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Welcome to the discussion topic for Frostbite! Please post any character profiles here in the following format:


Name: (First and Last.)
Alias: (Giving out one’s full name to employers might not be the best idea when living the life of a criminal, so plenty ne’er-do-wells-for-hire go by a codename. If your character doesn’t, feel free to omit this section entirely.)
Age: (How long has your character been alive?)
Allegiance: (Does your character prefer to work for a particular group, or his he or she a lone wolf, taking jobs no matter who presents them.
Appearance: (What does this character look like? You can give a description and/or link to an image here if you so choose.)
Personality: (How does this character think and how do those thoughts affect their actions?)
Skills: (What is this character good at?)
Augmentations: (Does this character have any cybernetic implants? If so, list them here. Integrated weapons go in the Weapons section)
Equipment: (What does this character typically carry around?)
Weapons: (What potentially lethal objects does this character typically carry around?)
Cyberspace Environment: (What will a hacker see once he or she tries to hack this character’s device in VR?
ASPs: (On a similar note to the above, what Automated Security Protocols does this character have installed on his or her device?)
Cyberspace Abilities: (What special abilities has this character programmed/installed for him/herself in cyberspace? These can be pretty much anything you can think of, so long as they’re balanced.)
Weakness: (He or she doesn’t have to have a Kryptonite, per se, but nobody’s perfect)
Bio: (A recap of your character’s life thus far.)


Feel free to discuss any matters pertaining to the RPG here!

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Name: Antso Queso
Alias: Capitalist Cheeseburger the Centenarian Castillan
Age: 20
Allegiance: N/A

Personality: An eccentric fella from La Mancha, Antso Queso is renowned for his frequent non-sequiturs, love of cheaply-made McDonalds cheeseburgers and comparing pretty much everything to his stepmother's horrid cooking. He's quite the greedy person, which explains his willingness to work for anyone with enough money (or enough Hot Wheels cars, a rarity in today's world following Mattel's collapse), and also can be incredibly prideful, constantly boasting about his exploits. However, despite his myriad of flaws, Antso is actually quite intelligent, and a pretty nice guy who'll help you out if it doesn't waste his money (so don't bother asking him for money). If you want someone to lean on, he'll be there, though you shouldn't expect him to provide any reasonable verbal support.
Skills: Recognising things; menial labour; eating things and not getting fat because genetics has provided him with a ridiculous metabolism
Augmentations: Telescopic Eyes w/ VR Implants
Equipment: QuickHeal Regenerative Bandages; iPad 20S; 
Weapons: The Quarter Pounder - A handheld railgun; Axe 
Cyberspace Environment: An endless maze of green, cheese-flavoured hundred-euro bills.
ASPs: Flying Robot Loan Sharks
Cyberspace Abilities: Gigantic laser from the mouth with a fourteen-second charge time.
Weakness: He lacks a good response time and awareness of surroundings.
Bio: Born in La Mancha back in the day, Antso grew up to be a "greedy little scumbag" (according to those two totally-unbiased classmates of his who got scammed into thinking that some midget's booger he found was actually luxury cheese) who made his living doing odd jobs for others and generally messing around like most young people do when they have no idea what to do with the rest of their life. This lead to his journeys across Europe, forging a reputation for himself as a guy who'd basically do anything for dough (and Hot Wheels), which in turn lead him to Karantin.

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I think it's about time I quit RPing, because after this character nothing I ever do again will feel quite as fulfilling or as ridiculous as this.


Name: Sloan 'Slo' Jamowitz

Alias: The Ghostface Killah 
Age: 28
Allegiance: Slo 'n' Beef
Appearance: His mother was of Jewish heritage and his father was half-black, half-Mongolian, lending Slo a unique, somewhat exotic look; his dark hazel eyes are almond-shaped with naturally small pupils, and his hair is a similar color, furnished golden-brown. It curls naturally in tufts, swirling around itself in locks that fall to his cheeks in the front but slightly tapers out in the back. His face is fine-featured, with small ears, a naturally upturned mouth that tends to smiling, and sharp cheeks. His nose is the only thing about him that doesn't look almost elfin, having been broken at the age of 19 by the man who would grow to be his partner-in-moral-ambiguity. Though it healed properly enough, it still has a slightly sunken in bridge, which, when the common cold runs around, leaves Slo with the sniffles a few days longer than normal. 


Slo's body type is also slightly misleading; 6'2 and slender looking, he wears a sport jacket to meetings, business lunches, and onto jobs, but when he peels it off he wears a simple black tank top that reveals his natural built muscle - again, thanks to Beef, who put him on an exercise regimen after a hairy fistfight on a job five years ago and never let him look back. 
Personality: Slo's name comes first in Slo 'n' Beef, and for good reason - he's the mouth of the organization, quick to laugh and quick to draw a laugh. He charms contracts out of clients with ease and sells claims that could easily be considered lofty, or even unachievable, but he's determined and capable of running a Plan B hot on the heels of Plan A, which lends itself well to his skills as a security expert and troubleshooter. Though he tends to act talkative and coy in the field or when hashing out a payment plan, the testimony of one Beef Stroganoff shows that when hanging around the office or taking things easy off-hours, Slo tends towards a more naturally lax, easy-going demeanor, and is much more of a straight shooter. 
Skills: Sittin' on the dock of the bay. Also, security security security. It's Sloan's claim to fame, and the reason he got out of the middle levels of Laquearia. Slo is one of Karantin's top security experts, having taken contracts to find loopholes in the systems of Watchmen Contractors, Club members, and even (according to street rumors) the personal cell phone of one of the Lukyanenko brothers - though he never leaves a job undone without leaving some well-disguised trap doors for his own access. Though he's a practiced marksman and shot, Slo owns no long-range weapons.

Augmentations: Direct Neural Interface.
Equipment: IVX TechSol tablet computer, laptop, and cell phone, upgraded with security programs of Slo's own design and manufacture. 

Weapons: Slo inherited a Gerber Mark II combat knife from his father, Fastowitz Jamowitz, but since he doesn't tend towards close combat he usually uses this weapon in stealth circumstances or in case a fistfight is spiraling out of control and Beef isn't around to provide the one-two punch they've become famous for. Owns a PSA-1 pistol that fires eight bullets to a magazine, and for longer range combat a Patriot Mk II submachine gun - affectionately called "Tenderness."
Cyberspace Environment: Slo's environment takes the form of a long, straight strip of desert, with a one-lane road stretching out into the horizon. The sun beats down mercilessly overhead and cacti are the only things that dot the landscape. Data in this environment is represented by motorcycles driving along the road - depending on the severity of the data and Slo's current activities, the data can take the form of anyone from Marlon Brando to Dennis Hopper to, in truly dire circumstances, Luther Vandross.
ASPs: Slo's devices are guarded by hyperkinetic avatars of the Jackson 5, each augmented with superhuman strength and the reflexes of a professional fighter. If one manages to subdue them, they will be met by his final and greatest defense protocol - Joe Jackson himself, domineering and berating his "children" to the point of tears before fighting off all threats to Slo's hardware.
Cyberspace Abilities: Slo, on the rare occasion he needs to assume his own avatar, can use his avatar's speech patterns and command prompts to exert small levels of influence in an attacking force, almost like a siren of sorts. If used properly and given enough time by his protocols he can actually steer a virus right into his ASPs, which finish the job off ruthlessly.
Weakness: While far from incompetent as a melee combatant and independent of Beef, Slo is far from the hand-to-hand berserker that his partner-in-crime tends to be, and isn't the kind of fighter to go all ten rounds by himself.
Bio: Born in 2018 to Fastowitz Jamowitz and his childhood sweetheart, Berry Tone, Sloan was part of the first generation to be born after the Runoff Plague, and has never known anything bout Karantin. His father, a former Green Beret, had moved to his wife's native Eastern Europe during the Plague and ended up in the budding population centre, where they had their first and only son. Growing up poor, but with a knack for inventing his own toys and tearing them apart on a whim, Slo was always attracted to the glow of a digital screen and picked up technology at a young age. This inevitably grew into a raucous desire to learn exactly how it worked, and whether he could tear it apart as easily as it worked. At the age of 12, he beat his first ASP. By fourteen, he had designed his first five - and fell so deeply in love with them that he never changed their basic layout, only updating them with the latest and greatest technology as they went on, and adding one more backup protocol years later. At nineteen, on a job for Your Local Collective, he met a Slavic berserker and picked a fight with him over stealing several workout regimens and protein shake funds from his cell phone. During the course of a two hour fistfight, a busted down door and nine broken windows, Slo learned the man's name was Beef Stroganoff, which was pretty cool because he loved eating beef stroganoff, and told the man just that.


After he regained consciousness, they went into business together, and Slo 'n' Beef has become one of Karantin's greatest tag teams over the near-decade that followed.



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NAME: Adriana Oswell
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Professional Assassin & Infiltrator

ALIAS: "Omicron"

AGE: 40

ALLEGIANCEThe highest bidder.

