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  1. I feel I should mention that "Midak" was the name of the Phantoka Toa's light blasters first, and Greg later on retroactively named that particular Onu-Matoran that. The Midas reference still works, though, just in regard to the light blasts of the weapons as opposed to the lightstones way back when. Great work compiling this, though! I distinctly remember a lot of the Matoran names in MNOGII behind words from other languages, and it's nice to have that exact information all in one place. Neither one is a Matoran, obviously, but I recall the names "Puku" (before it was changed to Pewku for the legal renaming thing) and "Makuta" also have Maori roots, though I can't recall what exactly those roots are.
  2. They didn’t have “inside information,” but we already knew the basic outcome of Revenge of the Sith: Anakin turns evil, Palpatine becomes Emperor, Jedi all die or go into hiding, and the twins are born and hidden. Most people who saw the originals knew all that, and if you paid attention to the Expanded Universe, it was even more obvious. Though while we’re on the subject, it’s well-known that Greg did slip a Revenge of the Sith reference into Time Trap. True, but I just didn't get the impression Vakama's whole turn to the dark side was an intentional reference to Revenge, specifically. That just seemed more coincidental to me, whereas other Star Wars references and influences came across as intentional.
  3. The Bohrok in general are quite similar to the Xenomorphs - they have both have nests, in which they curl up when not active, and are led by a queen (or queens) that is/are larger than the good guys. The Krana latching onto Matoran/Toa faces is also quite similar to the facehuggers latching onto human faces. I mean... krana aside, I think it's more likely that the Bohrok and Aliens simply used the same inspiration: real world insects, namely ants. They are rather beetle-like in appearance, their hives are visually similar to bee hives... I feel like even the krana and facehugger similarities might be coincidental, as the krana were likely just the next step in the "collectibles" thing after infected Kanohi. I'm also not completely convinced Web of Shadows was an intentional reference to Revenge of the Sith. They came out so close together that, unless Lego had some inside information, I can't imagine they would have had time to make their movie in the brief time since ROTS released. Don't get me wrong, there are still Star Wars influences there. The big Vakama vs. Matau fight that a lot of people understandably compared to Anakin vs. Obi Wan, I felt like the tone, lighting, setting, and music of that scene reminded me a lot more of the Luke vs. Vader fight in Return of the Jedi.
  4. I really, really wish we had gotten the Shadow Toa Ahkmou in 2008. I'm not sure where exactly he would've fit in the story, but man I wanted to see that set. Curious about the general color scheme and build they would've gone with for the first and only Shadow Toa. And the Baterra, based on what little we've seen of them in that one graphic novel. Those things were mean looking and I loved them.
  5. I did like the lighter gold on Brutaka and others. Was quite appealing against darker colors. My favorite, though, is probably the old gunmetal that was used on Makuta. Great alternative for villains to straight up black, which had been used as an earth color. Gave the appearance of being armored and still pretty intimidating.
  6. You've got a really good eye for perspectives, some great angles in these photos! My favorites are easily Vezon and Jaller, Gali in the rain (my #1), and krana-less Gahlok. Great work! Looking forward to more, if you add any!
  7. Chronicles: Kind of a tie between "Tale of the Toa" and "Tales of the Masks". "Masks" was a great collection of little stories, almost like real-time fables with the lessons the Toa learned during each brief adventure. But "Toa" had great mysteries that came with being the introductory book to the whole thing, plus the wonderful first meeting of Pohatu and Kopaka. Adventures: This is extremely tough, as my favorite books came from the Metru Nui years. I'll have to go with "Time Trap", for many of the reasons already listed. I also really love "Maze of Shadows" though. Cool/creepy setting the Makuta's labs and I believe the first time we started getting hints at the wider world beyond Metru Nui. Legends: "Downfall". 2007 wasn't one of my favorite years overall, I found the middle of it to be kinda so-so. But man, did it have one heck of a finale. Everything finally came to a head in a satisfying and climactic way. Bara Magna: Kind of a no-brainer, since there were only two books, but "Raid on Vulcanus". It's basically a western, which makes me love it even more. And I have to give a shout out to the short story "The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet". Awesome little side story that was pretty small scale for Bionicle. Just a good mystery with a good reveal and provided some further character development for Lhikan.
  8. That question was already answered, in the worst possible way. To quote Greg, they were "a glitch."Thaaaats....... Not the worst possible way it could have been answered. It's marked down in a way to seem maybe a bit cryptic, and it may have ultimately been lazy, it's not uncommon for Greg to have been lazy with his story writing in the past, but the whole concept of 'A Glitch' happening in the BIONICLE Universe is actually intriguing to me. I think, on its own, it does sound like a fairly interesting concept. The problem I had with it was that, throughout the second movie and pretty much the whole of the 2004 story, Vakama's whole development revolved around his visions NOT being a glitch. When others accused him of basically being nuts and that there was something wrong with him, he lost confidence. When he learned to trust his visions as something more than faulty wiring, that they were real, he got his confidence back and evolved as a character. For Greg to later go back on that and say, "Yeah, it really was a glitch," kind of negates his whole arc for that year. At least for me.
  9. It is really, really good. So many great uses of strings and deep brass. I never noticed it in the movie itself, but there's one slightly recurring motif that reminds me a lot of the Emperor's theme from Star Wars. And oh man, that unused Roodaka theme is soooo good. Suits her character so perfectly. Shame it never made it into the movie, but I have no idea where it could've fit.
