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Toa 2015: From best to worst in your opinion?

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1. Tahu (Best)- I always a fan of Red and Gold.

2. Kopaka - Since he had Takanuva's Colors.

3. Lewa - He's a daredevil,nuff said.

4. Onua- The BIONICLE Snorlax.

5. Pohatu- Boomerangs as a Toa Tool.

6. Gali (Worst?)- She can't ever tell a joke right. 

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1) Pohatu. First Huki-brown Toa, and he has my favorite weapons and mask of the bunch. I do wish he had more pieces, however.


2) Kopaka. A close second due to his trans blue, gorgeous shield, and playability. I just wish his abs were white instead of silver.


3) Onua. Hated him at first, but he quickly grew on me. I love the trans purple and upper body, I just wish his shoulders weren't silver. Also not a big fan of the hammer; it's a little too small - love the claws though.


4) Gali. The new blue color looks great, and her massive trident is very cool and interesting. Also love what they did with her mask, and the silver looks good.


5) Lewa. I like his mask, I just don't like how different it is from the other five. I also love his color scheme; the keetorange and milky green go together quite well. I do, however, wish that he held his axes from the base, like his 2001 form. Grasping them so high up seems ineffective. Regardless, I like him almost as much as Gali.


6) Tahu. He seems like a 15 dollar Toa compared to Onua and Kopaka. I am also not too fond of his blocky mask, although his color scheme is nice - gold and red look good together, and transparent parts are always welcome.


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1. Gali. Great mask, well designed, good weapons. Can't see what not to like about the set.

2 or 3. Kopaka. Again great mask, good weapons but a bit too bulky for my tastes.

2 or 3. Pohatu. Pretty much good on all levels, but not striking enough.

4. Tahu. Good mask, great weapons, but too bulky and uninspired.

5. Lewa. Decent on most levels. But the mask, while I can see what they were going for, just turned out porcine.

6. Onua. Some good things, but the proportions are just ugly. Built like a gorilla, not a toa of earth.


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1. Tahu - Nice overall look
2. Lewa - Again, nice overall look. I dont mind the mask

3. Onua - Nice look also, welcome back purple

4. Gali

5. Kopaka

6. Pohatu - I dont hate him, he just doesnt stand out as much to me as the others. That brown though, welcome back

Tahu; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Lewa; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Onua; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Kopaka; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Pohatu; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Gali; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). 

Vakama; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Matau; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Whenua; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Nuju; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Onewa; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Nokama; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). 
Matoran; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Huna (x) 
Rahi; Infected Hau (x) Huna (x) Kakama (x) Komau (x) Pakari (x) Ruru ()

Promotional Kanohi - Vahi (x) Chrome Hau (x) Ruru (x) TNGM (x) Copper Huna (x) Copper Komau ()


An (x) means I have, a () means I dont.

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1:Kopaka [He looks super cool: Massive, 2 epic swords and then his spear.. :)]

2:Pohatu [looks Amazing and weapons are cool two, only the transparanty parts i dont like]

3:Tahu [looks cool, only he has a lot of weapons..]

4:Onua [Looks pretty Hulky, Super massive and stuff, i like him...]

5:Gali [i just don't like her mask and her colors]

6:Lewa [Pretty sad, i always liked lewa except the first one, i found his mask creepy... This time the mask really gives me the feeling like: oh god... why did they make it so ugly! sorry if i offense people]

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1. Pohatu. He borrows greatly from his environment, what with the bones on his arm and the sulfur like transparent bones. I also find his barebones look understandable, since it makes him look more aerodynamic which is fitting since he is known for running.

2. Onua. He has fitting proportions that emphasize his strength, the colr scheme while odd is still spread consistently throughout the set and looks fairly nice. His build and design is involved and his hammer is ingenious.

3. Lewa. Once again, much like Pohatu, Lewa borrows heavily from his environment with his lush color scheme of bright green and yellow. This is also apparent in his physique with the lanky, monkey like arms and the two blades on his shoulders, which seem reminiscent of a fur pelt in my opinion. The only problems I have with him are that the mask doesn't have much of a Miru esq appearance and the weapons look awkward.