APPEARANCEAdriana's slim, slightly pale figure is shrouded in a long char-grey overcoat, reaching nearly down to her ankles, yet unbuttoned in the front. Black army pants are neatly tucked into military-grade repulsion boots, and a harness is trapped over her black-shirted chest, with a light layer of fabric armour laying inconspicuously underneath. Adorning her head is a wide-brimmed bolero, the same colour as her coat. Clean, bright-red hair is pulled tightly back into a ponytail below the hat. Her face is modest, yet grim and bereft of makeup, though her eyes glow slightly blue - due to the augmentations layered beneath her skin.

PERSONALITYCold, and sharp-witted, Adriana is a machine of experience - almost quite literally. Despite her robotic persona, she still retains shreds of humanity deep within her; though these emotions are rarely coaxed out. Her job has turned her hard as steel.

SKILLSBrutally efficient in marksmanship and graceful with a grappling hook. Competent but not particularly experienced with hand-to-hand combat, she prefers to kill from a distance. While not necessarily the best hacker in Karantin, her job requirements have to meet specific standards if she wants to quickly, quietly and invisibly break in and steal from and for the most powerful people in Karantin. Taught by the Collective.

AUGMENTATIONSAmong many minor artificial upgrades to her senses, she boasts neural implants seamlessly and effectively blending VR with real life by sending and receiving information directly to and from her brain. The implants give her mind some abilities similar to a LIME, but she still needs to carry a physical device for more "data-sensitive stability." Her fully mechanical left arm contains a hidden grappling hook launcher beneath its synthetic flesh coating, and her shoulder-blades boast miniaturized, concealable propulsion thrusters - they don't provide a lot of thrust, but used in conjunction with her grappling hook and repulsion boots, she is able to move freely around the Laquearia without having to constantly rely on the use of her hoverbike.

EQUIPMENTA wrist-mounted IVX LIME, a downsized SMT, akin to the size of a Swiss Army Knife, a small medikit complete with QH Bandages, and Military-Grade Repulsion Boots, and an automated spotting scope for her Phantom. Three extra magazines for her Phantom, four energy capsules for her Mimas. She also owns an Igneous Hoverbike, which she uses only for longer trips across Karantin.

WEAPONSThe Krueller-10 "Phantom", a suppressed high-power Kinetic sniper rifle, complete with a matte-black finish, computer-aided scope and bipod. Semi-automatic, 20 toxin-tipped rounds per magazine. If the dart doesn't kill you, the toxin will. Not the most powerful weapon K-10 has to offer, but the most silent in its entire arsenal. She also carries a six-round K-10 "Mimas" Plasma Revolver in a holster on her hip, just in case.

CYBERSPACE ENVIRONMENTUpon entering, a hacker will be facing down a tight concrete corridor three kilometres long, with a solid concrete wall to their back. The corridor is nearly pitch black, with the exception of a single light illuminating a metal door at the far end. Holes spaced at random intervals are found regularly in the floor of the corridor, almost completely concealed by the lack of light. These "pits" drop down one hundred metres to a series of sharpened spikes. Panes of glass are also spaced regularly in the corridor, stretching from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, between the holes. The breaking of glass triggers a mental alarm that alerts Adriana to an intruder.

ASPs: Glassbreak Mental Alarm, as explained above. A simple ASP also randomly generates the placement of the glass panes and pits each time the CE is accessed. Adriana will spawn in at either set location, the starting point or at the door, depending on her choosing.
CYBERSPACE ABILITIES: A discounted and older Ability allows Adriana to spawn in with an old-fashioned gatling gun turret if she desires, or with a high-pressure water hose, either one or the other, never both. A simple radar system can also determine the location of an intruder within the corridor. The door is also locked with a PIN code. Upon entering a foreign CE, Adriana has a five-minute Invisibility ability, with a cooldown just as long.
WEAKNESSES: An over-reliance on her technology as well as the constant demand of her job makes her prone to serious exhaustion at times. Oftentimes she'll work around this by refusing job offers until she is fully rested and ready for work. However, this can often lead to a lack of repeat business, as well as garner MORE enemies than she's already made through working.
BIO: Born in the UK, Adriana was in Russia on a hiking trip with her parents before the Plague broke out. Being their only child, Adriana was the first of her family to get treatment, but the only one who survived to remember. She was since trapped in Karantin until the end of the plague, but being orphaned at an early age had taught her exactly what she needed to know to survive on the streets of Karantin. Thus began and still continues today her occupation: murder and theft.

Name: Chad Mulligan
Gender: Male
Occupation: Augmentation Model

Alias: "The Suave Individual"
Age: 37
Allegiance: Spiritechnology, Inc.
Appearance: Fairly handsome-looking human being, with a shock of brown hair, clean-shaven face and a winning smile. though beneath the surface of his synthetic flesh he's almost entirely mechanical, replaced by augmented limbs, organs, etc. He's usually found wearing a suave two-piece suit and tie.
Personality: Socially outgoing and generally being suave as . 
Skills: Being suave, modelling augmentations, walking down a fashion runway, etc.
Augmentations: His augmentations are of the special "Adaption" brand, which allows him to swap out most of his augmentations easily for other sets that can be integrated and therefore, modelled.
Equipment: His neural implants take care of most of the gadgets one would usually have on person in Karantin, but Chad enjoys wearing an expensive wristwatch, for suaveness' sake.
Weapons: None, but can swap out his default. Augmentations for ones bearing weapons.
Cyberspace Environment: A default security system provided by TCorp - A small room bearing a pedestal with a book. Speaking a specific sentence from the book gives access to the data. The book is "1984".
ASPs: Say three wrong sentences and the system is temporarily shut down for a period of ten minutes.
Cyberspace Abilities: None currently.
Weakness: Has no work-capable ability outside being a suave-as- model.
Bio: At the age of six, the Plague broke out and Chad (orphaned from birth) was among one of the many who caught the disease and was transported to Karantin for study and treatment by Spiritechnology. There, he received experimental augmentations as part of early Plague treatments. Seeing potential in the augmented boy, Spiritech educated him and integrated him with their PR department in order to model the latest Augmentations as the years went on and Spiritech gained power.

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Name: Beef Stroganoff
Alias: The KGB ODB
Age: 27
Allegiance: Slo 'n' Beef
Appearance:  5'11" and 205 pounds of solid, brick-flavored Russian goodness, Beef is a burly man with unfair quickness and the steeliest, iciest blue eyes you ever did meet. His face is unremarkable, perhaps even forgettable, but that suits him just fine. Slo has the being pretty part down, Beef's often the one that'll try and kill you with a look. If you actually took the time to focus, you would notice the broken nose (boxing with his brothers and Slo), the scar running across the bridge of said nose (one of the broken windows from his fight with Slo) and the stubbly beginnings of a beard (shaved the morning before).
Personality: Despite what his appearance may suggest, Beef isn't exactly the stoic and silent Russian stereotype. Sure, he can affect it at times when he needs it, even pull it off rather well. But generally, he is prone to casually joking and yukking it up even as he and Slo are in the middle of killing things. A straight-shooter by heart, he pulls his verbal punches about as often as he does his physical. Ergo, if he thinks you can handle it or will just have to, not at all. He's the second part of Slo 'n' Beef for good reason--while Slo typically acts as the negotiator, Beef is much more the enforcer. He's perfectly willing to follow orders, but oftentimes goes out of his way to go the extra mile. If you asked him, anyway.
Skills: Drinking and having a good time. Also punching you in the face. Shooting you in the face. Wrestling you. In the face. Get the picture? Good. He's also become competent at rigging all sorts of traps, thanks to his long and fruitful partnership with Slo, and when needed has a powerful, commanding voice that most are inclined to obey, in contrast to Slo's which most people just wanna listen and keep listenin' to. Bilingual, Ended up getting English lesson's from Slo for a cool Hundred bucks a month.
Augmentations: Multiform Particle Injection, bunch of little bots that harden at the first sign of physical trauma dispersed throughout his body.
Equipment: Laptop, Cell Phone, both jury-rigged into uncrackable monsters via the goodwill of one Slo Jamowitz. Quickheal Bandages.
Weapons: Interchangeable Weapons System (sicknasty deal for that versatility bro), Brass Knuckles, a and a Tundrabolt type-2004 rifle gifted to him by his father-- Affectionately dubbed 
Cyberspace Environment: A barren, rocky plateau affectionately nicknamed "The Round Table", more appropriately, Area B-7R. Underneath the mercilessly bright sun and in the crisp, exhaust-tinted air, Data flies to and fro in the form of Antonov An-225s, massive cargo planes with the Odd C-5 Galaxy mixed within, as well as a fighter escort contingent.
ASPs: Multiple Fighter Pilots in Jets of of the pre-plague era, Mobius squadron in Raptors, Yellow Squadron in combat variants of the Sukhoi testbed SU-37, Razgriz Squadron in jet black F-14Ds, Galm Team in Eagles, etc. All carry the combat data of top aces and fly prettier than Slo's handwriting.

