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  1. IC: Tivanu (Iron Mahi) The Skakdi watched as his words stoked the anger in his Matoran companion. Part of him grew frustrated with the stubbornness of the Le-Matoran. Though the Skakdi also knew at least somewhat of why the Le-Matoran was the way he was. Tivanu had constantly been an obstacle in Viima's way, though not the sort of obstacle one could ever remove. No Tivanu was like asthma. An annoyance they had learned to live with, but constantly reminded them of their weakness. Looking down at his wristwatch, Tivanu considered the time. "I'll hold you to it. Check on Kive-Phu while you are out there. Their own hunting may not have been as fruitful. If so I'll see about picking up something." OOC: @Toatapio Nuva
  2. IC: Tivanu (Iron Mahi) "I mean you've got a point there, though sometimes ya gotta take that slight risk to keep things interesting. You can't always be doing the job in the most efficient way, as if ya do, you begin to lose yourself. Become cold. Money is good and all, but at some point gotta ask yourself is it worth losing who you are?" Tivanu proposes to his Matoran companion OOC: @Toatapio Nuva
  3. IC: Tivanu (Po-Koro, Iron Mahi) "Less irritating and more sniveling. The sort of voice belonging to one who would beg for their life and then waste it the instant you looked away from them." Tivanu could tell that there was something eating at the Matoran, though he was never the best at reading past the surface. "I'm surprised you took the initiative in delivering the killing blow. I had thought it would be more fun to take his mask and leave him in the nearest snow drift. Would he lose consciousness before the cold got him?"
  4. IC: Tivanu The Purple and White Skakdi formally known as Tivanu rubbed at his eyes as Viima spoke. While his corrective goggles were useful, they were a pain to wear for an extended period. "It amazes me sometimes how much wealth one can gather in their short lifespans. Some of the goods were worth well more than what we got paid." Tivanu replied, his tone indicating some discontent with the job. "But it certainly was one of our more efficient jobs."
  5. Alrighty thanks for the clarification Goose. Just wanted to make sure before I jumped back into the game.
  6. Howdy, Didn't keep super up to date with the whole end of the last arc, but want to check on what the status of antidermis is, at least for those who actually were affected by it? Saw some profiles implying powers gained from it were unstable but could not find anything stated officially.
  7. Also I now have BZPRPG Wiki pages for some of my characters and have included links to them. Worth visiting for they have some info not included on here Syvra,BZPRPG Wiki Page Name: Syvra Species: Toa Element: Jungle/Plant-Life Gender: Male Alignment: Neutral evil, Allegiance to The Legacy, or what remains of it Powers: Toa-level control of plantlife. Kanohi: An Anxilia Tryna Weapons: A tri-bladed Staff. He has often used the staff like a spear attaching a vine to it so he can reel it back in. A Katana Style sword, dubbed Akrei's Thorn, which can deliver poison into a target much like a snake's fang. (Approved by Nuju Metru) Official picture of Akrei's Thorn Full details of the sword and its mechanisms can be found here. To simplify the mechanisms of the sword; the poison is delivered through the blade from a canister kept in the handle of the sword which via a button on the side, activates a spring that pushes the poison through the blade at high speeds. The curved tip of the blade is pushed into the target and the poison is delivered. Appearance: Syvra's official form (Minus the mist around the eyes) Despite the wooden appearance of his armor the colors take away from the illusion, for his armor is in alternating shades of a dark emerald almost like the color of decaying plant matter, and a navy blue so dark it appears black. Unlike his armor his eyes and heartlight are a vibrant crimson color adding quite the contrast. Left foot has been replaced by an Onu-koro made prosthetic foot from the ankle down Personality: He tries to be as prepared as possible and almost always has a trick up his sleeve. When it comes to allies Syvra sees them as valuable assets, though he would never give his life for them. While conniving, Syvra knows his place and respects those above him, though those of similar placement as him are seen as competition. History: Syvra originated on