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(Season 1 - Season 2)


EPISODE 00: Sahmad's Tale

EPISODE 01: End of the Beginning (I-II-III)

EPISODE 02: Divided We Fall (I-II-III)

EPISODE 03: Shadow of the Storm (I-II-III-IV-V)

EPISODE 04: Of Gods and Men (I-II-III-IV-V)

EPISODE 05: The Long Night (No Scenes)

EPISODE 06: Epilogue (No Scenes)

ENDING (Beginning of the End)

Welcome to Okoto. It has seen half a century of near-constant conflict since the year 296 AE (After Ekimu). Voxumo’s Rebellion; the War for the Throne; the Battle for the Dawn; the War of Five Kings; the Magical Crisis. Each one seemed to permanently alter the landscape of the island, only for everything to change when the next rolled around. As it stands now, in 347 AE, the island is divided into six regions. The nations of Kamuk, Agua Hielo, Karamu and Aodhiim; the centrally located Qendroj City; and the Barren, an abandoned ruin in the southwest. The past fifty years have taken a toll on the island. Historians, optimistic, refer to the Magical Crisis as the end of a time period known as the Age of War… but after six years of a shaky peace, calamity threatens Okoto once again.

Something stirs in the Barren.

All across Okoto, the local wildlife has turned hostile, corrupted by a dark force. For once, this mystery has been quickly solved, as the legendary Spirit of the Wild, Keetongu - long thought to be only a myth - has been sighted all over Okoto. Experts within all regions, particularly associated with the Knights of Ekimu, have noted that both Keetongu and the hostile beasts share several notable traits. Gleaming red eyes and a shadowy aura surrounding them are the most noteworthy, although temperature drops have been noted as well.

With Keetongu corrupted and wildlife liable to become hostile at any moment, travel has become extremely dangerous, and trade even riskier than before. Relations between the nations are holding for now, but Okoto has a history of dealing with similar strain rather poorly… and with Toa Lewa, Toa Kopaka, and Toa Pohatu all now fighting against their own failing sanity after encounters with Keetongu, relations will crumble faster than ever before.

The only beasts that seem to be completely free from corruption are the six mythical Elemental Creatures. Formed millennia ago from the dying energies of an ancient Titan, sightings of these creatures were sporadic and rare up until three hundred years ago, when they vanished entirely. Having been thought lost for centuries, the sudden reappearance of the creatures - with all six having been spotted all over Okoto multiple times - in recent months has some Protectors convinced that they are a sign that Okoto’s greatest conflict is still to come, and soon.

As if the stirrings in the Barren, the corruption of Keetongu, and the reappearance of the Elemental Creatures were not already enough, six fearsome beings have been sighted all over Okoto. These beings, each of them standing as tall as a Toa, all radiate power and shadow. Ancient texts recovered from the homeland of the Mask Makers refer to these armored beings as ‘Rahkshi’, and they are said to be generals who once served Okoto’s darkest shadow in the time before time. They are sinister to the core, and all attempts to negotiate have been met with slaughter. The ancient texts claim that their master was once imprisoned deep below Okoto by the united strength of the six Titans… and with all six Titans now dead or gone, they - and their master - are breaking free.

Hope might not be lost yet, however. Deep within the ancient texts, the Knights of Ekimu managed to uncover and translate a prophecy believed to be older than even the Titans themselves. It refers to a ‘Takanuva’, a Toa of Light, who will be born of the god’s divine will to protect Okoto from its darkest shadow in its darkest hour. Who this Toa is and how they can be found, however, are unknown.

For once, Okoto might face threats united together. But the island’s leaders have always been power hungry, and there are always those who seek any available opportunity to tear others down to build themselves up. As old foes weaken and the chance to avenge old wounds opens, how many might resist the urge to fight once more?

Okoto’s darkest shadow is breaking free of his chains, and his generals already roam the surface. Once he is freed, Okoto will face its darkest hour, and even united together, they might not have strength enough to survive.