Cyberspace Abilities: In the rare occasion Beef ever needs to step in himself, his Avatar will spawn in as a fictional superplane some may recognize from the Ace Combat series, the ADFX-02 Morgan. Armed with a Tactical Laser System that fires an intense red beam for a duration of 6 seconds in the direction his plane is pointing, Multiple MPBM burst missles, and one angry Russian pilot at the helm of a highly fast and maneuverable airframe, Beef essentially becomes a boss fight. As is his way, whenever he does this he will utter the line "Here Comes the Snow.", and the accompanying music will begin to play. He can be shot down if the enemy pilot is good enough, but only if.
Weakness:  Often times puts himself in the line of fire with his berserking, pressure pressure pressure fighting style, and that goes double if his best friend and partner in crime, Slo Jamowitz, is in undue danger. He knows he can't take every hit for him, but he also knows there's a good chance he'll take them better.
Bio: Grew up as a rough kid from a small town in Russia that would soon be practically absorbed by Karantin, Beef Stroganoff was always a rowdy child and often got into scraps over scraps with the other of the post-plague children. His father, a stout 270 pound bear full of the plague's grief and Slavic work ethic, would have none of that. However, he did recognize that Beef's penchant for brawling also came with talent for it, and ended up enrolling Stroganoff at the local Boxing & Sambo gym. From there, Beef fell in love with fighting, and would become a mainstay at the gym, taking amateur fights all the way up until a ripe 18 years young when he got into his now-legendary brawl with one Slo Jamowitz, beginning a friendship and business partnership for the ages.

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helo frens

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Name: Number 434, Petra Ingram


Petra also has an assortment of aliases given to other acquaintances who have no relation to her 'work'

Laura Kellogg
Elsa Ramirez
Katarina Sergeyev

Age: Petra does not know her real age, but she can give some educated guesses
-Stated Age to acquaintances: 25-27
-Actual Age, unknown to herself or anyone: 28

Allegiance: Herself, any job that works to the detriment of Puretex (the ones who created her) and by extension, Spiritechnology

Appearance: Standing at an average height and build, pale from a lack of sunlight exposure since... Since forever, Petra appears to be frail and thin on first look. Her hair is strangely bleached white, so she usually wears a wig to conceal it. Petra favours a white trench coat and comfortable shoes, also white. A prominent scar mars her otherwise youthful, plain face.

Personality: Cautious and wary. In addition to being treated as a lab rat and put through countless months of training consisting of killing, torture, and heightened psychological stress, a severe case of amnesia that makes those experiences her only memories has turned her into a cold and secretly terrified person. Any contacts and relationships are completely formal and practical, as she has lost the ability to truly trust.

Skills: Trained and moulded into a near-perfect killer, Petra is skilled with most weapons and received special training in VR combat.

Augmentations: Direct neural interface and VR implants. These implants work together to give Petra an added layer of information in a fight. Petra also apparently has undergone some form of genetic manipulation as she seems to be immune to most diseases, even easily communicable ones.

Equipment: Cell phone, Laptop, quickheal bandages

Weapons: Petra carries around a lot of weapons. They are divided into two categories; those carried on her person on a daily basis, and those carried on a job.

-K-10 Plasma Pistol (Works with DNI) or M1911 with no add-ons (or any pistol she owns)
-Serrated-edge Bayonet made of a nonmetallic fibre that is sharp enough to do its job

On the job
-An old Pre-Plague .44 Magnum
-A sharp Bayonet
-IWS jury-rigged to work with her DNI feeds
-K-10 'Boomstick'' model Shotgun

Cyberspace Environment: A shopping mall from the early 21st Century. It has a basement section, two carpark levels, and four floors of shops(including the ground floor). It seems to be open, in the middle of the day, but no one else is in except the attendants in the shops. The central goal seems to be a briefcase in the toilet of the highest floor, but its actually the person's most desired piece of merchandise on the building. The other merchandise and cash are non-important files.


The main attraction of the place are the traps. Many areas are accessible only by small corridors. (For the sake of fairness, booby traps are written in white text since realistically hackers wouldn't know of them.)


-Security Cameras are non-lethal Laser guns

-Escalators on the lower floors will grow spikes on their steps when an intruder steps on them. The ones above have handrails that have temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Celsius

-The Cash registers on the third floor explode when opened.

-The mannequins come to life, but rudimentary (i.e. only physical attacks, and are pretty low A.I. zombies)

-The toilet's burst with water when an intruder enters.

-The lifts plummet when an intruder enters to the basement

-The cars in the basement(only about a dozen) chase intruders in the basement

-Ground floor information booths allow intruder in for maps, but don't let them out.

ASPs: The attendants and security guards. They all have super martial arts powers, can levitate and shoot lasers out of their eyes. Eight second recharge.

Cyberspace Abilities: The programmer who built Petra's devices and security protocols thought it was funny to make Petra's cyberspace self have unkempt pink hair, oversized electric blue headphones that play the same track over and over again, and constantly respawning bubblegum sticks on her person. Fortunately, his other additions are more practical. In cyberspace, Petra has an assault rifle that has no need for reload. Of course, the recoil is terrible. She also has the ability to secrete acid from her hands at will.

Weakness: Simply put, Petra is not normal, and will have trouble with interaction with others. Additionally, she has surprisingly low training in hand-to-hand, only enough for the average resident to survive.

Bio: Petra's memories start only about a year ago. All she remembers is being put through test after test, straining her to her psychological and physical limits by faceless people in lab coats, being made to murder at a whim of her testers, forced to mutiliate and torture lest she was deprived of her meagre meals, and deprived of sleep in a sterile whitewashed cell.
One day, in a routine checkup, Petra, known as experiment 434, snapped. She killed the cruel doctor, stole his gun, and escaped through the ventilation tunnels. Stealing into the armory, Petra stole a few weapons and put her skills to use, cutting down any security personnel in her way. She escaped and found herself in Karantin. Adopting the identity of Petra Ingram, she stole some money on the way out of the facility and made it her goal to murder the people who made her.

In truth, Petra was a gun for hire in the past before being forced into a programme run by Puretex Corp., a subsidiary of Spiritechnology Inc., to build the perfect killer. The experiment failed and Petra lost her memories. She was then intended to be repurposed as the company's own attack dog, but she escaped.

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Name: Lavinia Carter

Alias: Lovelace

Age: 25
Allegiance: the highest bidder

Appearance: Lavinia has bright green eyes that pop against her smooth and light skin. Her blonde hair seems to always be perfectly paired with her, often unsettling, smile. However, she often disguises herself for jobs, which she prides on being good at. She often wears revealing, tight body suits on jobs or, if the target is lured to her, she often wears cocktail dresses. However, when not on the job and having personal time, she often wears jeans or leggings that are paired with cute tops. http://cdn.windows7themes.net/pics/yvonne-strahovski-1.jpg


Personality: Lavinia is often called sadistic, though she rather dislikes the accusation. She likes to think of herself as a merely a woman who takes her work seriously, but sometimes has some fun. She is very flirtatious and often uses this to get close to her victims, both male and female, to either kill, rob, or do whatever else her employers want. She seems to be heartless but she isn't, it's just really, really deep down. She does, however, have a soft spot for animals, which she often keeps around her.


Skills: Lavinia is good at close contact combat, being able to hold her own in fights using various fighting methods. When she is on assassin jobs, she tends to kill her targets while being very close, mostly with her blades. She sometimes, very rarely though, uses poison. She is also well trained with disguises, both in and out of the cyberspace world, and in methods of stealth.


Augmentations: Lavinia has cyber-eyes, which are real but have been modified to help her identify targets. She also has had some work done to her hair, being able to change its color and style in order to disguise herself better. Lavinia also sports neural implants


Equipment: When working and in her suits, she wears a belt that holds two small satchels with ammo and some cyanide capsules along with two holsters for her pistols. If her target is lured to her, she often has a clutch with one pistol, ammo, and capsules.


Weapons: Lavinia has two pistols but her most deadly weapons are the implanted blades in her arms, making it easy for her to kill when she is up close to her target. She also carries cyanide capsules which, if she is luring her target in, she may dispose the cyanide from the capsule to a drink.


Cyberspace Environment: Lavinia's environment is a classy, upscale club. For successful hacking, hackers must find the spoon.


ASPs: Her ASPs are disguised as bodyguards within the club.


Cyberspace Abilities: Lavinia can camouflage into her surroundings for about fifteen minutes, however she has to stand still because if she moves the outline of her body can be seen. This needs about fifteen minutes to recharge.


Weakness: Lavinia does not do well with long range weapons or targets, so snipers have a bit of an upper hand if they spot her. Also, Lavinia is a human so she can be killed like any other mortal being.


Bio: Lavinia was born and raised in South Africa where her father was a very powerful crime boss. When she was born, poor Lavinia's mother died and so, almost immediately after birth, she was raised by her nanny Martha. Martha was a sweet woman from Botswana and dotted on the small child as if she was her own. Lavinia knew that Martha wasn't her real mother but she loved her just as much. Martha taught her just about everything, well not her fighting. That was the only reason her father paid attention to Lavinia was to teach her how to be a killer, both in the real world and in cyber-space, in hopes she would join the family business. However, Martha frowned upon this, insisting that Lavinia was too sweet to become a monster like her father and so Martha taught her about literature and the arts and other things of culture to try to balance the child. For a while she was. Yet, one fateful night when Lavinia was 16, Martha accidentally witnessed Lavinia's father killing a man in the home. Her father decided to have Martha killed, which was the straw that broke the camel's back. Lavinia traced the man that her father had kill Martha and simply returned the favor, seeing that it was fitting. It was easy enough, having been trained all her life to kill. Instead of being angry, her father was pleased with her work. In anger the teenage Lavinia struck at her father, cutting him up badly, but not killing him. Despite everything that had happened, he was her father and there was still a part of her that recognized that. She decided to run off to Karantin, Russia, where she began working as a hired thief/assassin and adopting the alias "Lovelace". She has built herself up from the ground over the years and now has a nice condo in the underground levels. 

