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Star Wars: Interregnum


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IC (Vanndred, Viido), Taris Spaceport, Docking Bay 745:

"I didn't know this area was still being used."

"That's the thing, uh... it's not. Being here is technically an Imperial safety violation. Mind your step, this area is supposed to have corroded beams under the corridors, its why I never touch the ground."

Vanndred hesitated, looking at the dusty floor. Viido had led him and Jenth to where he promised he had something that would help Vanndred move his operation off-world, and had led them to one of the less maintained sectors of the spaceport. The chistori tread carefully ahead, tucking his helmet under one arm. In his backpack he held his remaining gear, and a month of medical supplies. With adequate information, he could have any reasonably stocked clinic synthesize the treatment for his chronic illness. Maybe a change in climate would help; something hot and dry. Just as long as it wasn't some desert world, like Socorro, Tatooine or Jedha.

"I'm guessing you use this area for smuggling operations?"

The toydarian turned around as he hovered in place, smiling. "Vanndred, my friend, I do not know any smugglers, only independent, self-financed freighters with varying cargoes!" He punched a button on the wall and a hangar door slowly crept open.

Vanndred snorted. "Of course. What hunk of criminal junk do you want to take us out on-"

It took him a moment to recognize it. It was an old ship, partially covered with a tarp, but he recognized the make and markings. Industrial gray finish, single stabilizing wing, and a stark, aggressive frame. A Pursuer-class enforcement ship.

The Eclipse Predator II. His ship. It still had the purple markings he had painted on the sides and top.

"Viido, what... I thought you said you sold her?"

The toydarian shrugged. "I technically did, but the buyer returned it. Something about the onboard computer being a pain to work with. I planned to keep it in my back pocket in case anything went sideways with the local Hutts, but I might as well play my cards now."

The bounty hunter whipped his head around. "Computer problems?" He glanced back to the ship, then at Jenth. "We might need your droid expertise sooner than I thought."

OOC: @sunflower

The times, they are a-changing...



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IC: Jorena Kaal, The Mossy Badger

So this wasn't much better than a hunch on the Twi'lek's part either. Perfect. The Pantoran's voice didn't change inflection as she spoke, still that same professionalism tinted with urgency. 

"Very well. Let's hope this keeps working out then, as we'll need a speeder. The Badger should be mostly okay if it's empty, they'll come after us first. E3 will stay with it in the event we need to get away quickly," she continued, then rubbed her eyes. "I need a few more things from my room, then we should be landing. Let's hope both of you can do what you say. We just need to avoid suspicion for as long as possible."

"Bweeeeoooo," the droid affirmed as he rattled off into the passageways of the ship, the captain following after him far more quietly, retreating into her quarters, and only exiting a few minutes before the landing. The landing itself passed without incident, the Badger's paperwork evidently solid enough to reserve a dock temporarily, and while the motley crew gathered a few looks as they exited no one came to arrest them.

Not yet, anyway.

No such thing as destiny.

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IC(Isariah, ISV Insight):

The restoration work on Khorshid was nothing short of miraculous. The paint job was still a write-off, but engines, weapons, life support... everything that mattered was back to 100%. Hardly believing her luck at landing a contract with clients who had the resources, manpower, and technical expertise to pull this off on such short notice, the mercenary turned to the head of the engineering team assigned to repairing her ship with a grin and a wry shake of her head.

"Man, I'd known you Imperials were efficient, but if I'd known it went this far, I'd have signed on a long time ago. Hunting pirates wouldn't be such a trail, you know, if I didn't hae to worry about one unlucky turn putting me dirtside for half a year."

The engineer shuffled her feet uncomfortably, and scratched a little behind one ear as she answered uncomfortably. "Well, one thing I should make clear - this is the Inquisitorius, not the Empire proper. We're on good terms with the Imperials, sure, no question, but it's not like you've been enlisted or anything. Gotta remember that our first loyalty  is to the Inquisitors themselves; you wouldn't be the first footslogger to earn themselves a reprimand, thinking you've got to jump any time some Outer Rim Moff barks."

Isariah nodded, though she'd only half-processed what the engineer had been saying - partway through, she'd suddenly felt sick to her stomach, though it passed just as quickly, leaving her with an awareness that, actually, she was starving. Mumbling a vague thanks, she walked off in search of a mess hall.

We will remember - Skies may fade and stars may wane; we won't forget

And your light shines bright - yes so much brighter shine on

We will remember - Until the skies will fall we won't forget

We will remember

We all shall follow doom

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