Mata-nui, but at somepoint he became a toa under circumstances he himself does not remember. He's always been a tich on the evil side but clever enough to disguise this behind a 'somewhat friendly, if serious' traveling bo-toa. At somepoint he was unwilling participant in an experiment that gave birth to his Anxilia. Since then the two have traveled the island, gaining various 'allies' and settling various debts. See wiki page for full history. Weakness: Given he is a Bo-toa, fire does put a bit of a hamper on his element. Syvra has a difficulty dealing with long-range combat. Notes: His left arm has been completely replaced by a plant-based lookalike granted to him by the effects of Antidermis. The fact the arm is made of plant matter is not immediately noticeable, though the texture and slight discoloration would be signs of it's nature. He can control it like he would his normal arm, and also manipulate it's form via his elemental abilities. (Approved by Nuju Metru) Personal Effects: 1x Hip Satchel, 1x Black hooded cloak, Various Vials and Syringes, 1x Tri-bladed Staff, 1x Akrei's Thorn, Anxilia: Venixa Venixa is Syvra's Anxilia or living Tryna. She is described as caring, at least for syvra she could care less about others, yet a bit full of herself. While in the beginning they were forced to work together, their relationship has grown into an almost brother and sister like one. This relationship allows for their minds to be better linked meaning faster reaction times in tense situation. Syvra knows that without him, Venixa would be all alone, stuck forever inside a mask in which she could not interact with the rest of the world, and feels pity for her predicament. He has promised her that one day he would find a way to give her her own body, yet both know this is ultimately unlikely. She would do anything within her power to protect syvra. While her moral alignment leans more on the same side of syvra's she does show compassion and sometimes regret for actions she and syvra have done, yet knows they had to be done. She does have a bit of a sense of humor and will often times mess with those that are aware of her existence. She is also highly curious about the world around her and has been known to possess small insects without syvra knowing. She is capable of seeing, hearing, and feeling through a single corpse that she animates through the use of the tryna, though at that point she can not animate any other corpses and will always return to the tryna. (Think of the corpse as merely a medium, with her using the corpse as a temporary body) ===== Tivanu, The Muscle BZPRPG Wiki Page Name: Tivanu Species: Skakdi Gender: Male Element: Gravity (only when in conjunction with another skakdi) Skakdi Vision power: Impact vision Alignment: He serves whoever pays the most. Appearance: Tivanu Moc Form. While Skakdi are already muscular, most of his muscle is located in his legs. He stands about 8.5 feet tall or about 1.9 bio which is tall even for a skakdi. Technological item: A staff that can fire bolts of gravity from the tip. These Bolts Increase or decrease the gravity of what ever they hit. The effect lasts 2 minutes. (Weapon Approved by Nuju Metru.) Personality: Tivanu can come off cold, but is rather jovial for a skakdi when around friends. Even though he is a skakdi he tries not to let his emotions get the best of him. History: See wiki page Weakness: His weakness is a simple one. Due to his large frame he moves a bit slower. He also has a problem with his eyesight. He can not see very far infront of him, at about 30 feet his eyesight is blurry. Inventory: A plundered Rahkshi staff. A gold watch (From Junyaus, was payment for a job Tivanu took.) Corrective Goggles: A pair of Goggles with lenses to correct Tivanu's nearsightedness. The lenses also have a flip feature that allows Tivanu's impact vision to be used without harm to the lenses. Given to him by Akiri Hahli for a completed bounty. Approved by Nuju Metru Tivanu's Pet Name: Kive-phu (Skakdi for Vicious bird ) Gender: Female Species: Lava Hawk Appearance: This lava hawk is a bit larger than the average one due to age. It is 3 feet from head to end of tail feathers. Her wingspan is 8 feet with each wing being 4 feet. Her armored feathers are a dark greenish red. Natural weapons: Sharp talons and equally sharp beak.
  8. Aye, the proportions, particularly with the legs, were intentionally wide, given the original combiner used an inika torso for the legs.