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Name: Arcadia Kiskowski

Alias: Loki

Age: 27

Allegiance: Neutral in most affairs, takes jobs as they come.

Appearance: A woman of distinct hourglass shape, Arcadia's most defining feature is her "Native American" heritage, which outwardly reflects her appearance. Has a more "teardrop" face, with the top of her head being the "drop". Has brown eyes, midnight black hair, which she commonly braids. Arcadia commonly wears a tank top that goes down slightly above the navel, and cargo pants that are slightly larger for her size. Wears her coat when not inside her heated scrapyard. Often wears her toolbelt.

Personality: A cynic, Arcadia is known for her wit, mechanical and digital skill, disposition towards disportionate retribution, and being incapable of turning down a dare. Doesn't think twice about her actions. Commonly considered reckless and irresponsible for her age.

Skills: A superb mechanic and hacker. Also a decent marksman.

Equipment: Often wears her toolbelt, which holds a number of tools useful to her professions, the least of which her wrench. Also owns a LIME, and a "hover tow-truck", which is branded with her scrapyard logo.

Weapons: Possesses a hunting rifle, and in the locked cabinet under her bed she has a military-grade sniper rifle, the reward of doing a few jobs for the club. A Wrench.

Cyberspace Environment: Created for herself a closed-top labyrinth for her device's protection. Hackers always find themselves in the outer reaches of the labyrinth, with her most valuable data in the center of the labyrinth.

ASPs: Her software is protected by "minotaurs", roaming defense constructs programmed to eliminate/remove intruders.

Cyberspace Abilities: Is able to manipulate the labyrinth, redirecting pathways and creating traps. Only caveat is that she must be aware of intruders to manipulate the labyrinth as stated above. Outside of her own enviroment, Arcadia's Avatar is capable of creating "decoys" that are capable of fooling and destroying ASPs. Each decoy operates autonomously from Arcadia, and she is capable of monitoring and controlling their progress. Howeving, controlling a decoy will force Arcadia to divvy her attention between her avatar, and her decoy, often making her more suspectible to attacks. Up to four decoys can be running at once, and are unrepleanishable untill Arcadia exits the system. Each decoy is Avatar takes the appearance of the Nordic god of mischief and evil, Loki.

Weakness: Not a fighter. Whilst being a superb mechanic, hacker, and a decent marksman, Arcadia lacks any real combat experience or training.

Bio: Arcadia's father was fresh off the reserve when he found himself stuck in the city. Being a savvy man, and an opportunist, he quickly married into a more predominantly Russian family, changed his last name, and had a daughter. When the plagues died, so did Arcadia's father. Luckily, she was well on her way to adulthood at the time, and quickly sold her family's home and bought a scrapyard, opening a repair and scrap shop within. "Arcadia's Fix & Scrap" had been doing well for a period of time, providing cheap, efficient service to lower-class citizenry and more shady individuals before running into troubles. That's when Arcadia learned that she had a talent for being a Hacker. After doing several low-cut jobs with the collective, she set up as an independent hacker as well, a slightly more... Shady side of her otherwise legit business. She's still here today.

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I thought it was more like this.


Edit: profile for approval


Name: Karla Jenson


Alias: On missions, Hebe


Age: 25


Allegiance: Krueller Weapon Systems, as her most frequent employer. Freelance in her free time.




Perfect figure, athletic, and a megawatt smile, it is no surprise that Karla is a much sought after model for weapons, consumer electronics and cheese sticks.


As she was born with blue hair, she usually applies easy-on hair dye when modeling to conceal her identity as the blue-haired killer named Hebe. She also wears combat shoes, gloves and a blue tank top for ease of mobility when fighting.


Personality: In her day job as a model, she is apparently cheerful and bimbotic. In her night job as a hired killer, she is efficient and ruthless. Still cheerful though.


In truth, Karla is goal-driven and focussed on excellence in her chosen career(s), with a fun-loving personality tempered by a professional dedication to her work.


oh who am i kidding she just likes shooting people and looking good lol


Skills: Modelling, shooting, stabbing and espionage.


Augmentations: Neural implants that sync with any Kreuller Weapon Systems models. Subtle implants in her eyes that change colour as needed and does simple identity scans of a crowd. Genetic modification to her appearance, athleticity and hair colour.




Equipment: Laptop, two cells, handbag(see weapons section), lipstick, quickheal bandages, bubblegum.


Weapons: Potentially dangerous weapons, carried daily

-Handbag with retractable steel spikes

-Electrically charged pocketknife

-Good old Glock (the only safety you need is you!)

-Foldable Uzi type gun when she's feeling paranoid


On-mission, Karla uses Kreuller weapons almost exclusively as part of her contact to Kreuller. She usually uses a mix of models as the company decides, but usually her favourite load out is:


-Two Kreuller B-8 Lever Action Shotguns, dual wield


-A KAR (Kreuller Assault Rifle), bullpup design. Outfitted with infrared, ultrasound and radar detectors that feeds directly to her neutral implants.


-A K-10 Plasma Pistol and a classic M9 Beretta(a recently-acquired subsidiary of Kreuller)


-Swiss Army knife that works


Cyberspace Environment: A military installation in a snowy mountain area. Think of the third level of the Inception finale. The invader spawns on the far side of the mountain, and must make their way on foot to the base, while being hunted by ASP wild hounds. All the while, patrolling skis abound.


At the base, they are confronted with a full company of soldiers(80-120), two tanks, a helicopter and a base missile launcher that can be used to shoot the helicopter(if the helicopter is hijacked) or ground targets. All are unaware of the intruder(unless they do something like start spraying bullets). Once a gunshot is heard, Karla in real life is alerted to the intrusion.


Information is represented by the cabinets, lockers and the safe in the centre of the base, which is guarded by a defence system(those motion detector types) that primes a nuclear charge once the invader is detected. The nuke will explode(device self-erases) after two minutes, so the invader must crack the safe in two minutes or else they are forcibly evicted in the resultant "detonation".



ASPs: Fully-armoured and armed mercenary types, a full company. Skills akin to real soldiers.



Cyberspace Abilities: Karla has two cyberspace abilities.


The first is the ability to create her own tools in other people's cyberspaces by scribbling the rough shape with a crayon or lipstick. The tools range from most guns to most espionage tools.


The second is an ability to teleport ten metres in cyberspace, cooldown of ten seconds.


Weakness: Karla comes off as too informal or carefree in most interactions, while in battle, she is too demanding, a side effect of her goal-driven personality.


It is possible to cause her KAR sensors to overload momentarily.


Bio: Born to a gun for hire and a model, Karla was slightly modified genetically to be more attractive and at the same time athletic, if she wanted to pursue a career in her mother or father's footsteps, respectively. When she was seven, her father was killed as revenge against her mother, who went missing shortly after on a high-risk mission, putting her in the care of her parents' closest friend, a scientist and hacker who was a bit of a man-child. Fortunately, he took good care of her, until she turned eighteen and went to learn how to look good for money and kill people for money at the same time. Since both of Karla's parents had close friends in their respective fields, she learned quickly, and learned well. Eventually, Kreuller Weapons Systems became her almost semipermanent employer in both of her fields.


Her missions with K-10 also serve a secondary function as subtle advertisements for new weapons. Nothing ups the attention to a new gun than it being used to brutally pulp a well known personage's head.

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Name: Katsu Goto

Alias: Laughing Oni

Age: 32

Allegiance: Twelve Brothers

Appearance: On a good day. On a bad day, or if a job isn't going well, he has considerably more facial hair, growing it out in a disorganized mess of a beard. When in the field, he wears his mask SMT, a vest and pants designed to stop propulsion pistol rounds, and a black longcoat.

Personality: Katsu is normally grim, serious, and stoic. A no-nonsense attitude coupled with a very focused mind means that he is very reliable. When in combat, however, he does a bit of a personality shift, entering a berserker-like state, complete with maniacal laughing and screaming. One could say that fighting is his drug, as the only joy in his life is the joy of combat.

Skills: Katsu has extensively trained in melee combat, using a combination of traditional martial arts and more modern combat systems; as such, he prefers to engage at short range with his baton and pistol. He is a decent shot but (in his own words) long range guns feel alien to him; he needs to "feel" the weapon become a part of him, which he does with his baton and pistol. While not a very good "hacker", he is skilled enough to program and secure his own devices.

Augmentations: Katsu possesses a direct neural interface, nanomachine augmentations that slightly increase muscular strength (about an Olympic weightlifters level) and bone strength (can withstand falls from about fifteen feet and lower without bone breakage), and a voice modifier that can alter his voice to any reasonable human pitch.

Equipment: medikit with quickheal bandages, LIME tablet, hoverbike.

Weapons: Two SMTs. One serving as weapon (takes the form of a riot baton with several length:diameter ratio settings as well as a barbell for storage), one serving as a facemask that cab take an assortment of forms. Katsu also carries a propulsion submachine gun with a built in suppressor (Krueller-10 Mamba), a plasma revolver (Krueller-10 Flare).