4. Kopaka. While he does have a solid, finished design and a good color scheme, the gigantic shoulder pads look out of place for Kopaka. I always considered him to have a more sleek, mysterious, and ninja like physique. The stickers on his thighs are utterly pointless and don't add any thing to his overall look. 

5. Tahu. Boring. While he does borrow some design elements from his original, his overall design in general doesn't interest me for some reason.

6. Gali. Decent color scheme and feminine to a point, but there is nothing special about her other than the fact that her trident can be turned into flippers. The bulky shoulder pads look awkward on an almost sleekly designed set and the trident is way to oversized for a Toa .   

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1. Onua

2. Kopaka

3. Gali

4. Lewa

5. Tahu

6. Pohatu

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1: Tahu. The best but also least "original" design. haven't changed anything on him yet.

2: Kopaka. A reall good and cool set. In an effort to rebalance the sets (making pohatu less of an aftertought)  i ripped off the gold shoulderpads and changed the legs.

3: Lewa. Other than the fact that he can't look up, a very good set. I can't help but think his gunmetal axes are a production error. A quick swap with Gali makes it SO much better.

4: Gali. The yellow pieces and red pins look awkward. She has gunmetal and silver armor, blue, transblue, black, aforementioned yellow. Just too busy. Ripped off the silver shoulder pads, gave that to Onua and swapped axes with  Lewa.

5: Onua. The gold looks awkward. I changed it with silver. IMHO his chest armor looks weird and he feels too wide. 

6: Pohatu. Most of an afterthought, it took some effort to modify him into a more acceptable Toa. Golden armor pads from kopaka, golden armor from onua, symmetric arms, swapped around skeleton, neck piece from onua.


IMHO, 1&2, 3&4 are pretty much a tie. 


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1.) Kopaka- he's just a beastly looking fellow. And I think his armor fits him perfectly and looks sort if "snow suitish". His shield I think looks awesome, even though some people think it's lame, I like that it can turn into ski's, but my Kopaka uses them as a snowboard. Lol!


2.) Tahu- He's just pretty cool looking in general and I don't think I'd change a thing on him.


3.) Lewa- He's another good looking Toa. Although the armor in his legs bugs me a little bit. It just looks so "meh".


4.) Gali- Now in the past I have never liked Gali whatsoever, but with this reboot she's looking good. The weapon fits her perfectly and I like this mask better than the original.


5.) Onua- Although his reboot is pretty decent, I think he's just a little odd looking. I know he has always been the Toa with the different style but I'm just not that impressed with him this time around.


6.) Pohatu- Oh Pohatu... While I think his looks have gotten a million times better in the reboot, he's still just not up to par. I have never liked him in the first ones and he still falls last on my list. I honestly think it's the Brown. Maybe he would be cooler if he had like a yellow color?

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Onua- He just looks so grand! He is very easy to distinguish and he has my college colors (purple and gold: LSU). But getting that color bias out of the way, he just looks solid. Very well constructed, very well done overall!


Kopaka- Just like Onua, he uses every available ball joint! He also looks very impressive and very epic. He gives me a roman army vibe with that shield!


Pohatu- I'd rank him above Gali for looks. He still has the runner aesthetic which is super important and he also has one of the better mask designs of the toa that aren't Onua or Kopaka!


Gali- Dat weapon doe! She actually looks feminine and she is very well colored! Great job on her design! I just don't think she matches up to the top 3.


Lewa- His neck brings him down here. Other than that, I have zero complaints. It's just his lack of a neck.


Tahu- other than his sword and mask, I actually (unfortunately) have nothing good to say about him. He was a huge letdown. He just looks so gangly because of how short his torso is compared to how big his legs are...


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1. Kopaka- Big fan of his colors, and he's the most solid build out of all of the Toa. Only issue with him is that his function seems a bit loose, but that may just be my set only.


2. Onua- Don't actually own him yet, but I like his unique design. His colors are a bit cluttered though, and his hammer looks really awkward.


3. Gali- Not much to say about Gali. There's not anything wrong with her aside from maybe her colors feeling a bit cluttered, but she's nothing special either.


4. Lewa- Unique build, but I don't like the use of Keetorange and his axes look strange. Also, he can't move his head because of his gearbox.


