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Infinite Anger, Lacriel

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So, two things have come into development recently. Primarily, a really awesome friend of mine, Shinjuki (Who none of you have probably ever heard of) asked me to build a character of his from MTG, Lacriel. At the same time, I got into round three of a contest on MOCpages. So, the obvious answer, is to combine the two tasks into one, so I have a more difficult challenge ahead of me. I think it paid off.





^Click for link to MOCpages gallery^

​So... Yeah. Constructive Criticism welcome! Thanks for looking! =D

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Hey, not bad. Having seen the progression of the MOC from when it was started, it's certainly improved a ton.

I'm not really a fan of the lower legs or the forearms. Not sure why though.

The colors... eh. The blue and orange are nice. Trans lime is good, and so is trans orange, but not both together. Also, those red pins... XD

The sword collection is a little overboard IMO. (And totally OP.)

I really like the torso. Specifically, the upper torso. The lower torso is nice too, but the transition between them isn't all that great.

The upper legs and arms are good.

The wings are simple, but for wings in general, I think that simple is usually better.

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but their spirits

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Nice job! I'm not sure how I feel about the upper arms or the length/narrowness of the torso, but everything else looks great, especially the "hair." The feet look a little small, though maybe that's just me.

As Chro said, the little bits of red are way too much. I would advise either switching them all out for black, or replacing the orange with red, just to have a little color balance.

The build is great, and I especially like what you did with the legs. In terms of structure and design, it's great! In terms of color, not so much. I'd say get rid of as much red as you can, and use less grey in favor of black where necessary. Also, the little lime bits are too few and too obvious. I can see where you may have been going with those, but it just doesn't work here. It works for the heartlight and eyes, but that's it. For future reference, I'd say try to limit yourself as much as possible when it comes to color. ;)

On another note, I like weapons. Especially the one with Kopaka's Phantoka wing as a blade. I did the same thing on one of my own MOCs from last year, but I haven't posted him on here yet. Other than that, good job.



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The middle torso is something that's going to be worked on (Since everyone has some beef with this MOC >_>) The red will be fixed with everything else, lime has already been removed, and I'm in the process of scavenging for more transorange.


As for the gray, I originally was going to have her be gray/dblue/orange, but that didn't turn out as well as I thought it would. =/

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