Cyberspace Environment: a building with nine large rooms and hallways connecting them (eight in a square, one in the middle) filled with automated sentry guns. Hackers will start in the "Northwest" corner room, with the most important files in the "East" corner. The door to each room is locked with three doors, all locked, covering each entrance. If all three doors are successfully opened, it leads to a narrow hallway which simply leads to another triple door and a room of similar nature. Throughout all the rooms and hallways, loudspeakers are placed, which play extremely loud music to disorient intruders. Data is represented by the fluorescent lights on the ceiling as well as the loudspeakers.

ASPs: automated sentry guns with bullets (like level 2 TF2 sentry guns), speakers playing really loud J-Rock. There is also an early warning system that will fire the moment the hacker enters, as well as warnings of rising urgency for every three doors they break.

Cyberspace Abilities: Katsu possesses the abilities of selective deafness (he can block out the sound of the music), limited invulnerability, and "phasing" (jumping through walls) in order to survive and move freely in his own environment. He also can use a radar system to locate the hacker's location and possesses the ability to repair doors. He keeps all of these abilities except for the radar when hacking other devices.

Weakness: While skilled at programming his own devices, Katsu isn't the best at hacking other devices. As such, he will only ever enter cyberspace to defend his own files. He also is more of a close combat specialist than a ranged specialist; his aim isn't the best. When in a battle, he is easily blinded (figuratively) by bloodlust; he doesn't know when to "fold them" and will often overexert himself.

Bio: Half Russian, half Japanese, Katsu came from a relatively well off family. Most of his family was able to survive the runoff plague, though it did leave its mark on them psychologically. His family soon moved to Karantin for reasons that he didn't learn until adulthood: his parents were associates of the Twelve Brothers. This mob background evidently shaped Katsu's future, as he ended up getting caught up in organized crime himself (though he still retains his parents' savings, meabing that he is noticeably richer than most Boevik [mob soldiers]). He now works as a "Krysha" (Enforcer) for the Twelver Brothers and as a karate instructor when not on gang related work.

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Submitting a player character for approval:


Name: Cyril "Cy" Gavreau

Alias: Most of his online handles involve some variant on the word "ant," though he rarely uses the name outside cyberspace.

Age: 28

Allegiance: Your Local Collective

Appearance: The first thing onlookers notice about Cy is that he possesses an extra pair of slate gray cybernetic arms that extend from the sides of his torso just beneath his shoulders. Aside from that, he looks fairly average, if a bit lanky, with straight, dark brown hair and green eyes. He usually wears a sand green high-collar zip-up sweater (modified to fit his prostheses, of course) over an ammo harness fitted with two chest holsters. He also wears t-shirts bearing neo-anarchist prints and slogans and black jeans.

Personality: Cy loves a good story. When he isn’t working, he likes reading and writing dark stories, preferring dark fantasy, though he enjoys all genres. He takes life as it comes and tries to make the best of what he has.  

Skills: Cy excels in close-range combat, using his extra arms to his advantage whether he’s in a fistfight or a firefight. He’s also half-decent at speaking and reading French--though English is his native tongue--and programming.

Augmentations: Several modifications to his ribcage to accommodate the aforementioned extra arms. The arms themselves are pretty standard as far as cyberarms go; they simply emulate the function of regular arms He possesses a direct neural interface and a separate neural implant that helps him coordinate the arms by giving his motor cortex a slight boost in processing power. This boost only affects his ability to operate his prostheses.

Equipment: Despite the encroaching digitization of books and reading in general, Cy usually carries a few paperback novels with him in a satchel, as well as an SMT and a LIME in case his neural interface is acting up.

Weapons: two K-10 Decker machine pistols, which he keeps in the chest holsters under his sweater and two knives that he stows in his satchel.

Cyberspace Environment: an abandoned replica of Paris’s 5th arrondissement. As detailed as the environment is, only a few of the buildings have fully-modelled interiors, and those that don’t are just plain impossible to enter. Which buildings can be entered and which ones can’t varies from instance to instance, but the Panthéon (a mausoleum) and the Bibliothèque interuniversitaire Sainte-Barbe (a library) are always among the “working” buildings. Books represent files, whether they’re scattered across the dusty streets or organized on the shelves in the library. In order to gain access to these files, an intruder must find a specific book: a special-edition hardcover copy of Shingeki No Kyojin volume one. The volume’s location, much like the buildings, varies from instance to instance.

ASPs: giant fire ants, each ranging from five to fifteen meters in length. Each ant possesses powerful, venomous mandibles and can regenerate most injuries unless its head is disconnected from the rest of its body. Being bitten by one of the ants results immediately in extreme pain at the site of the wound that lasts about two minutes, followed by swelling and nausea that last half an hour.

Cy will also receive an alert if the intruder gets within twenty meters of the key book or damages any of the other books.

Cyberspace Abilities: In cyberspace, Cy can summon any simple object from any of the E-books on his device (for the purposes of this RPG, these books will be limited to ones that already exist in the real world). He is limited to objects whose components he can imagine in their entirety from the description provided in the book; i.e. he would only be able to summon a firearm if the book he was reading described every working component of said firearm.

Weakness: His two neural implants can be quite draining and are dependent on one another, meaning that any complex task performed with the use of one will affect the other (doing something like tying a knot with his robot arms will slow down his DNI and vice versa). Straining the implants can give him headaches and vertigo. The arms themselves also make him stand out in a crowd, so he’s not great at being discreet.

Bio: Cyril Gavreau was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. He moved to France to study after graduating high school, but eventually dropped out of college and, after a night of browsing some of the web’s shadier chat rooms, joined Your Local Collective.

One day, after he had broken into and drained the bank account of a wealthy corporate executive, he found himself wondering if anybody had tried adding robot arms to their bodies instead of just replacing their regular ones. He started conferring regularly with a local biotech engineer, and after three months of surgery and therapy, he had himself two extra arms.

Recently, he moved to Karantin on an assignment from the Collective to uncover corporate corruption there.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Approved via Skype.


Name: Kenshin Harken

Age: 51

Allegiance: Black Mask Investigations

Appearance: The first thing that anybody notices about Kenshin is the extensive augmentations that he has undergone. Both his arm and legs have been completely replaced with smooth, matte black mechanical replacements. While normally Harken would be about 5’ 10”, with the prosthetics he hits about six feet tall. When in combat these are joined by a chest piece and helmet of the same color.

Aside from that he tends to wear long sleeved, heavy clothing that is designed to help him fade into the background. This is joined by a black trench coat with a surprising amount of pockets on the inside and a pair of VR shades.

Kenshin’s hair is a dark black and his eyes, when not covered by the shades, are a bright startling blue.

Personality: While one might assume otherwise due to his age, Kenshin still has a bit of the adrenalin junkie in him. Always looking for a challenge and trying to do better than he could before.

Despite this, Kenshin has learned his lessons over the course of his very active life and does his best to use those skills to prevent the same mistakes from happening again. As such he is not afraid to point out when somebody is doing something stupid.

Skills: Due to his extensive combat experience and training, Kenshin is highly skilled in a large number of Martial Arts and swordsmanship styles. He possesses an almost surgical knowledge of how the body works and the best ways to break it.

Despite his personal preference to hand for hand combat, Kenshin is also highly capable with a wide variety of firearms with a focus on medium to long range weapons to compliment his already existent short range skills.

At first just a hobby before becoming a vital part of his skill set, Harken is an accomplished Freerunner, something that comes in handy in his current walk of life as the muscle of the Black Mask Investigations.

Augmentations: Both his arms and legs have been replaced with mechanical versions after he [REDACTED]. In order to make him a better soldier, Kenshin was given cranial implants to improve his multitasking and concentration, with a limited amount of thought speed improvement.

Equipment: A pair of jump assist jets built into the feet of his legs. They mostly just help Kenshin make longer jumps when Freerunning.

A gallon of multiform particles that are normally held in the torso section of his trench coat and act as basic protection against stabs and low caliber bullets.

A basic looking pair of VR shades. They have been modified with a switch that physically disconnects the circuits dealing with receiving wireless signals. Normally they act as his connection to the Delta Database Library. This extension is known as Delta Onyx and acts like a very generic female mission control operator.

Harken’s helmet has several functions built in, including VR capabilities and optical magnification.

Harken’s normal form of transportation is a jet black motorcycle with a distinctly angular aesthetic. The sort of thing that a person looking at it would not be surprised to see a pair of machine guns coming out of the front. There are none, but it is full of extra metal plating and empty spaces for protection and storing stuff, respectively.

Weapons: A folded tungsten katana reinforced with diamond nanothreads. A function built into the handle of the katana allows it to vibrate at extremely high speeds at the push of a button, allowing the already extremely sharp blade to cut through solid metal.

As far as projectile weapons go Harken has a rifle with the ability for quick battlefield modifications to go from a mid range assault variant to the long range marksman variant and an old six round revolver, although he never uses the latter one.

When going out and not planning on shooting somebody, Harken normally brings a ranged taser capable of sending bolts of electricity up to ten feet away.

Cyberspace Environment: A misty bamboo forest with a cabin hidden somewhere within. If somebody can find the cabin and pick the metaphorical lock on the door they will be able to access Harken’s files.

