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Hau Cast In Sterling Silver


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Hau Cast In Silver

These two classic Kanohi Hau are both cast in sterling silver. The twin masks where cast for a contest, two were cased in case of an error in the process. The top mask has revived a high polish and the lower mask is its original state. The sterling silver Hau has more weight then the official 14k gold Hau given away by Lego that has holes for a chain.  


If you are curious a mask like this in other metals would cost;

Palladium: $2,019.42 ----- $1804.42 + $215 for processing/cleaning/polishing  

Platinum:  $2,328.96 ----- $2113.96 + $215 for processing/cleaning/polishing  

14k Gold:  $2,004.32 ----- $1789.32 + $215 for processing/cleaning/polishing  

18k Gold:  $2,404.73 ----- $2189.73 + $215 for processing/cleaning/polishing  

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18 hours ago, Gallaver said:

So, how do I buy one???

Upload a model to Shapeways and pay a lot of money. 

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