This is the Great Game, the Game of Thrones, where you win or you die.

The Age of War has ended.

The Age of Shadow has begun.


The game functions in rounds, known as “episodes”. A few key mechanics of the game are explained below, but it cannot be stressed enough how the game’s very nature leaves many things open to interpretation, manipulation, or even being outright ignored.

If you have any questions about whether a move you want to make is legal or not, simply shoot the hosts a private PM to ask. If a move is impossible to make, we’ll let you know. If you’re up to it, you can also read through Season 1 or Season 2 to get an idea of some moves players have made in the past.

We’ll start off with each round lasting approximately three days, but I guarantee you that it will fluctuate round to round, depending on activity.

Every player will make their moves for each round via PM, of which there are two kinds - OFFICIAL and BACKDOOR.

An official PM is any PM that involves the hosts. Moves made in Official PMs are the only ones that will be included in the scenes for each episodes, which means they are the only moves that will actually occur. If you want to kill another player, or bar them access to a location, or even speak with them directly, that must take place in an Official PM. The upside to Official PMs is obvious - it is how you make things happen! The downside is that anything in an Official PM could end up being used in a scene, and become public knowledge.

When the episodes are released, we will include IC tags in each “scene” to note which players can consider those particular events as something that their character would know about.

A Backdoor PM, then, is any PM or method of communication that the hosts are not a part of (although any Skype chats with the hosts will be considered as Backdoors as well, unless otherwise stated). Anything said or done in these PMs will not be included in the scenes, which means that they will not technically occur; in this way, the downside is obviously that your abilities are limited. You cannot kill someone (or take other such drastic actions) in a Backdoor PM. But they do allow you to operate behind the scenes where myself and others cannot see, and this can allow you to set up plans that might take several episodes to come to fruition.

Some Example Actions

Click the map up above to see the nations of Okoto, along with their largets population centers.

Each episode, players can travel through adjacent nations (or halves, in the case of Agua Hielo) at a rate of one every 24 hours. Sailing can be done to decrease travel time by half, with a tradeoff that your voyage will become common knowledge wherever you leave and wherever you arrive.

Will be a primary action in every round. Keep in mind that while Backdoor PMs are very useful, unless you learn that information in an Official PM, you cannot make use of it… unless, of course, you find a way to act on it without giving me a reason to call you out for metagaming.

Each nation will be given their own Official PM; the same goes for other factions such as the Knights of Ekimu, among others.

There are a variety of other actions that one might decide to take in a round. Perhaps you want to keep someone silent for a little while. Perhaps you want them silenced permanently. Perhaps you uncover new information, requiring moves not listed here. Players have poisoned entire regions in the past, burned down entire jungles, and survived confrontations with the commander of an undead horde.

We have not thought of everything, for that would be impossible; and we’ll keep an open mind. Again, if you are uncertain about an action, run it by us and we can let you know if it’s possible.

A quick note on roles: these will not always function the same as they have in previous seasons, as we have strived to provide as many players as possible with their own individual goals and storylines as possible. Personal storylines take precedent over fulfilling your role.

RULER-These players rule over their respective nations or factions (in the case of Agua Hielo, both Rulers work together). They have final decision-making power over the players in their nation, and their opinions can sway a vast number of Protectors. They must worry about the approval of those living in their region, make sure the other players in their region do their jobs, and must contend in a deadly political arena with the other rulers across Okoto.

Rulers have different titles attached to them in each nation. Kamuk uses King, Agua Hielo’s Rulers are known as Khans, Karamu uses Makani, Aodhiim uses Imperator, and both Qendroj City and the Knights of Ekimu are subject to their respective Lord Commanders.

GENERAL-These players oversee their nation’s army, barring a few select cases. Should it become necessary, the General will also serve as their nation’s second in command should their Ruler perish or disappear. They must worry about the morale of their troops, while also keeping up to date on the movements of other forces across the island.

