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My Lego building software questions

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Wasn't sure where else to put this.


1) Is it possible to put parts in Lego Stud.io into Lego Digital Designer?


2) Is it possible to mess with LDD's coding or something to make it be able to handle more parts?


3) Is it possible to access pieces in LDD that are no longer there?


That's all I've got so far, but I may have more questions, and hopefully this may help other people.


Thank you in advance for answering.

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For future reference... probably Lego Discussion?


For your questions:


1. Possibly, if they use the same type of file to store bricks. Otherwise, probably not. Isn't Stud.io a piece of community software?


2. No clue.


3. Probably by using an older version. You can get those on Project Brick, the general Lego half of BMP, if not from Lego itself.


Wow, I haven't seen anything new here in forever.


As a disclaimer, I know absolutely nothing about the inner workings of either program.


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16 hours ago, 21Boomerangs said:

Do any other programs have Bionicle parts? 

I know Stud.io has a base selection of Bionicle parts, but it's nowhere near comprehensive. For one example, at present they only have one Kanohi (Stars Hau - plus Hydraxon's face, a single Krana, and a couple of Glatorian helmets) and no head pieces capable of wearing it; still, it does have almost all the relevant technic parts, a couple of torso pieces, and some small variety of limbs and weapons, plus all the pieces needed to build a complete Bohrok. I dunno if that's enough pieces to be helpful to you or not.

The parts catalogue does gets updated with additional pieces every few months, too, so that's something - though Bionicle parts don't seem to be high on the developers' priorities, unfortunately.

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