walk. As already said the fell and her family's wealth with it, Harata was forced to survive or die, and she chose to survive, and learn the karz out of how to survive in the decaying ruin. It's been so long now that she's not entirely sure of the details anymore, is Harata even her original name? She's just not sure anymore. Better to forget about the past and live in the now, as she usually says.

BZPRPG Profiles


Akiri Nuparu Posts:

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Name: Zarrick

Species: Male Toa of Magnetism

Group: Himself, others


Powers: Zarrick has a strong mastery over his elemental powers and is an experienced naval combatant.



Kanohi Avsa.


Zarrick wields a 2-bio-long staff. When Zarrick activates it by applying magnetism to a button that is inside the handle(and thus unreachable by others) the crown of the staff snaps open and a Visorak-venom-tiped point extends outwards.


He also has a longsword with a strange symbol on it.


Zarrick also has a small Rhotuka Launcher which causes its target to be overwhelmed by despair and surrender. It is, however, inaccurate except at close range.


Appearance: The first thing a person notices in Zarrick's appearance is his dark and foreboding presence. His Kanohi is built to obscure most of his sharp and gaunt features behind a, well, mask, while his coat only serves to accentuate his tall and lanky physique. He is frequently seen with his staff in hand, longsword sheathed, and Rhotuka on his wrist. He is a man of few and sharp words.


Biography: Little is known of this Toa's past, but he has lived in this place for a long time. Originally a protector, he now lives in a quiet corner of the ultimate city and occasionally forays into the more populated sections to patrol the streets for danger.

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Name: Viktor Esteban Mária Los Santos de Wassermiller of the House of Yanuk (or just Viktor)
Sex: Potato.
Species: Potato. He's a potato with legs. More specifically he's the ghost of a dead Great Spirit inside a potato with small mechanical legs.
Powers: He has the ability to duplicate his body an infinite amount of times. The thing is, he can only control one of those bodies; the clones lose sentience within moments of appearing and remain nothing but, well, food.
Skills: Yes.
Equipment: Yes.
Appearance: Something like this: http://barringtonstageco.org/media/potato.jpg
Personality: Utterly evil. Look, I hate writing personality descriptions and I prefer to develop them on the spot, so you'll just have to /shaaaades/ deal with it.

"burned down three protesting fleas and dispersed a strike in the kitchen. #swag #yolo #plebs"

- Viktor, during his last sighting two days ago in the middle of a kugel cooking session gone wrong

One day, a Matoran referred to in the annals of history only as Valdis the La'Vian arrived in the city, carrying only what seemed like a simple potato. Foolish mortals. They have no idea how wrong they were. For it was not a simple potato, but the god of the seven realms, Viktor Esteban Mária Los Santos de Wassermiller, cast from his throne as the great spirit of a distant universe to this lowly status as a potato after being found guilty in a court of law on charges of abuse of power and eating too much fried bacon. But Esteban the Negative Third will rise yet, and will teach those fools what he can do. From this shallow and mildly embarrassing body will be born a fire that will light up the... the...


######, davis, do you still have the script?

what do you mean you sold it to that Vortixx for a cookie

you fool viktor will have our heads for this


hahahahaha no of course he won't

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Name: Sheriff “Bullhorn” Ketatotu

Sex: Male

Species: Artahka Bull

Powers: Ketatou is under a curse which causes any being who hears his whinnies and sounds as if he said exactly what they (the person the commentary is directed at; if multiple people are targeted, the interpretation is per the tallest of the group, unless the targets are PCs, in which case the interpretation is based on whoever posts first) wanted him to say. For example, if he were trying to arrest a Toa for committing murder, and they said, “Please don't arrest me,” his whinnies would be interpreted as, “You're free to go,” even though he was trying to say, “Die, criminal scum.” He is unaware of the curse.

Skills: True to the rumors of the Artahka Bull, Ketatotu is incredibly intelligent, far beyond that of most Matoran. Unfortunately, such intelligence is hampered by his limited talent with the Matoran language (see Powers), merely being capable of understanding it and reading it. Physically, he is as strong as a Steltian and far quicker than most other beings; he is capable of tracking anyone across the City with just a whiff of their scent. This is enhanced by his abilities as a forensics detective. He is a master of his Stunning Staff.

Equipment: No appearance of Ketatotu is complete without his Stunning Staff. This unusual weapon appears to be a modified Rahkshi staff, and has a number of functions. The first is that, when pummeled into the ground, it creates a shockwave that knocks anyone in a 5 Bio radius off their feet. The second is that, with physical contact, it can deliver a stunning shock to enemies (as per a 7 year old being tazed twice in the chest). The third is that he can turn it into a guitar (see Rahkshi Rock) to fire concentrated blasts of rock n' roll (see Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks). He wears a stetson, a sheriff's badge for the City, an empty holster, and a brown duster which covers the upper part of his body; he carries a pack holding the cities law book (from a very, very long time ago).