DIPLOMAT-These players oversee diplomatic relations and trade. They will often need to travel to perform their duties, though Qendroj City is often used as a neutral meeting ground. They must worry about their approval, as the public will dislike a Diplomat that does not appear to be performing their duties… but in today’s Okoto, a Diplomat must always be careful not to appear too friendly with those from outside of their nation.

LOREMASTER-These players have been charged with maintaining the lore and histories of their nation or faction, and are knowledgeable about Okoto’s ancient histories. The Loremasters have all had the opportunity to study the ancient texts of the Mask Maker Voltex, and might be able to shed some light on the newest threat emerging on Okoto.

These stats will help each player to set themselves apart; you’ll fill out a stat sheet and send it to me via PM when you sign up. You can fill them out to help you with a certain role, or fill it out to help you in other areas. Certain players might receive bonuses in stats (or other areas) depending on their roles, or whether they are playing a character that has survived a prior season.

You will be given 15 points to assign wherever you choose, and can assign a maximum of 10 points to any individual stat. For more complex actions, you can choose to roll the relevant stat to increase your chances of success.

PHYSICAL- Deals with all physical skills. This includes running, fighting, dodging, strength, agility, endurance, stamina, and ability with weapons, among others.
MENTAL- Deals with all mental skills. This includes intelligence, charisma, perception, planning, and critical thinking, among others.
LUCK- Can be used to give a small boost you roll for either of the other stats in a difficult roll. The LUCK stat can only be used once every five rolls.

Click this link to see location info.

“As Strong as Stone”
The Nation of Kamuk is largely self-sufficient. Thanks to new harbors they have a constant supply of fresh seafood and water, on top of their skills working with stone and metal to craft homes, tools, weapons, and other equipment.

Kamuk is ruled by its King from its capital, Daggerfall, in the nation’s west. Daggerfall is home to what many consider to be the most deadly political arena on Okoto; rarely a week passes by without news of another politician’s ‘unfortunate’ demise. The nation’s relationship with the other countries and factions on Okoto are all carefully neutral; under the guidance of House Maran, Kamuk has shifted and evolved into a nation that actively seeks to increase its power and wealth. Others may barter with them at their own risk.

Its military strength is approximately 11,500 Protectors strong, with an additional 2000 in training. Its navy is still in its infancy and without a large harbor to serve as a proper headquarters, and as such is only 200 Protectors strong.

Recently, a Stone Protector named Ahkmou Umrik has made a name for himself throughout Kamuk, and he has risen to become a significant player in Daggerfall’s political arena.

Available Last Names
Great Houses: Maran, Raqmu, Petros, Archean, Galum
Other Houses: Hijr, Dagada, Stalac, Rigut, Umrik

1-DANE as Quin Galum
2-VOXUMO as Vinheim Maran
3-SHADOWVEZON as ShadowVezon Raqmu
4-JED as Anuhea Petros

1-Toa Pohatu
2-Ahkmou Umrik
3-Velika Petros

Agua Hielo

“United by Steel”
Agua Hielo is referred to by many as the last remnant of what Okoto once was. It is unique on Okoto for consisting of two former regions - Ice and Water. Its two commanders and rulers during the War of Five Kings - Nato Greavesy and Terrorsaur Rayne - re-ignited their old alliance from the War for the Throne in the early days of the war, and once the internal conflicts within their region were snuffed out, they showed the rest of Okoto their combined military might, their regions slowly transforming into Agua Hielo as it is known today.

Like Kamuk, Agua Hielo is largely self-sufficient, although trade between the North and South is commonplace, and both rely on the other for resources. The North supplies the vast majority of the nation’s land forces, as well as arming over half of its navy, which is the strongest on Okoto. The North is also responsible for the nation’s steel; advances since the Battle for the Dawn led to a new method of forging weapons, wherein the steel is infused with the ice powers of Toa Kopaka, giving the weapons an elemental boost in addition to strengthening the steel, though it is a long and arduous process, and weapons forged this way are extremely rare. This new metal is called ‘Cryosteel’. The South, meanwhile, is responsible for providing almost everything else - food, water, animals, and building supplies, mainly. While most of Agua Hielo’s land forces are stationed in the North, most of its navy is held in the South.

