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Master Of Shadows


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Well, I got a Wacom Tablet, and to test out its capabilities, I drew my interpretation of Makuta (aka, a big, hulking brute somewhat inspired by Bionicle: The Game's version)So without further ado:makuta.jpgOnce again, like my Takua and Jaller picture, no background. But I didn't want it to detract from the main man himself. Note: I do know that some lines aren't very clean, but he's the the big baddie, so he doesn't need to be clean.Hope you enjoy.Kalhiki


You're Doomed, Rayman!

Boy! I just love it when my computer doesn't tell me when my battery is getting low!

(that's sarcasm, by the way)

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This is definitely an interesting look at the bloke. You've pulled the look off well on him, in any case. Great job!

Memoirs of the Dead entry: The Unknown Turaga, a tale from the late Chronicler Kodan's journal.

Strakk's Best Friend, the story of a confusing yet somehow canon friendship.

Terrible Comics, a collection of comics that are terrible.

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:kaukau: I saw someone try to draw something like this, although since the subject matter was unknown to me I didn't fint it too interesting (besides, the charicature may not have even been intentional), but I find this HILARIOUS. Sometimes I just love simple drawings that eggagerate reality. This picture is just fun.The one thing I would say would be to add a background, though. I constantly hear people say that they would detract from the main focus, but I feel that they add to the main focus, since I feel everything is in some way shaped by the reality they inhabit. For example, the difference between cave walls and temple halls could have each enhanced the idea of the bulky Makuta in their own way.Your Honor,Tyrannosaurus Kraggh
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