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  1. IC: Celite Since the trial had come into session, the Vo-Turaga had been feeling tension weigh her down. Though it seemed somewhat fortunate, she must admit, that now the blame was being put on the one who was going to have comitted the crime in the first place. Though unlike her partner in crime next to her, Celite was still concerned that the prosecutor could still have had at least three aces to play. This turnabout court session could go either way...
  2. IC: Celite She put on a fake smile. This could very easily backfire, but we may as well go along with it. "Right. unfortunately, I was the one who brought on the idea of different leadership, although I had no real intention of forcibly taking it. I'd much rather found my own place, after all." She looked around the court, particularly at the prosecutor who it would seem was far more prepared. Things could be very troublesome indeed. "Surina here wanted to discuss the matter with an outside source, the witness Viima, and so we both went to Le-Koro. Of course, since the witness was her ex boyfriend, he wouldn't be too happy to talk with her, and in the village he was quite distracted so we wanted to take him to Ga-Koro where we could discuss matters without issue." The Turaga was trying to ensure that she did not sound perfectly innocent, and as she mentioned Viima she looked to the Le-Matoran in courtroom. He is one person in particular who could easily create trouble when anything involving him came up.
  3. IC: CeliteShe nodded. Despite their bickering, Surina was making sense. Conflicting stories would ultimately send them down the worst route sicne they could all be considered unreliable."...You're right." She said, reluctant. "After all, we will just be in trouble otherwise...more, I mean." She looked at Surina with raised would-be-eyebrows before saying, "you begin."
  4. IC: Celite"There are three sides to this" the Vo-Turaga was quickly becoming less impressed and was beginning to get the sense that she might want to get used to loss of liberty. Still, she had no choice but to have faith in the lawyer. However, she did not want to start yet another argument with Surina in the middle of a courtroom and so wanted to privately say her story. She tried to beckon Yarre closer to her as best she could.
  5. IC: CeliteWho is this... The Vo-Turaga thought in her head. Something tells me that this...thing will ruin everything. Still, I may as well say something."Please tell me you can win this." Celite said quietly to Yarre. "And could you please stop saying 'fabulous'? It's quite disturbing."
  6. IC: Celite Celite returned the look, only able to hope against hope that her own story would be truthful enough to keep her from the more severe punishments. Still, for now she stayed silent so as to let the proceedings continue. That said, her concentration was incredibly distracted by being bound to the chair in the way that she was.
  7. I don't care how the trial goes, really. I just like being a sadist to my characters.
  8. IC: Celite Celite was beginning to feel like an Ash Bear trapped by Doom Vipers. There were three different accounts of what had happened. Viima's, who was currently the most beliable due to Celite and Surina's hasty leaving. Then there was Surina's, perhaps the most false of the tales which was garnering no favour among the audience. And then there was her own. While it still omitted certain truths, the turaga was doing her best to convince herself that her version was the true version so that she could not get caught out in the omissions she was making. But even so, it felt unlikely she would get out of this alive. The heads of the doom viper - Hahli, Vos, Viima, and whoever was going to be holding the trial, were closing in. She felt like she would do anything to get away. Perhaps had she partnered with a Toa it would be easier to portray herself as a victim as well, but regardless, it all became hopeless by the second. "when..." she began, lifting up from the surface she was leaning on, "...when does the trial occur?" She didn't like thinking of it, but with an impending trial and no legal knowledge, Celite would need a lawyer. And any Koro-approved one would undoubtedly give no joy. Of course, she didn't even have money to hire a competent independent lawyer either. So things were getting quite bad. Anything...Anything..."...anything..."
  9. I'm only able to manage one at a time. Even though I have three, two of them have been sort of stuck because my attention is on the more-than-likely soon-to-be-dead Turaga Celite.
  10. IC: Celite "I should have known my zapping would come back to bite me." Celite mumbled, irritated. Still, she was insistant to stick to her story. "I may be suspicious, and it is true that I can be called a conspirator. I'd be lying if I said I didn't go along with it, but I can assure you I played little part in this other than being Surina's pawn!" Her agression was making the Turaga begin to feel woozy again. "I...argh...At best I am only responsible for sending her over the edge, and maybe I do have a grudge against the village. But in all seriousness, how would such a scheme bring me any form of power? I'm not only frail, but I'm also foreign. Why would the villagers trust me? Surina, on the other hand..." At that point, her weakness got the better of her and she had to stop talking to lean on the nearest surface.
  11. IC: Celite Quite offended at the imitation, Celite was quick to retort, "don't put words in my mouth!" Her scowl was now entirely directed at Surina, her dislike for Ga-Matoran really starting to show itself. "I said no such thing on the matter. I said I wanted my own village, nothing more." She was lying, but had to ensure she was consistant throughout her story. "This whole assassination business was planned and schemed by you, while I was dragged all the way to Le-Koro and back for YOUR ex!"
  12. aaah. right. Just a recap, how many arrests have there been across the island so far in this arc?