5. Pohatu- Used to be my least favorite, but then I got him and hes a bit better than i expected. He's got a decent build and color scheme, but his random silver arm and flimsy boomerangs kind of kill him for me.


6. Tahu- I'm probably not a "true Bionicle fan" for saying this, but Tahu is probably the weakest set out of all the Toa this year. His design is very awkward, with incredibly long legs on a torso thats proportionally too short, a gearbox that sticks out too far fron his sides and gives him a boxy look, and what I feel is an uninteresting color scheme. That being said, I don't think he's actually a bad set, I just personally don't like him a lot.

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1. Kopaka, great colors(beside silver torso) and mask that looks really like original.

2. Gali, nice colors, but little too much silver, also mask is not similar to Kaukau.

3.Tahu, good colors(beside silver foots and hands), but his mask looks bad(on prototype pic his mask was great!)

4.Onua, one pig problem, silver shoulders that just ruined that nice set(should be black, purple or dark metallic).

5.Lewa, Jungle is very very green, so why he have so much silver and yellow? and mask don't looks like original in any way.

6.Pohatu, the worst set of 2015, only 6 brown elements for Toa of Stone! what trans-green have to stones? he should be called Toa of Silver.

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Disclaimer: staying true to their gen1 incarnations was a major factor for me.


1: Lewa. I feel like they did the best at capturing the essence of all his gen1 forms really well, better than the other toa arguably. He would be a perfect set...if it wasn't for his head not moving...


2: Tahu. Similar reasons as lewa.


3: Onua. THIS is the onua we always wanted to see...big, buff, tough, super posable...fantastic set overall. If it wasn't for the claws not quite seeming like claws to me...


4: Least similar to her original form. Still very evidently gali though, and a great set still overall.


5:Kopaka: Bye far the best mask. Not a huge fan of his tank build though.


6: Pohatu. Not because he's a bad set, let me get that straight, this would have blown our minds in the gen1 era...it's just the others are better.

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Based on the sets only:

1. Gali
She has the least cluttered colour scheme and the armouring is quite good. The weapon is a bit too big, though. I think her G2 mask looks better than all of her G1 ones.

2. Kopaka
Let down by his terrible excuse of a shield and the random ice-thing on his spear. The weapons can be easily fixed, but getting rid of the gold will be a bit harder due to the chestplate. 

3. Lewa
I like his build and colour scheme, but I think his green is too washed out; lime green or the original green would be better. Also, his axes are not only terribly designed, but the "handle" and the blade are two different colours! I'd really like to here from the set designer on why this choice was made.

4. Tahu
His mask has some good parts, but the squareness makes him look fat. The torsos as armour for the lower legs don't work for me and the new gold armour piece looks lazily and excessively tacked on. His legs are too long, and his body is too short. We finally get a lavaboard where one of the feet doesn't go beneath it.

5. Pohatu
I really don't like the burnt orange colour. His build is incredibly plain and the colour scheme is terribly balanced. Bleh.

6. Onua

Due to the huge pieces, he just looks like a generic brute. The shoulder pads detract from his colour scheme and weapons (which are the same piece). 

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I've gotta hand it to Lego; these are the best incarnations of the Toa EVER. I absolutely love ALL of them. Of course, I do have favorites/least favorites though.


1. Kopaka. REALLY love the new Toa-Tools. The fact that they're clearly based on his original weapons while still looking new and awesome is what gets me. I always questioned why the original Kopaka had a sword AND a shield, while Tahu only had a sword. That's what I call unfair weapon distribution. Kopaka Nuva and Tahu Nuva had a similar problem in my mind. When I asked myself, "what weapon should Kopaka have to go with his shield?" the first thing that came to mind was a spear. Really think they nailed Kopaka in every other aspect as well. His mask is one of the closest to the originals, while still maintaining a fresh new design. I know a lot of people have complained about the shoulder and shin armor, but I think they suit him well. I'm sure no one's noticed this, but the thick shin armor looks like it's supposed to resemble thick winter boots to me. I was a little iffy on the golden armor at first, but I've since got over it. And the trans-blue looks just epic. Although I do agree with others here in that the fact that the story team is throwing random faults on him to make his character feel more faulty is kinda stupid, I think he'll be just fine as a character; just enough like the OG Kopaka to be worthy of the name.