  9. I'm glad you like it. As I mentioned, I sought the advice of the community on Instagram, asking them what physical details came to mind when they thought Spiriah, and tried to incorporate what they suggested.
  10. So I was invited to a collab hosted by moc550_berserk to celebrate him reaching 1000 followers on Instagram. The theme was The Federation of Fear, so I decided to do Spiriah, as I've always had a secret appreciation for the character. To mess up so badly is impressive. For this Moc I sought inspiration from the community on instagram, and tried to incorporate all of the "key traits" folks suggested. Didn't want him to just look like Antroz so kept black to a minimum and instead had Grey/Bley as the tertiary color. Also felt Spiriah would be one of those types that compensate for their cowardice with sheer size, hence the rather unique route I took him. Had alot of fun with this build, and there are some parts that are held in place by pure friction, such as the lime green inika feet. Torso is completely custom with a Visorak frame piece serving as the starting point that everything branches off from. Custom light up eyes were done by Driftingmoc over on instagram. Check them out for great custom masks and pieces. You can find the rest of the builders who took part in the collab over on Instagram, by searching #federationoffear. In addition you can find extra photos not included here over on Flickr, or on Brickshelf (Once Live) if you prefer individual photos. I do the multiple photos in one image to bypass the Flickr limit.
  11. I'm glad you like it, though I do have to ask what you would consider a play feature on it. In my mind the only thing that comes to mind is the jaw.
  12. Glad you like it. And yeah it definitely was not an animal hybrid I would normally think of, but as I was building the legs I was reminded of the shallows cat from g1 and figured it wasn't too far fetched.
  13. None that I'm aware of, as I avoided using lime sockets.
  14. Yeah Lego did like their GITD stuff in that era. I'm always on the lookout for the gitd bohrok eyes, so whenever I place a bricklink order and the store happens to have some, for a reasonable price, I tend to pick them up. Have about 6 or 8 now. Sounds like most cats. Instinct says to pet them, but sometimes it's just a trap. Glad you both like the moc.
  15. Been quite sometime since I posted a moc to bzpower, but then again been quite sometime since I seriously sat down and built. College does that to a person, and lack of motivation in general. But alas hoping to catch up with my backlog of mocs and wips, and post them here to bzpower alongside my other platforms. So to start off we have an amphibious Rahi that is a cross between some sort of feline and some form of turtle, probably snapping turtle.. I know real descriptive. The whole build started with the head, and I worked from there. For me the shell and the head were the most enjoyable parts of the build. Legs are not perfect but I wanted to keep things simple instead of trying to do custom limbs and get burnt out. Look at that tongue. Probably my favorite little inclusion in the whole moc.
  16. Just heard the song on Bzpower's stream, and got to say it's amazing. I love how the tunes were recognizable, but different enough that I had to listen to be sure I was hearing it correctly.
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    I love that banner more than I should.
  18. So haven't looked at this topic or game for awhile. I know the last arc ended but don't know if the new arc has launched. So has it or still in prep?
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    We all have to take time to look at ourselves now and a then. Glad to know you are doing alright and I don't think anyone in the Discord would object to you returning if you decided to.
  20. Is there anyway to know if one has already entered this raffle or not, as I honestly cannot recall if I entered already or not.
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    Well notifications for it work... Though gotta be completely honest, forgot I was following your blog prior to the downtime.
  22. Fun times were had with the Brotherhood. Still enjoy the twist it made for Syvra in his character.
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    artwork & stories

    Dig these summaries. Still saddened we never could get cover art for Theogony.
  24. *Casually checks the topic after two+ years of inactivity* Huh... this arc has ended. Neato. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully getting some of my characters back up and running. Will there be a summary for the finale of the arc posted at somepoint?
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    Can't complain, still living in Alaska, taking classes for information technology specialist certification. Also saving up some cash to attend Brickfair Virginia 2020.
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