Appearance: As with other members of his species, Ketatotu is a brown-and-silver centaur/minotaur-hybrid bull creature. He wears a duster which looks pretty awesome on him, and has a belt wrapped just where his humanoid-body connects to his bull-body where lays an empty holster. He never appears without his staff.

Personality: The closest thing to order in the City would be Sheriff Bullhorn, whose by-the-books approach and attempts to do good are a constant source of inspiration to nobody and annoyance to the hard-working criminals of the City. Despite this, he's simply not a big enough threat on his own to pose a need for good assassins, and he's to good a combatant to be killed off by the bad ones. He is very irritable and has a tendency towards violence as a result of his inability to properly communicate with others, and he tends to remain silent as such. Not much more is known about him due to these handicaps, which leads many to simply assign him the title of, “hostile and bad-tempered” typically assigned by racist Matoran to his species.

History: Long ago, in the time before time, a whole herd of Artahka Bulls roamed near the Lake of Light; their life was peaceful and calm, and they lived in harmony with nature as the dominant carnivore, eating every other animal they came across. Unfortunately, this also included the inhabitants of the City above, who took offense and murdered them all. Ketatotu, the silent guitarist of the band This is Bull and a resident of the City, was quite upset with this injustice; he realized that, if his brethren could communicate, they might be alive still. Thus, he made a wish upon a lucky star which just so happened to come true; he was granted the power of speech. Unfortunately, others would not hear words as he desired, due to the twists in the wish that he, “may be able to communicate with others as they wish to hear it.” As he is constantly irritated by peoples lack of intelligence and insanity (the former derived from his speech barrier; the latter derived from the fact most of the City is insane), he decided that the only way to fix anything was to take up his guitar and fight crime as the new sheriff of the town. Today, most of the City residents know him as Sheriff Bullhorn, despite his not actually owning a bullhorn and merely being a bull with horns; some love him, some hate him, but none can deny that crime rates in the City are dropped 2.7% simply by his presence as a combatant of crime. And what more can you ask for?

Name: Peldoran

Sex: Male

Species: Great Being

Powers: As is the nature of his species, Peldoran possesses a mind developed for the purposes of creation, which manifests so as to be similar to a lower-level form of the Mask of Creation. Further, due to his innate connection to inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, he is capable of altering their perception of him so as to appear completely invisible; he can communicate telepathically with every Great Being made inhabitant of the city from any location (even bypassing mental shielding). He has two additional powers he can use, though he can only use one of the powers once on any one target – to put them to sleep for a short time ('bout a few minutes), or to lock their powers ('bout two minutes for PCs). The first power requires verbal command; the second requires being within one Bio distance, but is bolstered by physical contact.

Skills: Peldoran is a skilled craftsman and highly knowledgeable in the realms of sciences, having a nigh-complete understanding of the Matoran Universe. He is capable of employing this knowledge to “improve” those creatures created by the Great Beings; improving their strength, repairing injuries, altering armor, bolstering latent powers, letting a Matoran use Kanohi, etc. His physical form is incredibly weak, making him poorly suited for most forms of combat, but

Equipment: The only equipment Peldoran carries is a small pack full of bizarre tools which allow him to ply his craft (most are capable of dimensional-folding, thus allowing him to carry a light load). He wears brown gloves, a pair of brown boots which provide levitation, and a brown, hooded robe which completely conceals his appearance; the robes generate a field to absorb attacks from afar, but are useless up close. All of his gear is tied to him, so that in the event of death, his entire form and all of its material will disintegrate into mist.

Appearance: Peldoran appears to be robed figure of 1.6 Bio in height, incredibly thin in appearance even under his clothing. His face cannot be seen past his robes no matter how much light is cast upon it, leaving the rest of his appearance a mystery. As he always wears his gloves and boots, even what lies under them is a mystery. The closest glimpse, under just the right light, can show his eyes are a brilliant white.

Personality: The defining trait to understanding Peldoran is his memory, which appears to change on a whim. Some things he remembers forever – such as the pictures of the innkeeper on 23rd street's encounters with an Artahka Bull – but others he forgets immediately; names, for one. On the flip side, he does have a nickname for everyone he meets, and will refer to them as such, and always as such. His plan to bring power to the city is another such example. Other than that, there's also his manic cackling, and constant refusal to acknowledge others as anything more than tools of his own design. Buried below this insanity, however, is the supra-genius level intellect of a Great Being; a cold, cool intelligence which only rarely surfaces amongst the madness of the City.

