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  1. This is a remarkable retelling of the BIONICLE story. It reminds me of SAO Abridged, in which the original is so thoroughly deconstructed that the result is a deeper and more coherent narrative. I especially like Takua's character. The MNOG is by far the best part of BIONICLE and even without the mind-wipe, your presentation of Takua is more faithful to his characterization in the game than any other part of the BIONICLE canon. The art style is also brilliant. Scaling back on detail overall makes the more intricate parts--like Tahu's chest--stand out more. Great work, and I look forward to seeing more.
  2. Get behind me, Sauron! Clever. I like it.
  3. Forums are back, so I thought I'd write a new chapter. Enjoy!
  4. Vakama stiffened. That heat signature was almost certainly Nidhiki. His eyes cut back and forth through the sculpture fields. The Hunters may be deadly, but Nidhiki wasn’t likely to attack in the open. “What is it, Toa?” “Nothing, Ahkmou.” He looked entirely unconvinced. Go figure. “Vakama! I’ve found the disk, but it’s wedged pretty tight. I’m going to have to pull it out with both hands.” “Use your stone powers!” “How?” “Forget it, just pull it out.” The raw physical strength of a Toa of Stone was enough to shake the pyramid to its foundations… which was unfortunate for Onewa. As Onewa gave a grunt of satisfaction, the structure began to keel over. “Change of plans. Nuhrii, watch Ahkmou!” ChhhhhhhhhWHOOOOM!!! Vakama ignited his disk launcher’s jet packs and surged into the air. He caught Onewa as he began to fall and angled out of the path of the falling sculpture. The two Matoran were running to avoid the cloud of dust and debris. Onewa was saying something, but Vakama couldn’t make it out over the rush of wind. They landed in front of the two startled Matoran. Vakama closed his eyes and focused. No trace of Nidhiki. Unfortunate. Had he tipped his hand too early? Hopefully not. All that Nidhiki saw was an unusually well-adjusted new Toa. He would have to be more careful. “Hey! I’m talking to you!” “Oh, sorry Onewa.” “Sorry doesn’t cut it. How did you just fly? Isn’t that a Toa of Air thing? What’s the deal?” Careful. He needed these Toa if he was going to take on a Makuta. Accursed heat resistance... “It’s a trick Toa Lhikan told me about.” That’s a lie that Onewa couldn’t check right now. It’d have to do. “He said that a highly focused stream of fire could give the necessary propulsion for flight.” “Hmm…” Onewa gave him a dubious sideways glance. “Everyone’s seen Lhikan flying, but there was never any trail of fire or anything.” “I guess he’s just much better at it.” “But that still doesn’t explain how easily you’ve mastered your powers. I can’t figure out how to use any of my powers.” “Ah. Well I don’t know why it’s so much easier for me, but I can give you some pointers if you’d like.” Nidhiki watched the four figures exiting the Sculpture fields. That fire Toa was something else… but he’d drop his guard eventually. Green Toa always do, even the hotshots. And then he would strike. Nidhiki’s mandibles made his smile grotesque. The hunt was on.
  5. This looks incredible. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  6. So... I've never done minecraft before. How does one access this? And is it ready to play or is it a work in progress? And do Kanohi work?
  7. Please post your speculation in the review topic. Now back to the show! Jala had not only missed Aklini practice, but he also wasn’t at his house. Hahli racked her brain. No one had seen him in about a day or two. “If you ever need help with anything, Hahli, just come find me.” He winked. “I’ll sort things out.” Takua was also missing, which was not unusual, but because they had disappeared at the same time, perhaps there was more to it than usual. “Hey! Watch where you’re going!” “Sorry, Maglya.” Ahkmou had finally, reluctantly led the two Toa to the sculpture field. Vakama’s breathing was uneven, but he was at least able to walk and promised that he could still hold his own in a fight. “Really, I’ll be fine. Stop staring at me like that!” Onewa shook his head and turned his gaze towards the enormous sculptures about the field. Sightseers from all parts of the city were scattered among the towering forms of generations of artists’ blood, oil, and tears. “Alright, Ahkmou, where is this disk?” “The top of the upside-down pyramid,” Ahkmou replied. “Great! This will be easy then.” Vakama gave him a meaningful look. “I can handle this; you’re in no position to climb.” The stupid mystic was up to his old tricks, and telling them that he sensed danger. To be fair, Onewa reasoned, he had been inexplicably injured by a jet of invisible acid. There were only a few Rahi species with which he was familiar that could do that and none of them were native to Po-Metru, so… the coincidence made Vakama’s paranoia justifiable, albeit exasperating. Funny, Ahkmou was backing up Vakama. His cold blue eyes were wide and continuously scanning the shadows. As they reached the base of the sculpture, Vakama handed Nuhrii a disk and told him to load it. It was a plain silver, which meant that it wasn’t one of the more common eight powers that naturally arose from protodermis refineries. “This is a disk of levitation,” Vakama said, “If Onewa falls, hit him with it.” Onewa wheeled around. “How did you know that we would be needing something like that?” “Toa often have to operate in extreme environments. A disk of levitation is a simple and obvious precaution.” Despite the sensible reassurance, it still seemed suspiciously convenient. Whatever. He had a statue to climb. It was going to be difficult, since the incline was upwards and backwards. Onewa reached to his back and unhooked his proto pitons. He fingered the controls. Up to release, down to retract. They were essentially grappling hooks that could be used as makeshift flails. Onewa nodded to Vakama and sunk one into the rock above. It sunk into the rock with a crunch and did not yield to his tug. The raw strength of his new body took him aback. Onewa began his ascent. “If you run,” Vakama whispered to Ahkmou, “I’m going to roast you alive.”