ASPs: Creatures from Japanese mythology roam the forest attacking any who lack the authorization to enter.

Cyberspace Abilities: The ability to transform into mist that looks exactly the same as that within his forest.

Weakness: While Kenshin may be a force to reckon with in the physical realm his skills in cyberspace are limited at best.

Bio: Born in America to a third generation Norman immigrant father and a Japanese mother who had moved there to do research on Native American folklore, Kenshin did not stay there long though. Shortly after he turned a year old the family moved to Japan, where he grew up.

At nineteen he joined the Japanese military where he served admirably for six years before his career was cut short when a grenade blew off both his legs. Harken spent the next year recovering and getting used to a pair of civilian grade prosthetic legs.


Three years ago a certain incident led to Kenshin meeting Deuce and Yoshi accidentally while on a job. [REDACTED], Harken was originally supposed to get in and out without letting the cartel member have any idea he had ever been there. As alarms started going off and masses of guards started flooding the hallways, Kenshin figured he had somehow been spotted. At that point a passive look around turned into a highly aggressive smash-and-grab of the data in the compound’s central mainframe. As he made his way through what had now become a battleground, Kenshin started to wonder if he had been the one to set off the alarm after all. There were fewer guards coming after him than he had expected and the computer system seemed to be full of glitches. His suspicions were confirmed when he stepped into one of the final rooms at the same time as Deuce and the cartel head. A couple seconds into the head honcho’s plea for them to arrest him they were joined by Yoshi, filling in the last gap of the puzzle for Kenshin.

After that Kenshin kept in limited contact with the other two until a couple years later when the special operations soldier retired. He pitched the idea that the three get together and form a private detective firm. While Karantin was not their first choice to start up, but it is where they ended up.

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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Iiiiiiintroducing Black Mask Investigations!


The lack of cyberspace information is temporary, and already discussed with Zyke. The information noted as unavailable in the profile has also been discussed with Zyke, and been approved. You lot just don't get to know yet.  ;)


Name: Yoshirou Nakahara

Alias: Delta

Age: 27

Allegiance: Black Mask Investigations

Appearance: Of roughly average height, Yoshirou isn’t anything special at first glance. His build is lithe and fit, but he is no body builder. He doesn’t have the bearing of an experienced soldier, or the raw efficiency in his movements of an expert assassin. Nothing sets him apart from the masses, until one notices the gleam of intelligence in his hazel eyes. Yoshi’s mid-length black hair is kept reasonably tidy, and his facial structure indicates Asian ancestry, though by all appearances it has been diluted by a generation or two. A pair of orange tinted glasses are often present on his face, though their purpose is not to aid his eyesight.


When venturing outside, Yoshi more often than not wears a gunmetal gray long coat, a garment that tends to disguise both what he carries, and what is real mass is. Hidden beneath his clothes is a lightweight kevlar vest, designed to guard against unexpected assaults.

Personality: The cliche of a hacker is an antisocial hermit with a nevertheless incredible intelligence, but the inability to communicate with others. Yoshi detests this stereotype. Though he is the one, more often than not, coordinating from home base he is nevertheless a fairly sociable communicator. While he may every now and then fail at reading someone, he is still able to communicate like a normal person, if a little energetic. Still while he may jump into conversation, and rapidly push it forward, he still manages to maintain a fairly cool head.


For Yoshi, much of life is about seeing how far he can push something, how efficient he can make it. While he maintains a fairly decent job of keeping this aspect of himself separate from his conversations with others it does pop up ever so often. If there is one thing that actually irritates Yoshi it would be blatant inefficiency. While he understands how impossible it can be to maintain 100% efficiency at all times, seeing someone be inefficient for inefficiency’s sake is the surest way to annoy Yoshi.   

Skills: Protection and infiltration of digital systems is Yoshirou’s bread and butter. Even without access to virtual reality he is a force to be reckoned with, as his understanding of systems and their operation is not just on a practical level, but a technical one. His thought processes seem almost purpose-built for such a career. His knowledge of computer hardware is similar, though less, extensive. He is also familiar with weapon systems, particularly those from Krueller, and tinkers and experiments with various components as a part time occupation. Many of his weapons are personally designed variants, rather than stock merchandise.


Unsurprisingly for his profession, he is also an adept shot with his weapons of choice. However, his martial abilities only extend so far (see weaknesses). Within the agency, Yoshirou is the brains; a capable tactical and deductive thinker, though his presence in the field is often less direct than his counterparts. His mind works shockingly quickly, allowing him to consider and reach conclusions in times far shorter than the average person. He has been training with Kenshin in a form of modified Aikido to try and give him some close range defense by redirecting, rather than blocking, force, but such efforts are in their early stages.


-Direct VR Link

-Minor attachments to the brain, speeding up cognitive process and reaction time.


-Glasses: Orange tinted, these spectacles filter light to prevent easy blinding or fatigue from overuse of screens. They also function as augmented reality devices, displaying information and recording events when activated.

-Custom Tablet: In addition to its normal functions, this tablet computer of Yoshirou’s own making permits him to view an invasive force’s progress through his cyberspace realm, and take direct control of the movements of otherwise autonomous defenses a la real-time-strategy game. He cannot control the unit’s actions, but he can move it as he sees fit.

-Delta Database Library: Located in a central computer the size of an average desktop, the A.I. was capable of streaming information via a private network to its operatives. Its primary function was that of a library, a massive database that was constantly updating and compiling new information. With a simple request by the operative, the A.I. could send relevant information. In addition it could be diverted to other tasks, such as handling brute force attacks or even scanning for intruders, it was intended to be an ideal companion for the perfect operative. To this end the A.I. was designed to create a personality it deemed to best suited for interaction with its operative and use that for communication.


-Old-fashioned, six chamber revolver

-IWS: A modified rig of his own design, this system can be, with the exchanging of a few parts, be converted between a sniper rifle and a carbine, and with a little more effort, to a cut down assault rifle.

-Y-1 Spectre: Modified railgun technology permits this variant a range exceeding most rifles of its weight, and the lack of a manual chambering speeds up fire rate. Its scope is a traditional glass scope, but can be connected to his glasses to augment its aim with extra trajectory data and display. The tradeoff, however, is that fitting these specifications into such a small body limits magazine size to three rounds per load.

-Y-2 Wolf: An assault rifle compatible with most ammunition types, the Wolf is loaded with rounds designed to handle the increased defense of modern armor. Its link to his glasses permits views from a muzzle camera, as well as displaying remaining ammunition. Its size is second only to the Spectre, but it gains a decent fire rate and a high level of stopping power in return.

-Y-2C White Dingo: A step down from an assault rifle, the Dingo is smaller, more lightweight, and boasts a comparable magazine capacity to its larger brother. It permits a more accurate shot with an integrated sight, as well as taking advantage of its shared ammunition and fire rate. It trades its smaller size for lower stopping power.


-Krueller-10 Scorpion Pistol: Tucked carefully into the front of his coat, this is one weapon Yoshi never parts with. Its maintenance is something of a daily ritual, and as such, it is in perfect condition. Originally designed for police work, the sidearm is accurate, lightweight, and trades a smaller caliber for a higher magazine capacity.

-Derringer: Made by a less known company, the AR-1 is a two-shot weapon with remarkably high penetrating power for its small size. Easily concealed, this weapon is stored at the small of his back as a last resort.

-Taser: In most situations, Yoshi has a trick up his sleeve. Literally. The components of this taser are hidden in the sleeve of his right arm, and can be triggered by applying pressure on a point carefully hidden on his upper arm. Or, if need be, with a remote signal from one of his devices. The components can be removed from his coat and assembled into a more standard taser, with a few minutes of prep time.

Cyberspace Environment: Yoshi’s realm is unique and reflects his position as a strategist. Rather than revert to typical case of doing direct battle with someone in his own realm, Yoshi prefers to maintain direct control at all time. His realm is structured like a massive citadel, though it can never be seen from the exterior, with a total of four floors between where the invader starts and their goal. Each floor has a staircase on the exact opposite end of the floor to permit advancement to the next level. The floor and ceiling are nearly indestructible, limiting the routes forward. The invader must advance through each floor to reach the top.


First Floor: The invader starts just inside the doors to the citadel, in a long , wide hall lined with tapestries and statues. The statues are roughly human sized, and stand in raised alcoves in the walls.The first few rows of statues are simple soldiers, a shield held in one hand and alternately a spear or a sword in the other.  A single pair of thickly built, burly armored soldiers, taller than the previous sets, are set in the next two spaces. Each possesses a massive shield, and a war hammer in the other hand. A pair of slightly smaller statues, still larger than the first four, carry large broadswords. The last pair, flanking the staircase, are the smallest yet, bearing the appearance of monks, a staff clasped resolutely in opposite hands. Each statue is one of this floor ASPs, [information redacted]. The Bishops will always bar access to the next level with their staffs, [information redacted].