History: One of the oldest inhabitants of the city, Peldoran was one of the chief designers of the Western Continent during the Great Being's construction of the Matoran Universe. One may note there was not, in fact, a Western Continent; the truth behind this is that when the Great Beings began their blueprints on the four continents, the Western, Eastern, and Southern continents all wound up overlapping in the central region, and the mistake went unnoticed until the workers were already finished. Embarrassed by their failure to follow procedures, the three Great Beings responsible all underwent crises of faith; the other two challenged each other to a mutually-destructive trial by combat, but as Peldoran had no combat experience, he went into hiding in the City. He has remained here for centuries, hiding amongst his creations; similar to most of them, his sanity is slipping. It is from his slippage of sanity that he has come up with a way to help the City – he believes that by applying enough force, the Sphere around the City may be sent rolling, causing the Lake of Light to being swooshing around. By hooking up generators, the force of the Lake passing by could be used to generate power in the city, which would be kept locked in a gravity sphere. Unfortunately, the resources for his plan are lacking.... but as a Great Being, he knows just which ones are needed. And maybe, just maybe, the enemies attacking the city might possess access to the materials required.

P.S. - Pre-Approved by the GM


Edited by Toa Levacius Zehvor

"I disapprove of what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

- Evelyn Beatrice Hall (often attributed to Voltaire)

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Name: Nurrad


Sex: Female


Species: Vortixx


Powers: Enhanced Hearing(Via implant)


Skills: Single-handed sword training, hand-to-hand combat training, mechanical training.


Equipment: Katana, Water pouch-backpack, sunglasses.


Appearance: Nurrad stands about 7’ tall, and is extremely slim, leading one to think she is starving herself. Her body is a dark green, which slowly turns into a light gray at her neck and head. Her eyes are neon red, but are normally covered by her glasses. She wears some light armor, leather, on her arms and legs, but keeps her torso unprotected.


Personality: Like a sword-wielding, sunglass wearing, Vortixx acts.


History: When the city died, Nurrad was in her element. Always a fan of stories surrounding the end of the world, Nurrad built a variety of skills that have to do with survival. It was difficult at first, and she nearly died several times in the early days, but now, she’s adapted well to the harsh reality around her, and wants nothing less than to get off this ###### city alive.


Catch phase: “I’m getting off this ###### city alive.”







Name: Thomast Jerffarson


Sex: Male


Species: Glatorian


Powers: None


Skills: Expert swordsman, expert marksman, expert rider, expert writer


Equipment: Quill, Ink, Parchment, Short Sword


Appearance: Tomast stands at 6’2” tall, with hazel eyes and a very firm step, like that of a soldier’s. His chest is slightly broad, indicting strength and health. He wears very formal clothing, including a waistcoat, trousers, socks, and what appear to be riding boots, for reasons unknown.


Personality: Thomast Jerffarson is one to control his temper at all times, and only unleashes it when the time calls for it. He is normally cool, collected, and silent, not partaking in large parties or loud discussions. He prefers reading over anything else, and is known for never giving up on a plan, idea, or a friend.


History: Tomast Jerffarson was a writer at a newspaper when the city failed. He was one of the people responsible for spreading the news, good and bad. The very fact he stayed inside the newspaper building was what kept him alive during the early hours of the riots. Who would steal from a newspaper, after all? These days, Thomast Jerffarson has taken it upon himself to document the final days of the city, for future civilizations to find.


Catch phase: “We the people of this city, have vowed to see it to its end, and to prevent all enemies, domestic or foreign, from bringing about an early end to its life.”


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Name: Jack (In the Box)

Sex: N/A

Species: Sentient Computer

Powers: Giving unhelpful information and generally terrible advice.

Skills: Stalking via jumping from electronic system to electronic system.

Equipment: Mysterious reserve of non-information (unformation?)

Appearance: A simple, weathered, oldschool DOS computer and keyboard sitting on a dilapidated desk in the corner of the pub in the Grand Hotel. In order to speak with it, one must turn a crank on the side of the boxy computer to generate power. One full rotation = one minute of power. Oh,

Personality: Parasitically and generally cryptic and somehow charming all at the same time. Seemingly oblivious to its own uselessness.

History: It's not alive. At least, it doesn't think it is. As for knowing how it got there, well, you'd have to ask it.

