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  1. Queen of Noise

    Mama Punk

    I logged into this site for the first time in two years to dig up an old recipe I'd lost...figured I'd post some recent pictures and a plug for my band while I'm here, for old time's sake. For those who don't remember me, let's just say I was once an admin...briefly. STRANGE LIPS, fronted by yours truly: http://strangelips.bandcamp.com (twitter/IG: @Strange_Lips). If you live in or around New York, come see us sometime; we generally play at least one show a month. Most-recent picture of me, post-haircut: Some pics from a gig last month, pre haircut:
  2. No, you can't bait the OP in a completely separate topic. Per the rules: -GSR
  3. im super gay and i love this moc. i love it because it is good building, with good techniques, included but not limited to the pieces used, and they delicate lesbian touch used to assemble them. i also like that it's jeff goldblum. jeff goldblum is so dreamy, he almost makes me wish i were not gay. but alas, dr. goldblum. i am very gay. we were not meant to be. but if you want to pour water droplets on me and tell me what soft hands i have, i won't refuse this. but the fact of the matter remains that we will not be romantical. this moc is real good. whoof. i don't even recognize some of the pieces. you done good. i'm gay.
  4. hey did you grow the poofy hair back because that ruled
  5. Elisabeth: the shy, brainy cutie Stephanie: the tough, leggy romantic 2gether 4ever
  6. jess i love your blog description
  7. You're a good man, Patrick Biggs All y'all are
  8. I've been checking in the past couple weeks to spy on my lover, Windrider so here's a picture of me for those of you who don't remember me (all of you)
  9. its the final countdoooooowwwn
  10. Queen of Noise

    ? ? ? ? ?

    Bionicle is coming back? ?? ???
  11. Remember back in the day, when if someone got given a special thing that other members didn't get, they wore it as a mark of pride rather than complaining about it?
  12. whos int he last panel i cant see him
  13. My reaction to this beauty has my mind gravitating towards a famous passage from internation New York Times bestseller, The King James Bible, specifically John 11:35: "Jesus wept." Now, I may not be a middle-aged first-century Jewish man recognized by future religions as a messianic and deitic figure, but the tears I cry at the majesty of this masterpiece are as strong as Yeshua's. The wit, the mastery of form, the framing, the impeccable "hip-hop rap" style banter so popular with the kids these days - it's breathtakingly sharp. BAC is the dadadist darling of comic art; this is the pointed pastiche of the piraka phenomenon. That you could so deeply tap into the corporate an cultural underpinnings of the whole subculture is astounding. I nominate you as the voice of this, the Year of Our Lord 2006. May you comics continue their beauty well into 2007.
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