  13. IC: Celite's smug look quickly turned into a scowl as she looked upon her own poster. Though at the same time, she did feel proud to have at least some kind of publicity."Hahli, such a pleasure it would be to talk to you under more fortunate circumstances." She said, wanting to act courteous and yet finding it impossible due to the cuffs. Surina's words were clearly falling on deaf ears, and Celite thought about how she could use this to her advantage. She looked at the Ga-Matoran in the cell and sneered,"So, you think by acting oblivious you can pretend you weren't the mastermind of it all? I was foolish to become the catalyst that made you do good on your ideas, Surina."
  14. IC: Celite"If you wanted a chase you should have let us go for the time being." Celite said, her eyes closed as she spoke in a smug tone. She didn't want to admit it, but there was truth to his words about her being stuck in the past. Everything she ever does, she always links back to her old days and how much stronger she was. Regardless, the Vo-Turaga was still feeling quite steamed over the Vortixx's manner.
  15. IC: Celite "Don't you DARE!" The Turaga shouted, her voice screeching on the last word, forcibly pulling herself away from the medic treating her. "That Bolt Trident is what became of my old Toa tools! I will not let anyone take that from me!" She felt simply irate at the notion of this Vortixx effectively stealing part of her history. At any other time, she would probably have considered getting her priorities straight, but personal level problems cause irrationality, and this was no different. Perhaps more disturbing to Celite, though, was that her captor inferred that they have a collection of such things. She began thinking of how she could run, if it was even possible, but considering they couldn't do it with two Skakdi on their side--"Those mutinous..." she growled, realising that she had been betrayed while she was asleep.
  16. IC: Celite - prison, medic office.It has been quite a while now, but Turaga Celite finally seemed to re-awaken during the medical treatment. Her eyes opened and lit up once more, and she felt a slight headache from the emotional overload that had knocked her out in the first place. She then felt someone doing something with the wound on her leg, which was now stinging. "Agh!" She shouted out loudly as the stinging sensation got worse. She looked at the Matoran of Crystal angrily...then realised she felt incredibly weak. "What did that Vortixx do to me?!" she grumbled.
  17. Can't say I noticed that. Any scenes involving the turaga usually distract me when I notice how Nuju;s kanohi looks like a monkey face. But it doesn't surprise me, since Matau Nuju and Whenua were all non-entities in the film. It's a shame, really. Onewa was lucky to get the two speaking lines that he did.On the topic of animation errors, the scene where the Rahkshi attack Ta-Koro, there's one weird bit where one of them breaks through a wall you see two matoran huggle together in fear, and they are REALLY low-poly - the oversaturation of colour in any Ta-Wahi scene doesn't help either.
  18. aaaagh. I ttook me all day (and B6's suggestion) to be able to get these reply-box things working. I hope I didn't miss much in the handling of Celite. EDIT: Am I right in assuming Celite and Surina are still maskless,?
  19. Help! BZpower is loading slow, I can't respond to PMs or threads because the message typing thing doesn't load at all!

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  20. Kakama and Calix can help in dealing with bullets too. Kakamas have better dodging, and Calix has better luck
  21. IC: Celite Everything went white.The poor Turaga had not experienced a gunshot wound before, and the pain of it was intense, despite only being in the leg. It had managed to pierce the organic matter and left her reeling in the moments before she too collapsed to the ground as a result of the emotional overload effectively short-circuiting her, her eyes dimming as she fell into a painful slumber. With her body now limp, the electricity in her flowed out and became grounded, leaving an effectively powerless ragdoll on the ground. Her trident-like staff also fell from her hand as her grips loosened, and Turaga Celite was now completely and utterly unable to run from her actions any more.OOC: This'll end it for the night, that way I can wake up in interrogation or something.
  22. that and it gives us a better chance at survival now. They don't have a death penalty, do they>
  23. Precisely my thoughts EmperorWhenua. Besides, I'm a pessimist by nature. And in any case, Celite is self-interested...assuming we both have the same plan, I can see a Prisoner's Dilemma situation occurring.
  24. IC: CeliteSeeing her co-conspiritor fall to the ground, sparks began to crackle from the Turaga's body as she became filled with various negative emotions, They weren't powerful enough to do much harm at all - in fact with her power going haywire across her body, Celite's diminished elemental powers would easily become almost powerless besides causing shocks weaker than those she'd used on Matoran previously. Nonetheless, it was not a good sign for her health that this would happen. So much stress, She was starting to lose rational thought, wanting to do whatever she could to survive, and yet at the same time she suffered far too many disadvantages at this point. Then again...If I am captured I do know one option...Even while distressed, Celite could not help but smirk somewhere beneath her emotionally baffled face. She at least had a backup plan.
  25. In any other universe we'd probably be saved by the Law of Conservation of Ninjutsu. Not here though, in the world of elemental power and cold hard logic. I do believe we are doomed, Tapio.
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