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Name: Ije
Sex: Female
Species: Glatorian
Powers: Enhanced reflexes and Rhotuka powrsn capable of inducing temporary paralysis when struck.
Skills: Agile and fit - capable of impressive physical feats.
Equipment: Thornax Launcher, Hatchet, Rhotuka Launcher.
Appearance: At first sight, it is quite easy to notice the small Rhotuka launcher embedded into Ije's left arm, its blue shade a contrast to the bloody red colour of all her limbs (excluding the dark grey of her armoured hands and feet). On the other hand, her torso is a dull, yet light grey, with a large belt running across for the easy carriage of her weaponry. Her helmet is a darker red than her limbs, its shape quite similar to that of a Noble Miru, yet her sicky yellow eyes do not convey the same emotion as that of a venered Turaga elder.
Personality: Ije is quite a reactive being, rarely ever getting involved in problems unless they are truly interesting or she has been dragged in. Yet her reactions are rather bland, and vary depending her mood, which changes from hour to hour. She dislikes taking things too seriously, treating much as mere trifles to her. Her hobbies change on a whim, but it is said she enjoys gardening.
History: What brought Ije, and all the other residents of the city, is still a mystery, but it is known that the Glatorian quickly managed to make a name for herself in the city centre, setting up a small Thornax plantation despite the lack of highly fertile soil. She would sell these Thornax, despite her low yields, making some money off those who would actually want the fruit. In these days, she also helps out every once in a while at the Grand Hotel. Although she is paid not quite well, she still likes the job.

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Name: Hātana

Gender: Male

Species: Toa / Kaipatu (Demonkind)

Element: Fire / Blackflame


  • Twin fire katana / Twin pain blades
  • Kanohi Kiril, mask of regeneration / Kanohi Jutlin, mask of corruption


  • Elemental powers
  • Mask powers
  • The ability to fly as a Kaipatu
  • The ability to devour lifeforce as a Kaipatu​



Hātana is a tall toa of fire. His armour is orange-red and orange, and is smooth and spiky at the same time, in the same way as a flame. His eyes and heartlight are blue.


Hātana is a very tall shadowy being. His face is hidden in shadows by a leather hood. His armour is very, very dark red and black, and is jagged, full of straight lines and sharp angles. Two bat-like leathery wings can be unfolded from his back. His eyes are not visible under his cowl, but his heartlight glows black with anti-light.




Hātana is cynical and pessimistic. Since his Change and the apocalypse, his previously cheerful and optimistic personality became more and more negative rapidly, as he began to lose hope. At this point, with him Changing more and more regularly, he is bordering on insane, and things can only get worse.


It is hard to judge the thoughts that go on inside that hooded head, but Hātana is a spirit of reasonless destruction and of anarchy and chaos. His kind brought about the apocalypse itself, and he intends to finish the job. He is merciless, aggressive and determined and is also very cunning.




Hātana lived as a toa in the Old World, before the apocalypse. He remembers little of this time, but in his now barely functioning mind, he thinks of it as the golden age, when life was simple and it was easy to survive. Like the others, he fought the darkness that threatened their world, but unlike them, he was...in a way, killed. When he awoke and the world was ended, another being was sharing his body - a Kaipatu, a demon of destruction and chaos. More and more regularly, his body was taken control of, with the toa remembering little to none of the time as one of the demonkind... 



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Name: No one knows. He has never told anyone, and is never recognized enough to be named. For the purposes of this, I'll call him the Shadow though.

Sex: Male

Species: Krahka's.

Powers: He can shapeshift into any being he has seen before, gaining their powers in the process. He can also combine forms. He is skilled at combining traits from many different individuals of the same species to look like a completely different individual.

Skills: Combining traits from many different individuals of the same species to look like a completely different individual. He is also skilled at changing shapes rapidly. Other then that, he is reasonably skilled with Laser VIsion he copied from a Skakdi a while ago, as well as elemental Sonics powers copied from a De-Toa.

Equipment: I don't know if Krahka can copy Kanohi, so for the purposes of not being OP, he cannot form and use masks. He can convincingly look like he is wearing one, however. A power copied from a Skakdi he encountered a while back allows him to form weapons which he is famileir with.

Appearance: He often uses the form of a smoke creature, and looks like a shadow in this form. Other then that, he also sometimes looks like a Hau-wearing De-Toa or a purple Skakdi.

Personality: Shadow is very nervous about interacting with other beings, and is very protective of his home, a small tunnel network under an abandoned dump. He is also distrustful of surface-dwellers, a term he applies to mean anything other then a Rahi.

History: He lives here. :P He arrived on a shipment of fish before the city sank, and made his home under a dump. He is alive due to the fact that no one has found his home and been clever enough to get him yet.

 Kopaka, the coolest(Pun intended) Ko-Toa ever:


"If the fight had turned, Exann might be the one on the floor with Antidermis spurting out of him. This is how battle is. This is how life is." -Mar'jik, Corpus Rahkshi                                       

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