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HUGE Sale! Kanohi, Kraata, Krana, Tohunga

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This post will be updated with new sale items and prices periodically, so check back frequently!



2/11/17  HUGE Update!  

12/13/16     Posting Updated

11/17/16     Initial Posting



Hey everyone! I've got LOTS of stuff for sale this time around! Mostly looking to sell, but would definitely be interested in trade offers for rarer kanohi and collectibles! I ship from the US but will ship internationally if buyer is willing to pay higher shipping costs. All transactions will be made through PayPal. Message me with your preferred shipping address for shipping cost estimates!





The goods (all prices in USD):








Gold Kanohi Mata ~ $4.50 each

Silver Kanohi Mata ~ $2.50 each

Kraahkan and Avohkiis ~ $6.00 each







Toa (New!) 

Haus ~ $7.00 each

Miru (red) ~ $5.00

Kaukaus ~ $4.00 each

Kakamas ~ $3.25 each

Pakaris & Akakus ~ $2.50 each

Kanohi Nuva ~ $2.50 each








Noble (New!) 

Matatus, Raus, and Rurus ~ $3.00 each

Hunas ~ $2.50 each

Komaus & Mahikis ~ $2.00 each







Vahis ~ $7.00 each

Shadow Kraata ~ $1.50 each

Copper Hunas (US version) ~ $5.00 each










(New!) Misprints

Black Matatu ~ $20

White Ruru ~ $20 each









$0.50 each Buy 6 or more for $0.40 each!





Tohunga (New!)





No disk, $5.00 each

Add disk, $6.00 each






(New!) Sets (Verified 100% Complete, no instructions/packaging, unless otherwise noted)



Full Set of 6 Toa Nuva OR Mata ~ $55

Full Set of 6 Toa Metru ~ $40

Vezon & Fenrakk (no cape) ~ $32

Cahdok & Gahdok ~ $75

Manas ~ $85

Nui-Rama ~ $25

Nui-Jaga ~ $25



I also have TONS of random spare parts, as well as several other complete sets (Toa, Bohrok/Bohrok-Kal, Rahkshi, Visorak), so if you're after something specific feel free to ask!!



Comment or PM with any questions or offers. Thanks for viewing!!




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I see you've got some more Golden Kanohi since last time I did business with ya. I'll message you about those presently. Any new Kraata or Krana since then? 

~Your friendly, neighborhood Shadow



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Toa Fuffuloo - I do actually! I think all I have is a Gali canister, but if you are interested shoot me a PM!

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Posting updated 12/13/16!! New items and new prices!

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2/11/17 MASSIVE Update! Check out loads of new items!!




Also @Marquejo, PM'd!

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Hmm, there's a lot of real nice masks around here! How long does your stock usually last? Assuming they're still up for grabs by then, I'm interested in buying the following ones Wednesday by the earliest, and a Week today at the latest:
Red Kaukau
Black Kaukau
White Pakari
Red Miru
Silver Miru
Light Blue Ruru
Light Grey Huna
That comes to around 31 Bucks Canadian, right? Shouldn't be a problem paying for the shipping however extra that is, either. If most the masks I want are gone by the time I'm able to buy, I'll still get the ones on my list that are left, and perhaps go for a few other ones instead  :P
--Akaku: Master of Flight


The Guardians of Gevra Nui | The Legends of Taladi Nui | Reborn

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