  8. This is gorgeous! I love how you use the base set but give more articulation, causing it to look more natural and less stilted. Also the color selection for the wind bubble is fantastic. I especially love the faded brown that you used for the debris being blown away from the viewer on the other side of Lewa. Great touch.
  9. The blends of tans and browns in this MOC are awesome. The asymmetric silver/gunmetal armor give the character a savage, jarring look which entirely befits a Toa of Stone. It reminds me of the Bandos armor from RuneScape, actually. The flail accentuates the effect, with its jagged edges and wild, inconsistent fighting style. Dual weilding with different weapons reinforces the asymmetry of the model, making the character feel more grounded in its primitive roots. The chain on the right arm and the left knee armor (unmatched on their opposed sides, I might add) enhances the effect. You don't even match the hands! Gorgeous. The axe helps to contribute to the elemental association of the MOC, being associated with Tolkein-esque dwarves (repopularized in the contemporary imagination by D&D/Stranger Things) and with Viking raiders. The Hau contributes to this barbaric warrior feel too. Its proportions feel like a human head and the cheek slits invoke a medieval knight's helmet. It, like the feet and chest, are areas of symmetry that balance out the model. Not having everything be mismatched further accentuates those points that are. My one complaint is the chest. I like the robe thing (what is that cloth piece from?) but I feel like its main purpose here is to hide the fact that the upper chest isn't filled out all that well. The chest sort of thins out at what in a human would be about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up the rib cage. It looks kind of like you really wanted to use that one hero factory chest piece and tried to work around it when you found it to be too short for your purposes. Overall great model. I wish you'd include more pictures from different angles. EDIT: Also the Hero Factory armor really looks great when layered on top of the Toa Mata feet.
  10. This is gorgeous. It's an elegant design for a simple, out-of-the-way part of the Matoran Universe.10/10 for both content and execution. The eyes confuse me too. How did you do it?
  11. The Toa were gathered in the Great Temple when Vakama and Nuhrii entered the courtyard. He recognized Matau’s voice instantly. “After I quick-saved Orkham, he told me of a Great Disk hidden in Le-Metru—and about a monstrous four-legged monster in the shadows.” “Vhisola mentioned something of the sort,” Nokama interjected. “An insectile titan in the darkness.” “Now that you mention it,” Onewa said, “Ahkmou became much more… cooperative all of a sudden. He looked like he saw a ghost, but when I turned to look, there was nothing there. ‘Anywhere but here,’ he said.” “It’s a Dark Hunter.” The group noticed Vakama for the first time. Shock registered in each Toa’s eyes. Horrors whispered in their youth… legends and tales heard from traders from the south… could they be real? “How do you know any of this?” Onewa’s voice cut through the brisk morning air with a grating scorn as abrasive as the stones of his home. “Another of your visions? Why don’t you tell us his name and powers while you’re at it?” “Yes, I have seen him. My visions show him unleashing blasts of energy and using Kanoka disks.” “Well, have your visions shown you his one weak spot and the magic weapon that we need to kill him then? Or maybe we need to dance and perform a ritual to seal him away then? Is it a demon lord from the pits of Karzahni?” “Stop it!” Nokama’s voice was stern, if slightly plaintive. “Vakama was right about the Matoran. Have some faith in his visions!” “What of the disks? If the legends are true, Vakama’s story has some basis in the historical record,” Whenua offered. “Seek-finding the Great Disks would be certain-sure to prove that we are Toa-heroes!” Matau’s optimism shone almost as much as his pride. “Yes, we need to find those disks!” Vakama exclaimed. “We still don’t even know that they’re real.” Onewa objected. Vakama pulled the Ta-Metru great disk from this pack and held it up for the collected Toa to see. He kicked a pebble and then threw the disk. It hit and rebounded. Vakama caught it smoothly as the growing boulder loomed over them. “Satisfied?” Why in Karzahni did Onewa have to get stuck with this babbling, melodramatic pseudoprophet!? Randomly pick teams of two to go find the flashy disks of ultimate power. Only one possible way that this could go wrong, right? It’s a one in five chance. Sure, why not? Ugggggghhhhh…. Nuhrii and Ahkmou were walking on ahead. No one was talking. What is an upside-down mountain, anyway? And why is Vakama not surprised by any of this? And he hasn’t missed a turn yet… odd for a Ta-Metru mask-maker. Ahkmou is also suspicious. Onewa never liked that son of a mahi, but he’d spent enough time with him to recognize that the old Ahkmou never jumped at shadows, or really anything. “Gaaaaah!” Onewa whirled to see Vakama cradling his left side. There was an acrid stench entwined with a sickly strand of dark purple vapor and an ominous sizzling sound rising from the wound. Vakama seemed to almost reflexively wink out of sight and into the shadows. Nuhrii and Ahkmou huddled closer to Onewa as he hurried down the bustling street, scanning for their hidden attacker. “It’s gone, whatever it was.” The three jumped as Vakama reappeared in front of them. “Don’t scare us like that, slag brain!” Onewa was thoroughly freaked out now. “And how do you already know how to use your mask?” “Quick learner. I’ll be fine; thanks for asking.” Onewa noticed for the first time that Vakama seemed shaken. “Very well; let’s go.” Onewa started forward. Vakama relaxed and turned to start walking, then stumbled and caught himself on Onewa’s shoulder. With a low grunt, he steadied himself and started walking. Nuhrii and Onewa traded looks and then followed.
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