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  1. Priicu nodded. "Yes, certainly. We have a guide specifically for newcomers to the island, as it so happens. It's on the side of the History shelf. You can see it from here, actually." He gestured at the book, clearly displayed with its title in view. "Given its importance, we do not allow it to be checked out, however. Just read."
  2. IC: Priicu The old Ko librarian looked up at the Toa who entered and nodded with a welcoming smile. It was a practiced greeting, the sort one would not expect in Ko-Koro. But when in Onu-Koro, do as the Onu-Koronans do.
  3. IC: Priicu - The Wise Man's Archive (library) The old Ko-Matoran missed home. The island's whole situation stressed him out, particularly because of the Muaka in the room, the Ko-Koro occupation. And when he was stressed, Priicu buried himself in his work. That meant that a lot of stuff was getting done. Half of the upper floor had been remodeled, walls painted white with the wood and stone bookcases replaced with crystal. Already it looked like home to him. And evidently to others as well. The corner of the Archive had become a second home to the Ko-Koro refugees. Not only did it look like the place, it was quiet and calm, as a library should be, and as Ko-Koro had been. Only the hum of the air filters broke the silence on most days. Today he was working on arranging the lighting. The yellow lightstones that had been there previously were a jarring reminder that this was not truly Ko-Koro, and so he spent some of the library's savings on replacing them with more expensive white ones. The workers were currently most of the way done, and though he would have liked to supervise it himself, he was needed at the front desk.
  4. IC: Receptionist She gave the paper a quick glance and nodded. "This will do. I'll put this..." she spun around and put the application paper in a labeled cubby. "Right here. That ought to cover everything." She turned back around. "Since you are new to town, here is a map of the areas you might find interesting." She offered a clearly nonprofessional, but nevertheless legible map. On it the location of the village's two pubs, the Ussarly HQ, a forge, the library, and the Ussal track were specifically indicated.
  5. OOC: So sorry for the wait! IC: Receptionist She took the paper back and glanced over it. "Oh, by 'general description' we mean a physical one, but I can fill that in for you later. This is the consultant application form. Fill it in wherever you can." Reason for Application (circle the one(s) that apply/ies): - In need of paying work - Looking for induction to Ussalry - Seeking citizenship - Working off criminal sentence - Other: ______________________________ Why the Ussalry? (If applicable): ________________________________________ Are you comfortable working in confined spaces?: Y/N Are you comfortable working at a desk?: Y/N Do you require silence in your workplace?: Y/N Do you prefer physical or mental labor?: ___________ Mark the boxes below next to the desired positions: Mechanic's assistant [ ], armorer's assistant [ ], training assistant [ ], archivist's assistant [ ]Delivery [ ], messenger [ ]Receptionist [ ], secretary [ ]Polisher of Onepu's things [ ]"It should be fairly self-explanatory."
  6. IC: Aar The Matoran nodded. "Yeah, we're a little short on stealthy types, from what I hear... In the Ussalry, I mean. Not much need for stealth otherwise, that I can think of. Maybe it could have some use in avoiding vibrations that could cause cave-ins? I'm not really sure how the mask works." IC: Receptionist "Well, first you need to fill out one of these, here." She placed a clipboad, pen, and a sheet of paper on the desk. "General information, everything should be easy to figure out. This is your official application, and we'll get you a piece of personal identification once your application is processed. In the meantime, there are consulting positions within the Ussalry- all non-combat- that you can also apply for, which will keep you supported until the time comes, and will also allow you to become an official Ussalry member more quickly. If an Ussalry job isn't what you're looking for, you can try the Logistics building by the Bazaar, too. Or both!" The sheet handed to Azureus consisted largely of empty lines to be filled out, with the fields indicated to their left. Name, time on Mata Nui, previous Koro of residence, race, mask/mental/vision power where applicable, element where applicable, general description, past military experience, and of course any past criminal activity.
  7. IC: Aar The guard was oddly silent at that comment. "You and Kehuri would get along," he said after a bit. "You remind me a lot of him." He shook his head, dispelling the tangent. "Well, unfortunately there's not a whole lot to be done right now. The island is pretty much frozen by the Ko-Koro situation. If you've got a helpful mask power maybe you could contribute to the preparations." IC: Ussalry receptionist She nodded and turned around to fetch some files. "Alright, then I assume you will be applying for citizenship as well. We can't offer you a combat position, I'm sure you understand, but we can provide work for you that will help you become a citizen, and after some time here, you will become eligible for an Ussalry position proper. Does that interest you?"
  8. IC: Generic Ussalry Receptionist A pretty young Onu-Matoran girl greeted Azureus as he entered. "Come right on up here," she invited. She was either having a really good day, or was paid to make people think she was having a really good day. "Are you a citizen of Onu-Koro, sir?"
  9. IC: Aar The guard's eyebrows rose in sudden recognition. "Gairu. You're that Gairu. I'm surprised you decided to come back, after that... fiasco, last time you were around. Are you looking for anything in particular?" OOC: Azureus, it's actually against the rules to make entirely OOC posts, since without restrictions an RP thread could just become an OOC discussion, and we don't want that. A little blunder is forgivable, but now you know! As for work, well there's always positions at the Ussalry Headquarters if you want to try your luck there, though given the RPG's current state, I wouldn't expect interaction with many people other than me for a while.
  10. IC: Aar "Aar," he answered. "Just a guard. Probably a miner last time you were here." OOC: Azureus, do you have a link to your character page? I might be able to find something, but it'd help to know more about you.
  11. IC: Aar Now that he thought of it, Gairu reminded him a lot of the former owner of the Wise Man's Archive. Probably the same kind of Toa, and definitely a similar personality. Totally different build from the wiry, agile-looking philanthropist, though. Whatever happened to him, actually? It was irrelevant. "Ah, I thought you looked somewhat familiar. Welcome back then, Mr...?"
  12. IC: Aar A brow rose on his purple Komau. Well, this fellow was unusually bright. Must be having a good day. "Not at the moment. Not in Onu-Koro, anyway. But you never know, with our Ko-Koro neighbors being what they are. And what of you? What brings you to Onu-Koro today?" IC: Kehuri "Well... primarily I came to p-pick up the damaged shield I left with you, sorry it took so long for me to come get it. But I was also hoping for some c-conversation, if you don't mind."
  13. IC: Aar The guardsman examined the one waving at him briefly before returning the wave. Did he know him? He looked somewhat familiar, though not enough for him to think he was an old acquaintance. Probably just somebody he had seen before around town. Coming in from Po though, judging by the tunnel he had arrived from.
  14. IC: Kehuri He paused in the doorway, a humorous smile slowly forming on his mask. "I swear I didn't do this on purpose." He stepped in and closed the door behind him. "Must be destiny."
  15. All the pieces are fit together with pins and axles, it's about as sturdy as a Bionicle creation gets! As long as you use something like sticky tack to hold the masks in place, you can wear it without worry. Matter of fact, I'm going to do that tomorrow!
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