Second Floor: The second floor takes the form of what seems to be a ruined military base. Neither ceiling nor walls can be seen, though all logic would indicate that they must be there. The staircase lies at the base’s command center, the route clearly marked throughout the base. The ruin is marred by scorch marks and tangled metal, weapons, both damaged and abandoned, are scattered throughout the region. There is no sign of inhabitation in the region, but all signs point to a losing battle from the base’s inhabitants as they were forced back into the installation in a last ditch effort to escape. Though the signs of battle are visible, there is no sign of life until the invader reaches the compound. At this point, they are held at gunpoint by the sole visible soldier who demands their surrender, claiming that they are “one of them”. [information redacted]. The route to the command center is badly lit by flickering lights, and further signs of struggle, including hastily constructed barricades, can be found along the way.


The final hallway between the invader and the command room is littered with the apparent assailants of the region. Ruined mechanical automatons and their components are scattered across the hall. When the invader is halfway down the hall, they activate and the invader is best by machines meant to replace human soldiers. Roughly half a dozen in total, each assembled out of ill-matching parts into eerie monstrosities. Their armor is resistant, though not impervious, to gunfire, and their arms end in blades and clawed hands. Their optics are particularly vulnerable to attack.The tight space makes it difficult for an invader to outmaneuver the surprisingly nimble entities. [information redacted]. The staircase is guarded by a massive mechanical hydra. The mechanical monstrosity is formed out of various and assorted mechanical parts, with the armor of its defeated foes clearly integrated into its form. Though it cannot regenerate heads, it is nevertheless potentially deadly. It is impossible to pass without somehow deactivating the beast, as its deactivation is what triggers the staircase’s descent. This can be achieved either through its destruction, or by destroying the power cables connecting it to the compound’s power supply. These cables are protected, and hidden underneath the beast’s body. Accessing them requires passing by all of its heads.


Third Floor: The third floor never remains the same. The third floor is a dark, completely inverted mirror of the invader’s own cyberspace environment. The world flipped literally upside down, completely devoid of its own ASPs. It is rendered in dark greys and blacks, leaching out the natural color of the native environment. The floor generates a single ASP. [information Redacted].This ASP can be found where the invader hides information in their own environment. Its defeat triggers the descent of the final staircase. In the event of multiple invaders, the floor will generate a combination of all of their environments, as well as multiple ASPs. The environment, as a result, will usually be twisted and bizarre in its construction.


Fourth Floor: The fourth floor is a well lit library, with balconies stretching along the sides to accommodate further shelving. The shelves themselves are impervious to attack, acting as a natural cover. At the far, center end of the room is a large obelisk with an emerald gem suspended at the top. A ladder leads up to it, indicating that it is the likely site of the data files. The floor is gray cobblestone, and the desks to either side of the entrance hold old-fashioned file cards. There are no ASPs on this floor. Passing to the fourth floor ensures that, even if he has not appeared earlier, Yoshi will be present in the library. The hacker himself is the final obstacle, and to that end, he has structured the environment to his advantage. As he always spawns at the foot of the Obelisk, he has implanted weapons racks into the backs of the shelves nearest to him. These racks contain all possible permutations of his standard armament. Additionally, these shelves provide perfect cover to avoid enemy attack. From the Obelisk looking towards the entrance, these shelves are partially transparent to permit view of what is advancing. From the entrance looking towards the Obelisk, they are completely opaque.


The [information redacted], [information redacted]. The objective [information redacted].


Floor One: Chess motif. (8x Pawns, 2x Rooks, 2x Knights, 2x Bishops)

Floor Two: Last Stand. (Automaton abominations x6, Mechanical hydra x1)

Floor Three: Mirrorverse. (Doppelganger(s)[number equal to number of invaders])

Floor Four: Final Boss. (Yoshirou Nakahara)

Cyberspace Abilities: As a skilled hacker, Yoshirou’s abilities represent the tactics he usually adopts.

DOS (Denial of Service): Yoshurou can create decoys of himself, able to take equivalent damage as himself before being destroyed. Their weapons fire stun rounds rather than live ammunition, but the difference cannot be discerned unless one is already hit. They are indistinguishable from one another, and the real Yoshi. However, Yoshi can only make three at full strength. Beyond that number, they begin to be weaker, able to take fewer hits before being eliminated.

Trojan: Yoshirou can disguise himself as one of the local ASPs, making him seem to the system to be an allied force. He is incapable of knowing their usual behavioral programs without observation, however, so he can be spotted by a keen observer if he acts out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, until the owner of the device jacks in, he is unlikely to be detected.

Adaptation: Useful only against real opponents, Yoshirous is capable of observing and analyzing their cyberspace abilities down to the very source code. It requires witnessing the effect, but from that data he can synthesize a countermeasure. The more he sees it, the more effective the countermeasure. EX: An opponent can fire lasers from their hands. Seeing it once will predict him to better withstand the blast. Further viewings could permit him, over time, to predict the blasts or if the fight goes on long enough to prevent it completely. The former would take at least half a dozen occurrences of its use, and the later at least two dozen. Effects scale upwards with increased viewing.


Weakness: Although skilled and in above average condition, Yoshi’s bones are much weaker than that of a normal person due to [information unavailable]. This limits things like how much recoil he can take from a gun and makes physical confrontations something to be avoided.





Seven years ago, a young man named Yoshirou Nakahara appeared in the world. Though polite and friendly, he lacked some knowledge in how to maneuver through the world. Still Yoshi adapted, and went into business as a contract hacker, computer security developer and sometimes a weapons dealer. In such an occupation Yoshi was fairly successful, but he was also very bored.


Then some excitement came three years ago when some foolish people tried breaking into Yoshi’s computer systems and extort his information and money. They were in for a rude awakening, it wasn’t long before Yoshi traced them back and left a nasty trojan. Within a few days, Yoshi had all the information he needed.


With his new found information, Yoshi quickly got to work, rapidly attacking the security systems of their headquarters and bring it to its knees. As he set off alarm after alarm, caused glitch after glitch, Yoshi took note of a few discrepancies but just attributed it to some simple miscalculations and foolish personnel.  


When he believed the group, now found to be a drug cartel, defeated, Yoshi projected his image onto a large screen in the center of the complex, prepared to gloat at the leader. What he found surprised Yoshi, a man begging to be arrested and two other people who had evidently caused as much chaos as Yoshi. That was how Yoshi first met Kenshin and Deuce.

Since then the three had kept in touch, helping each other on jobs and offering up advice. Then, one year ago, Kenshin approached the two with an idea. He wanted to found a private detective agency. Yoshi quickly signed on, the chance to relieve his pent up boredom was golden. Thus Yoshi came to be in Karatin with the other members of Black Mask Investigations.

Edited by Ninth Krayzikk



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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Alias: Deuce


Age: 26


Allegiance: Black Mask Investigations


Appearance: Deuce stands a bit taller than the average person, clocking in at 6 feet 4 inches. While at first glance he appears merely lean and skinny, if one looks closely they’ll notice that his body is extremely well toned muscle. It betrays that Deuce has a well trained body that has seen much use. His body is also covered in small cuts and scratches, but nothing that would appear permanent and they often are merely fresh wounds. Both his muscles and his cuts are generally hidden by his clothes.


His skin is a tanned color, and he has worn dark green eyes. His eyes simultaneously convey intelligence, arrogance and a sense of fatigue. His hair is gray in color, and is generally falling messily down his face, often hiding his eyes. Every now and then he’ll slick it back if something more formal is required. His face, like the rest of his body, is often covered in scratches and small cuts, and it’s not uncommon to see bandages wrapped around his skin. Although it is never Band-Aids as he hates pulling them off.


In terms of clothing, Deuce typical prefers casual clothing that can hide his appearance. This often consists of a raven black jacket, thrown over a dark green shirt and pants or jeans. His jacket, while simple in appearance, possesses many pockets useful for storing his weapons and other pieces of evidence. The jacket reaches just past his waist, enough to conceal all his weapons with the exception of the rapier.. Every now and then he wears a long coat version of his jacket, especially when it gets colder, this coat is saddle brown instead of black, this coat easily covers his weapons and reaches down to his ankles. His shoes are typically sneakers but sometimes he prefers dress shoes.  He also has a necklace, attached to which [REDACTED]


In terms of storing his weapons, Deuce wears his rapier by his right side for use with his left hand. His pistols are in holsters on his chest, and he stores the switch blades on opposite interior pockets of whatever jacket he’s wearing. Another jacket pocket is used to store his trusty taser, and another is used for his revolver. Finally he carries with him one of a 5 ft, 10 ft, and 20 ft EMP grenades and stores them hanging from his left side.


Personality: The Freelancer known as Deuce has been described as carefree, insubordinate, overly-trusting, extremely reckless, and bound by an idiotic honor code. However despite all of this or perhaps, some would argue, because of it, he always manages to get the job done.


Deuce is most definitely all of these things. He is indeed very carefree, rarely reacts well to orders, trusts far too many people, is reckless to a fault, and his personal code of honor restricts many potential job offers. Particularly those he sees as excessively violent or harming innocents. As a result of all thus, the Freelancer known as Deuce soon became the Private Detective known as Deuce. That way his ridiculous faults can be used as strengths, that said he’ll still take on a job every now and then.


Deuce tends to be very sociable, always engaging others in conversation, but rarely actually talking about himself. This sociable attitude is what has enabled to make a vast network of contacts across the world. He is always telling stories of assignments he’s had in the past and pestering people in close proximity to him.