2. Onua. Onua should have been super buff to begin with. I've always imagined him punching stuff around like nobodies business and being totally ripped. And the Pakari (Mask of Earth) is a major call back to the OG. And the war-hammer!? Good gracious, this is the best portrayal of Onua ever! (I believe that of most of the new Toa) The war-hammer is a token of his pure brawn, and it brings him out very well. The color scheme is also perfect to me. (shoulder armor aside) As for the falling asleep thing ? Fmuh...


3. Tahu. Tahu's color scheme is the most perfectly balanced in my opinion. And his mask is reminiscent of the ol' Hau, but gives a sense of strength and firm will. It's like a fusion of the Hau and the Hau Nuva. As for his Toa-Tools, as with Kopaka, they call back to his Nuva weapons and dual-function. But the Golden Swords are what make the set. The intense dramatic flare they give when attached to his back brings out that awesome, "I'm a bad-A-word" (for lack of a better word) look that OG Tahu needed, but lacked altogether. I really have no complaints about this one. His personality is essentially the same as OG Tahu during years '01-'03,  but with a less pouty-teenager vibe, and more of a stupid toddler feel. I suppose that's the closest I'll get to a complaint with Tahu.


4. Pohatu. He probably has the most messed up color-scheme, especially the trans-yellowish green, but I REALLY love the asymmetrical look they went for with him. And BOOMERANGS!! ... Boomerangs!? ... Boomerangs ... Let's face it people: no weapon suits Pohatu better than boomerangs, strange as it may seem. I also love the design for the Mask of Stone looking like OG Kakama, even if it does look squashed.


5. Lewa. Love the addition of Keetongu-yellow. It really brings out the color scheme. Also love his weapons. I like how the designers managed to cram both his original battle-axe(s) and his katanas he had in Nuva-form into essentially one pair of weapons. His mask though... It looks a bit too mechanical, and not really like the old Miru as much as the other masks are like their older counterparts, although I can see openings in the cheeks that look like a call back to the devilish grin the old Miru was so well known for.


6. Gali. I love Gali's new weapon and it's dual function, as well as her color scheme, but the mask sort of kills it. It does look more like the Kaukau than Lewa's mask looks like the Miru, but it's just sort of "fmuh" for me. that aside, I still do plan on getting Gali. (and all of them for that matter)


All having been said and done, I believe the designers have captured them perfectly; I really couldn't imagine any of them being better! (Except for Gali. Just give her a better mask. But then again, anything is better than the bunny-eared Kaukau of '08...)

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1. Tahu. He has an excellent range of movement and poses, also I will always love lava surfboards. I think he also has one of  the best colour schemes of the Toa, there isn't too much gold (Kopaka) or too little (Onua), and it isn't that distracting, it blends rather well with the red and hides the trans-orange well enough. 

2. Pohatu. I love the burnt-orange colour and the inclusion of trans-neon green bones. Kind of reminds me of some kinds of stones, which is good. Also boomerangs.

3. Kopaka. Like Tahu, he has a fairly good range of movement. His spear and shield go pretty well together too. He does have too much gold though.

4. Onua. He has limited arm movement and too little gold but asides from that he looks pretty good. 

5. Gali. What's up with that oversized trident? The usual form trident is vastly oversized. 

6. Lewa. Of all the G2 Toa, he is the only one with a mask that looks nothing like any variation of his previous iteration's mask. Not only that, but he has limited head and arm movement. The silver knee attachments are also really out of place. Had this set been released in 2008, I'm pretty sure there'd be outrage on how Lewa looks nothing like the original like how there was over the Phantoka/Mistika.

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From best to least best, the list goes like this.


1: Onua

2: Lewa

3: Kopaka

4: Tahu

5: Gali

6: Pohatu 


I like Onua's stickers, but I don't like Kopaka's stickers, which is why he is in the number 3 spot and not Lewa's position. Lewa may have limited neck/head articulation, but I'd prefer that than the stickers.


They're all wonderful, though.

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