Agua Hielo has two rulers, known as ‘Khans’, who rule from its two capitals in the North and South. The northern capital, Grave’s Peak, is in the center of the North. Built up from the ruins of the old House Gelu capital, it is now a veritable and nigh-impenetrable fortress thanks to the guidance of Nato Greavesy and Toa Kopaka. Outsiders - even those from the South - are almost always denied entry. The southern capital, Ignika, is in the northeast of the South. Refurbished from the ancient, formerly sunken Ignika City, it served as the battleground of the Battle for the Dawn. The city remains infused with the magic of the Mask Makers, enough so that any attempts to forge a Mask of Power within the city’s walls are more likely to be successful than anywhere else on the island.

The national words of Agua Hielo refer to the alliance that the nation grew from. A simple alliance between two Protectors at the start of the War for the Throne that evolved into a fearsome joining of military forces during the Great War, which evolved even further into two regions combined into a single nation, with a singular purpose.

Its military strength is approximately 13,200 Protectors strong, and its navy approximately 10,700 strong, with around 4000 Protectors in training. The Knights of Ekimu are 5000 strong in total with an additional 500 training.

Available Last Names
Northern Great Houses: Greavesy, Rime, Nivis, Crustallus, Glacies
Other Northern Houses: Nakali, Sivr, Treml

Southern Great Houses: Vatten, Rayne, Corruich, Conlectus, Lurrun
Other Southern Houses: Weyt, Tyde, Abissm, Diurim, Sheyl

1-NATO as Nato Greavesey
2-PULSE as Rilgivi Nivis
3-EHKS as Krosht Treml
4-TERRORSAUR as Terrorsaur Rayne
5-BURNMAD as Reisen Tyde
6-TL as Pythia Rayne

1-Toa Kopaka
2-Gavla Lurrun
3-Hahli Vatten
4-Kazi Nivis
5-Berix Rayne


“Proud and Free”
Karamu is a nation of paradoxes. In some ways they are the strongest and most dangerous nation, but in others, they are the weakest. Of all Okoto they are the least self-sufficient, but are also the nation that everyone else relies on the most. The past fifty years have not been kind to the Protectors of Jungle, but they have not allowed themselves to be deterred.

The nation is named for the Titan Umarak, who reappeared in the jungle for the first time in centuries during the Battle for the Dawn, and worked directly alongside Makani Chloe Saryian against the Skull Army. Makani Chloe rules over the nation with an iron fist; once a chief warrior who fought for the good of Okoto above all else, rumors suggest that her ideals have become twisted; that she has become a Knight Templar, who believes that she can do no wrong… and that others can do no right, and must be stopped no matter the cost.

Karamu’s primary contributions to trade with the rest of Okoto are their food and wood exports; while they are forced to rely on the rest of Okoto for almost everything else, the rest of Okoto is in turn forced to rely on them. Thanks to extensive research and studying of the Temple of Time, Karamu is rapidly becoming one of the most technologically advanced nations, although these advances have not yet proven to have any military applications.

The nation’s words were chosen during the War of Five Kings, soon after they freed themselves from the control of Aodhiim, who had conquered them years earlier. They are a constant reminder of what the Jungle Protectors have suffered through, and the victory they achieved in winning back their freedom.

Its military strength is approximately 9000 Protectors strong, and its navy approximately 2000 strong, with an additional 4000 in training.

Available Last Names
NOTE: If you wish to create your own rather than take from this list, feel free to.
Great Houses: Boscage, Briar, Gresh, Lasang
Other Houses: Saryian, Raieb, Shayd, Canopi, Rani, Oak

1-BLADE as Reyna Saryian
2-TEKULO as Tekulo Briar
3-TL as Rassilon Oak
4-SCRUB as Lan Lasang

1-Toa Lewa
2-Nidhiki Briar
3-Chloe Saryian


“Fire and Blood”
As with every nation on Okoto, Aodhiim is self-sufficient. Unlike the other nations, however, Aodhiim can rely entirely on their own production of materials and food - for them, trade with the other nations is a luxury rather than a necessity. They are a very prideful and militaristic nation, and follow strength above all else.