  10. Nathan Furst has solidified himself as the greatest holiday gift-giver of all.
  11. Heh I've been listening to it rather thoroughly today. It's so, so good to finally hear the soundtrack clean. Easily my favorite of the three movies, and listening to it now, it's even better than I remember. I don't think I could pick just one favorite track, of course, so I'll list some of my favorites: - "Faithful Matoran to Mighty Toa" Still one of my favorite scenes in the movie, and this track is a huge reason why. Such a beautiful, triumphant rendition of the main theme. Perfectly captures the sense of wonder of the transformation. - "Bad Things Happen in the Desert" This one has a great collection of tracks, including the kikanalo theme and that awesome piece that plays while the Toa ride them across the sand, but this is among my favorites because of the very beginning. So moody and eerie in the best way. - "Heart of Metru Nui" Another one that has music from a number of scenes, all great -- escaping the Vahki in the tunnels, the Matoran being forced into pods, dramatic return to the Coliseum. It's just great from start to finish, and it has a really, really fantastic and somewhat chilling rendition of Makuta's theme at the very end. That creepy guttural vocalization in the last few seconds (reminds me of the Emperor's theme from Star Wars) is awesome. - I'm going to lump "Follow the Light/Mask of Time" and "Lhikan's Death/Vakama's Power Found" together, since they flow pretty well into each other. And they both include some of my favorite pieces from the soundtrack -- Vakama's final vision, and when the Mask of Time is being used. The actual Vakama vs. Makuta battle music is great, and so is the lead up to it, when the Toa are trying to escape and avoiding Makuta's pillars. - And of course, "The Island of Mata Nui". It has that beautiful piano rendition of the main theme that never fails to tug at my heartstrings. Such a perfectly subdued, quiet piece for a great ending. I am a little surprised the chute escape music wasn't included, or the Great Temple bridge scene from the end escape. No huge losses, though, in my opinion. I love what we've gotten so much. Can't wait for the Web of Shadows release!
  12. Oh, I agree, recurring themes aren't really necessary at all. I'd rather the music fit the scene it's playing in perfectly, that will always trump pretty much any kind of theme. But maybe I'm a bit biased, as I'm a sucker for themes and character motifs. I didn't even catch the original Thor theme in Ragnarok, although that's likely because it's been a long time since I last saw that first movie, and I couldn't remember what the music really sounded like heh. That's actually something I really appreciated in the Bionicle trilogy, though, especially from Mask of Light into Legends of Metru Nui. Furst brilliantly reworked the theme from the first movie into a new version that fit the entirely new setting. In the first, that main theme music had a lot of brass and drums to fit the tribal vibe Mata Nui had. In Legends, it was a much more techno-ish sound to better fit the city of Metru Nui, but it was still very much the same recognizable tune. I loved that so much. Regarding Makuta's music, I'm pretty sure I know what sound you're talking about, and I adored that. But I was thinking of that low, oboe-esque music that I've come to associate with him. For example, in Web of Shadows, it plays right at the beginning when we see him in the crystal prison, when Roodaka speaks to him through the stone right after Sidorak's death, and I believe at the end when we see the empty prison. I'm relatively certain it played for a few of his scenes in Legends, too. But I'm rambling, I think we were somewhat spoiled by Nathan Furst on those movies. Those kinds of recurring themes, character motifs, and such were beyond anything I would have expected from a direct-to-video movie series. Really went a long way to making those movies pretty special. Edit: Oh, and for what it's worth, the Russo brothers confirmed that Alan Silvestri is coming back for the next two Avengers movies, so we'll be getting that great music back from the first one.
  13. I'm not at all a music expert, so feel free to dismiss this. But regarding the Marvel music, I think one of the possible issues is that there isn't much in the way of recurring themes, the Avengers theme being the exception. Since they basically have different composers for each movie, you never really get a consistent Iron Man theme, or a Thor theme, etc. The Iron Man movies have three entirely different soundtracks, for example. The original Bionicle trilogy actually does have recurring music throughout all three movies -- the main title theme, obviously, but there's definitely a specific tune for Makuta that's in all three, among others. Regardless, I'm unbelievably psyched for these soundtracks to be released! I almost can't believe it's finally happening, after all these years!
  14. If I had to guess, I'd say combining a disk of levitation and speed together would emulate flight. Although that combo might already exist which totally disproves the theory You do have a point though, it is odd that of all the Great and Noble masks the Turaga bring to Mata Nui are basically six each of only twelve different masks *coughcollectablescough* You'd think that the city with and *entire* district dedicated to making masks would know how to make more than just the standard 12. (Makuta wanted Vakama to make a mask of time, which had never existed before) In-universe, you could just go with the simple explanation that most other masks were destroyed during the Great Cataclysm and the subsequent Visorak occupation. Still not a real great reason, but I can live with it ha.
  15. I like the idea that there are multiple characters that could only lift it after some development, like Thor himself. Tahu, Takanuva, and Mata Nui all come to mind regarding that. Otherwise, like others said already, Lhikan and Matoro would probably be the most likely. Jaller, too. Gresh is definitely the top contender from the Bara Magna story. Maybe Tarix and Vastus, too. Back to the Matoran Universe, while I think of it, Axonn and Norik probably could, too.
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