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Bionicle Jewelry


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oooooh... very nice especially the order of mata nui one.

something i would actually wear

                                           S    Q       U    I       D     M     A     S     T     E    R


check out my imgur gallery for bionicle photography: https://mahatparthiban.imgur.com/all/

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Posted (edited)

These are absolutely dope! I'm also really digging the Bohrok pendant, might have to pick one of these up at some point.

EDIT: Oh, just realized this topic is like three years old, and only recently revived lol. OP, if you ever return to this thread, I hope you give us an update if you've been doing anymore work like this!

--Akaku: Master of Flight

Edited by Akaku: Master of Flight


The Guardians of Gevra Nui | The Legends of Taladi Nui | Reborn

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