The nation is named after House Aodh, who have ruled over the region virtually unchallenged for over four hundred years. The Aodh family is known for their extreme dedication to their family, as well as their political and military skills, and are regarded as a permanent pillar of strength within the nation. Only one family has ever come close to toppling them; House Darkfire, during the Darkfire Rebellion over one hundred years ago. The rebellion ended with House Darkfire wiped out, and the secrets to the production of darkfire lost until the War of Five Kings.

While Aodhiim is able to produce enough food and materials to sustain themselves, they are also the only source for certain materials in all of Okoto, forcing other nations to trade with them - mainly for coal, though Aodhiim’s forgers are also among the finest across the island. Since the War of Five Kings Aodhiim is also the sole producer of darkfire, a volatile purple liquid that is extremely flammable and burns for a long time, though Aodhiim has refused all offers to trade it to other nations, and its recipe is a close-guarded secret of Aodhiim’s Pyromancers.

Aodhiim is ruled by its Imperator from its capital, Silodas, in the far south of the nation. Unlike the rest of Okoto, Aodhiim remains in the grip of a single ruling family, though as long as House Aodh continues to remain a bastion of strength, the nation will be content to follow them.

The nation’s words are also shared with House Aodh, a symbol of their political and military strength.

Its military strength is approximately 22, 500 Protectors strong, and its navy approximately 8500 strong, with an additional 12, 000 in training. It should be noted, however, that unlike the other nations, Aodhiim does not distinguish its city guards from its armed forces; they are one and the same.

Available Last Names
Great Houses: Aodh, Ember, Ash, Coal
Other Houses: Regula, Cinder, Pyre, Skorsh, Sear

1-BURNMAD as Efandril Aodh
2-RG as Bartok Ember
3-UNIT as Unit Ember

4-JAKURA NUVA as Jakura Aodh

1-Voltex Aodh
2-Takua Pyre
3-Balta Ash

Qendroj City

“Here we Stand”
Qendroj City is the last remaining home for the few surviving Protectors of Earth. Known as the Ancient City before the War of Five Kins, it has since been claimed and built into a towering fortress of a city by the Earth Protectors. Located in the exact center of Okoto, it serves as the primary trade center for the entire island.

The entirety of its population is made up of Luroka Qendroj’s Earthen Knights and their closest allies from the Earth Region - the few Earth Protectors who did not belong to the Faith of the Skulls. Now under the guidance of Toa Onua, they maintain a strictly neutral stance regarding their political relationship with the surrounding nations, although their militaristic nature has allowed them to forge closer ties to Aodhiim.

All travellers within Qendroj City must put down their arms. Any Protectors not of Earth will wield weapons within the city at their own peril.

Available Last Names
Great Houses: Qendroj
Other Houses: Ikhav

1-LUROKA as Luroka Qendroj

1-Toa Onua
2-Garan Qendroj

Knights of Ekimu

“All as One”
The Knights of Ekimu were an order established by the Mask Maker Ekimu 300 years ago to combat the forces of evil. Now, with the Mask Makers having vanished from Okoto, they follow the rule of their Lord Commander, a Protector elected to the position out of respect for their accomplishments. They are responsible for defending Okoto from threats that would see the island destroyed, as well as recording and maintaining the island’s lore and histories. The various Loremasters of each region are loyal to the Knights above their nations, but otherwise, the Knights themselves now typically remain somewhat separated from Okoto, in order to avoid being sucked into political conflicts as they have been in the past.

In recent months, there has been a burst of activity from the Knights. Rumor has it that the Mask Maker returned to Okoto briefly following the Magical Crisis, and made it possible for the Loremasters to translate texts older even than him - and that the prophecies contained within imply that Okoto’s darkest hour is yet to come.