He has a very strong attachment to his belongings and often refuses to allow them to touch anything of his. No one, except, for a few occasions, Yoshi and Kenshin, are allowed to touch his revolver or motorcycle, or really anything he’s laid claim to. With a few very rare exceptions, he prefers to do all repair work for his belongs by himself.


Skills: [REDACTED] He has extremely fine-tuned reflexes and great accuracy, [REDACTED] His speed and reflexes make him naturally adept at freerunning.


[REDACTED] His strength and other attributes are essentially at peak human performance.


[REDACTED], Deuce has been trained extensively in hand to hand combat, both armed and unarmed. In terms of weapons he is most proficient with pistols, knives, and his trusty rapier. His training has also led to him being naturally ambidextrous, and he has knowledge of how to stealthily infiltrate and perform reconnaissance in areas.


Deuce also possesses a sharp mind, which while not book smart, is able to quickly come up with ideas and deductions on the fly. A trait which lends itself well in his line of work. He is keenly street savvy and is fairly good at maintaining a poker face to bluff his way out of situations.  


Augmentations: While Deuce possesses no visible cybernetic implants, he nonetheless is noted to move faster and react faster than normal. The source of this increased speed is unknown. In addition he has been noted to heal marginally faster than a normal human.


Equipment: As Deuce refuses to use anything he deems as high tech he is painfully lacking in equipment. The one exception he’s made is the comm built in his wrist watch. It contains an expandable screen which can be used to display information from the Delta Database Library. Communication with the database involves speaking to an A.I., which will then relay the pertinent information to the screen. For Deuce this A.I. is labeled Delta Emerald and is fairly snarky and condescending about Deuce’s actions. Any attempt at hacking is redirected to Yoshi.  


The other equipment Deuce owns is a 1000 CC motorcycle. It is black with dark green highlights, and serves as Deuce’s primary mode of transportation. It is extremely nimble and capable of achieving speeds in excess of 260 mph. He also carries with him a basic set of lockpicks.


Weapons: Deuce swears to a low tech method of operating, as such most of his equipment reflects this in its capabilities. Deuce’s primary weapon is a rapier, its material has been artificially strengthened to prevent it from breaking and allow it to stab into stuff easier. Deuce also owns a taser which Yoshi has secretly modified to be able to wirelessly override most door locks, however Deuce still thinks his low tech approach is doing all the work. He has some small size EMP grenades that have an approximate range of 5-20 ft in a circular radius, the further the range, the sooner the affected targets start working again. He carries on his person two M1911s with modified bullets to ensure effectiveness against cybernetic implants and two strengthened switch blades. Deuce, like the other members of Black Mask Investigations, also owns an old fashioned revolver, however he’s the only member that actively uses the gunpowder revolver.  


Weakness: First and foremost Deuce has a glaring weakness in his refusal to adapt to modern day technologies. He possesses no hacking abilities, and very little knowledge of how many different advanced systems work. His preference for a more hands on and physical approach leaves him unable to capitalize on all of the different offerings of the modern age.




Bio: [REDACTED] In his years as a freelancer, Deuce quickly made a name for himself as the fastest in the business. His antics may have been annoying but he got the job done.


[REDACTED] the man himself became shrouded in stories. No one could trace Deuce back beyond 17 years old, and he became an enigma. However his status as an enigma only served to propel his fame, and he became regarded as one of the best of the best. Freelancer Deuce, a force to be reckoned with. This same fame soon scored Deuce as wealth of contacts in the underbelly of society.


Then three years ago, Deuce underwent a mission that would change the direction of his life. Deuce had been contacted and hired for a fairly standard job, some cartel was holding medical drugs, they wanted Deuce to retrieve and smuggle the drugs so they could be put towards better uses. Pretty straightforward, so Deuce accepted the mission, not thinking too much of it.


However the building his informant had given him as the warehouse was actually the cartel’s headquarters. This misinformation did not dawn on Deuce, and as the freelancer went through the building in search of the drugs he took out more and more guards. Meanwhile the security system was going haywire, and Deuce heard noise that someone else was also wreaking havoc in the building.  


Long story short, the cartel, the Lumos Drug Cartel, was unable to handle the chaos, and, believing themselves to be under siege by a far more potent force, their leader surrendered. This havoc, Deuce then learned, had been caused by the combined efforts of his own, a man by the name of Kenshin, and a hacker named Yoshi. The three kept in loose contact afterwards. About a year ago, Kenshin approached the two with an offer.


They could form a private detective firm. Deuce quickly signed onto the start up, and was the one who picked the locations. His logic was simple, find the most crime ridden area, and they could do the most good. Needless to say, the others weren’t as pleased with his decision, but they were stuck with it. He operates in the group as their primary ground man, doing much of the field investigations and infiltration. It’s his job to speak to informants and gather information that can’t be accessed digitally.  


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Cyberspace abilities and environment for Yoshi have been run by Zyke, approved, and edited in. This includes the redacted information, which has also been approved but is not yet common knowledge.



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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Name: James Declax Fletcher
Alias: Quantum
Age: 28
Allegiance: N/A. He prefers to work for companies with slightly less questionable morals, however.
Appearance: He's short and loks childish, with a mechanical-looking cyber arm in place of his right arm. The cyberarm is red-and blue, with shiny blue digits.
Personality: James is a bit childish, and prone to melodrama, but is otherwise fairly quiet and shy.
Skills: James is skilled at hacking and using the Internet.
Augmentations: He has a cyberarm in place of his right one. it looks mechanical, with red-and blue. The fingers are blue, and the last joint in each one is made of multiform particles, which are useful for several things. The index multiform particles double as a port for the inbuilt LIME device.  The LIME is merely a file transfer device that is wirelessly synced to his Taurus Qpad
Equipment: VR/AR contacts and behind-ear earbuds. Both are connected to his main device, which is a Taurus Qpad. The Qpad is a higher-end tablet made by Taurus to compete with teh many IVX tablets on teh market.
Weapons: Little besides a pair of brass knuckles.
Cyberspace Environment: The Cyberspace Environment he bought and modified consists of a large factory, with conveyers and bubbling vats of molten metal and chemicals. Data is represented by steel boxes attached to cranes movign along tracks on teh ceiling.
ASPs: The environment came with motion sensors that alert James in real life if they are triggered. James also added steel claws on the end of robotic arms designed to grab intruders.
Cyberspace Abilities: In Cyberspace, James's arm has the ability to shoot energy blasts and create energy disks, which he uses as shields. The disks can take three hits before dissipating and have a cooldown of 15 seconds. When outside of his environment, James can launch homing minimissiles\

Weakness: James is not very strong, and reletively unschooled in physical combat.
Bio: As a youg boy, James lost an arm due to an infection. He got a very crude artificial arm,
and became a freelancing hacker after turnign 18. He talks little about his past, but it is known that he came from a poor background and managed to work his way up to where he is now, having teh money for his advanced cyberarm and Qpad.

Edited by Teclax Master of Tech

 Kopaka, the coolest(Pun intended) Ko-Toa ever:


"If the fight had turned, Exann might be the one on the floor with Antidermis spurting out of him. This is how battle is. This is how life is." -Mar'jik, Corpus Rahkshi                                       

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Name:  Alfonse Dorbax Gregorius Smalflonious Thrombox.
Alias: (Giving out one’s full name to employers might not be the best idea when living the life of a criminal, so plenty ne’er-do-wells-for-hire go by a codename. If your character doesn’t, feel free to omit this section entirely.)

Mr. Tea.
Age: (How long has your character been alive?) 45 years.
Allegiance: He considers himself a lone wolf.
Appearance: (What does this character look like? You can give a description and/or link to an image here if you so choose.) He looks like a 20 year old man even though he is 45. He has hair, face, arms, and legs.
Personality: (How does this character think and how do those thoughts affect their actions?) He is the President of the Iced Tea club- a club for the iced tea connoisseur. Secretly, while the club gathers to drink refreshing iced tea beverages, he hopes that one day someone will get his club mixed up with the other ICED Tea club and send him some of their top secret files in the mail.
Skills: (What is this character good at?) He is good at brewing iced tea, and hacking computers.
Augmentations: (Does this character have any cybernetic implants? If so, list them here. Integrated weapons go in the Weapons section) He has a left fake eye. He lost his real eye in the war, or so he says.
Equipment: (What does this character typically carry around?) A laptop, a glass of iced tea, sweetened.
Weapons: (What potentially lethal objects does this character typically carry around?) None.
Cyberspace Environment: (What will a hacker see once he or she tries to hack this character’s device in VR? See Electronic Warfare above for more details) It's a giant talking pitcher of sweet tea, like the Kool-aid man, but instead of Kool-aid, Iced Tea.

ASPs: (On a similar note to the above, what Automated Security Protocols does this character have installed on his or her device?) Monstrous lemon wedges and ice monsters.
Cyberspace Abilities: (What special abilities has this character programmed/installed for him/herself in cyberspace? These can be pretty much anything you can think of, so long as they’re balanced.)
Weakness: (He or she doesn’t have to have a Kryptonite, per se, but nobody’s perfect) after 10 he gets pretty tired and groggy.
Bio: (A recap of your character’s life thus far.)


He was born, grew up, developed a taste for sweet tea, and sweet techno-espionage.



                              One Way,

                              One Truth,

                              One Life

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