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    Definitely not cutting up the curtains to sew clothes...or drawing on the walls...
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    •Sewing & pattern design...despite a lack of training. Still learning a lot!
    •An occasional bit of fiddling with leather
    •Cooking & baking
    •Making stuff, mainly massive messes
    •Blogging here
    •Baby ducks
    •Baby Yoda
    •Formerly giving stroller rides to dogs and a little bit of dance
    •Music boxes
    •G ratings
    • Coffee!
    And recently merely trying to rebuild a home for my ma with my little miter saw.

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    mushythemushroomsara for BZP Discord
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    I basically BZP and IG, search results scare me so profile via that link. ^

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  1. soon hopes to summon the sparsely rooted brain cells to blog again! Does embedding photos/posts for IG actually work? Was posting normal blog content there  hoping it might make it easier than resizing and emailing them to myself to embed here.  Also somewhat afraid if the text embeds too, it may break rules because religion in the illness incoherent creation ramblings? Unclear on current BZP strictness on some of this and be-afeared of blundering the blogs! Miss this tiny internet habitat so! ❤️ #WhereIsTheBrainCell? #Woodermelonlives #idkhowtolifeanymore

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