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  1. IC: Trudan This stranger's words are both confusing and trying. Shame? I am not ashamed. Only cautious. Even so, a part of me is somehow grateful for her company - this I find even harder to admit than my caution. And besides, without my flute I am vulnerable. I am forced, therefore, to commune. "Stay back."
  2. Granted, but whenever you do it is a tremendous weight on your conscience, you weirdo. I wish the sky wasn't conceptual and was a substance I could taste.
  3. IC: Trudan "Nothing, nothing at all. At least it wouldn't be much fun" The voice of another startles me out of thought. Often others pass me in the jungle, but always I am heard and not seen. Who, then, is hiding in the brush to be heard and not seen by Trudan? I dare not speak, or move (save my cursed involuntary jolt), as if under the hope my hidden listener will simply disappear if I don't pay them with a response.
  4. OOC: ayyy IC: Trudan Abruptly, the jaws of a great beast of the freshwater lake snap up from below the surface at my viewership. Too alarmed to continue my playing, I halt, my power over the Fishing Birds lost instantly. Even so, one of their number is torn to shreds before my very eyes, the rest dissipating into the air like steam. For a moment I am tainted with anger, but that is rarely the wisest emotional course to take. Besides, it was my music that led to the death of that bird. Such is the way of the jungle, and she yearns once more for The Song. I continue. Before long, time passes. The sun has changed its position in the sky and in my solitude I begin to woe my duty to the jungle and the lake. "Le!" I call, as I always have in times of sorrow. "Le! If you have words to say, then speak to me!" Barely a gust of wind comes as a response. Never before this time have I felt so detached, so isolated, by the world I have always called friend. Where now, is the spirit of the jungle? Where is its soul? Always I have prided myself on my calm, yet my frustration now drives me to cast my flute into the lake. "What use is a song with nobody to hear it?"
  5. What's your profile pic from? I know it but I can't remember who it is.

    1. Wotzapp


      It's Albert Camus, an existentialist philosopher/author, and all-round cool guy.

    2. Erasmus Graves

      Erasmus Graves

      Ah, now I remember. Thanks.

  6. IC: Trudan You'd think I'd be bored of this by now. That would make sense - but The Song needs none. Pure instinct, rhythm, life calls me. I know and want no other life than that I live. My fingers dance in time with the flapping wings of my audience of Fishing Birds, my flute with those who rejoice as I do in the waters of The Song. There is no interruption, there rarely is. I've found that few who dwell in the world of complication remind themselves of beautiful places. It is solitude, yet I do not feel alone. Still, a part of me fantasises, craves that somehow, the Rahi would turn to me, offer some of their dirty, raw fish, and I would fly and frolic in blissful ignorance of all beyond my survival and my senses. It is this part that spills from my chest to my lips and into the flute. It is a tear from the Well of Song, heard not as a tear but as melody, pain turned to beauty. This is why I'm not bored. Music is my only friend until the end. OOC: Anyone care to deprive Trudan of his excessively flowery internal monologue?
  7. Granted, but your feeble human mind crumbles at the unquantifiably large volume of information. I wish for the next person to post in this forum to make a wish which is subsequently, shall we say, corrupted.
  8. its quite obviously the rani
  9. Anyone for assembling a troop of reinforcements from other villages? As in, someone else do the assembling and I'll tag along.
  10. Wotzapp

    Damaged Reviews

    So here's a little thing I'm doing on the side, hence the simplistic style. Feel free to review or criticize or whatevs.
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