1-JED as Jed Corruich
2-EHKS as Ehksidian Glacies
3-SMOKE MONSTER as Quad Roka Maran
4-FF as Isniel Lasang

1-Metus Crustallus
2-Marah Vatten
3-Piruk Lasang

Brotherhood of Ata

“Dark as Night”
Formed after the end of the War of Five Kings, the Brotherhood of Ata was formed from the remnants of the Faith of the Skulls, nearly all of whom were slain during the war and the Battle for the Dawn. Their members are commonly believed to be completely insane by the rest of Okoto, a belief that may not be too far off the mark - for the Brotherhood resides in the Barren, which has become so corrupted with Dark Energy that Skull Warriors, Skull Scorpios, Undead, and other creatures born of destruction still roam the territory.

1-PULSE as Virndrung Vatten
2-TORU as Urot Coal
3-IMRUKII as Gikayok Shayd

1-The Prophet

When sending your PM with your stats, use the title "BZPGOT - [Your Name Here]". Edited by Lucina
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Nato the Traveler shall be taking his reserved spot. 

Embers - A Bionicle Saga - Chapters/Review

Class Is Out - A Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi - Chapters/Review

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

BZPRPG Mercenary Group - The Outsiders - Description - History - Base

Ghosts Of Bara Magna - Ash Tribe - Precipere - Kehla, Somok, Skrall, Gayle, Avinus, Zha'ar

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Vinheim Maran the "Modest" shall be taking his reserved place.


Also given the use of discord, should we still pm you our stats or what?

Edited by Vox


Banner made by Onaku



If you interact with one of my characters and I don't respond or acknowledge the interaction within a day, send me a PM. Odds are I missed or did not see the post.

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Bartok Ember as Aodhiim's diplomat please.

-Rahkshi Guurahk
GENERATION 3: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.
If I actually tried putting all the stuff I like on here, the sig would burst.



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I know I said I wouldn't, but I have to find some way to make up for my lack of meaningful activity last game.

Lan of House Lasang requests a reserved spot.

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Nato the Traveler shall be taking his reserved spot. 



Can I join? I want to take a spot in the Knights of Ekimu.



Oi oi put me in



Vinheim Maran the "Modest" shall be taking his reserved place.


Also given the use of discord, should we still pm you our stats or what?



Bartok Ember as Aodhiim's diplomat please.



*restrains his reserved spot so it doesn't run off*



I know I said I wouldn't, but I have to find some way to make up for my lack of meaningful activity last game.

Lan of House Lasang requests a reserved spot.


All added in.


I need stat PMs from the following players:






The Knights are full!

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I've made some new regional banners for this season. In concept, they are supposed to be "flags" of sorts for each of the regions. Let me know what you think of them, or if you would like anything changed!



An imgur gallery for all the individual banners can be accessed here. Additionally, I have posted a Dropbox link in the discord for all the banners, including the full-size and "clean" (untextured) versions.

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"The Kingslayer"


Complete Okoto Alphabet + Okotoan Symbols | Infrared's Okoto Font | SDCC Semi-Live Coverage

—————————BZPGOT S1 KILLS—————————


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I would use the respective banner, but they seem kind of big.


Sorry if I sound rude but can I have links to smaller versions of the banners?

It's not a problem at all! Smaller versions have been added to the Imgur gallery.

"The Kingslayer"


Complete Okoto Alphabet + Okotoan Symbols | Infrared's Okoto Font | SDCC Semi-Live Coverage

—————————BZPGOT S1 KILLS—————————


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1 spot remains in Stone!

2 spots remain in Ice!

2 spots remain in Water!

1 spot remains in Fire!

1 spot remains in Earth!

1 spot remains in the Brotherhood!




Terrorsaur, Blade, and Unit all have the next 24 hours to confirm their reserved placements, before I open those spots back up to other players.

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