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  1. You described them as feeling like being made of sand, which fits the properties of a part made using an SLS printer, which is exactly the type of printer Lego would have used to make prototypes at the time and not a type of printer available for home use (even today). Considering where you got it from, it's likely that it is a legitimate prototype. As for the blue pod half, do you know when they acquired that part? It was released in a black/blue marbled pattern with a Hero Factory set in 2010, which it looks like it might be in the image. If it's pure blue and they got it before the HF set release though, that could be a mold test, possibly acquired alongside the proto leech?
  2. The powder part was referring to the printing process, they were still likely spray painted after being printed in the usual white Nylon material Do they have any images of the blue SLS leeches? Honestly doesn't sound like that unlikely of a story on its own, but some more evidence would be nice. We've heard of prototype masks that were given to individuals at Toy Fairs before afaik.
  3. Keep in mind though that those parts are SLS printed (fusing Nylon powder with a laser), not FDM prints like tourmalinex mentioned. Not that Lego may have never used FDM for prototyping, but the parts we saw used for Toy Fair prototypes around that time were spray painted SLS prints usually. Maybe there is some more context that could shine light on these? Were these (allegedly) given out to trade show visitors?
  4. Is there any info on pricing for the Inside Tour exclusive transparent blue Mask of Water from 2015? I don't see any sold items on Bricklink and don't think there is a consensus on what would be considered a fair price for one, since I'm guessing it sells fairly rarely. I know that Duckbricks spent around 2.5k on his, but I don't know if that's representative of what the mask is actually worth.
  5. Hi there! I'm looking to sell this Toa Mata Nui set I have, it is missing a few pieces (not the Mask though!) and still has the original box (european version) along with the instruction booklets. The mask unfortunately has a dent mark on one side, but otherwise is in an alright condition. Please take a look at the images linked further down to get an idea of what it looks like. The box shows its age in some spots, but is generally intact. More images here As for the missing parts, from what I could tell it's the keetorange shoulder blades and the Thornax projectile, seems to be pretty complete to me apart from that, but please look at the images for more details. If you are interested simply post here or shoot me a message with an offer and we can discuss details! Shipping from Germany btw, but I should be able to send outside of Europe as well.
  6. I got an orange Kaukau from a new pack I bought last year. Didn't have the plastic wrapping around it anymore, but considering the contents were in perfect condition, I doubt that someone switched out the masks inside.
  7. Hey, I have a spare protodermic Akaku Nuva. I'm personally still looking for a bunch of Kanohi Nuva, including the protodermic Kaukau and Pakari, but also a whole bunch of standard colored ones.
  8. Stuff like this is super interesting to see, you should definitely post the other stuff you got ahold of! Did that recent image of a green prototype Kraahkan also happen to come from the collection you acquired?
  9. Hello, I'm selling the following three sets: 8996 Skopio XV-1 8998 Toa Mata Nui 8995 Thornatus V9 The Vehicle sets are missing their respective pilots and a few smaller parts. Toa Mata Nui's golden Ignika unfortunately has a small dent mark around its cheek. I'll be adding photos of the sets later. I'm located in Germany so I would prefer shipping these within Europe, but if you're outside of Europe we can work something out aswell. If you're interested feel free to post here or send me a PM! Edit: I forgot to list 8994 Baranus V7, which is also missing its driver.
  10. They're not actually worth that much already, are they? Last time I checked the Hau was around 40$ and the Scorpio mask 30$.
  11. This really took me by surprise and I still don't really know how to feel about this, but here are a couple of my thoughts. I don't think a lot of us expected the theme to go on after 2017 with all those rumors going around, but seeing it not even get its third year to wrap up the story as it was planned is just really sad. I really think the theme had a lot of potential that just wasn't done justice in its presentation. When I look at the concept art by Matt Betteker I see a rich, atmospheric world that has a sense of awe to it. I also think the plot brought some really interesting, new ideas to the table. But I feel like none of that really carried over to any of the media we got. It's like they built this expansive world and only showed us much as they needed, when there was so much more to it. I was hoping we would see a lot more in the coming year (or possibly years) because some of the plot points they hinted at seemed cool, with the mask of time playing a role and whatnot. The sets were some of the best constraction sets we've ever gotten in my opinion and I hope they continue to expand on the CCBS. It would be a shame if we didn't get a new CCBS IP, but I'll guess we'll have to wait and see about that. I doubt that they had enough time to develop a new IP to release this coming winter. Although I can't say I'm really satisfied with how it ended, I think Bionicle had a decent second run, with a lot of unused potential. I'm sure the team behind the reboot did the best they could do with the resources they had available and I'm really grateful for their work. It's also nice to hear that we will still be getting updates from their social media and on the official website and I think the Makuta Moc contest is a nice way to wrap it all up. It's been a fun two years and I'm looking forward to what the future might bring.
  12. I think the most disappointing thing about all of this is that we expected the line to last for at least three years. Sure, there were rumors going around but I don't think anyone really expected the line to end this soon. Back when G1 ended, we at least knew that it would ahead of time. This time around we got the announcement on the very day it actuall happened. It's a shame that we won't get to see it end the way it was originally planned, with all the plot points they hinted at in the novels and animations. What I'm most afraid of is the fate of the CCBS though. Lego will keep producing it, I'm sure, I just really, really hope that we won't end up getting only Star Wars or CCBS spin-offs based on already existing System themes. I feel like the CCBS has so much potential that it would be a waste to not give it its own IP.
  13. The Moup we saw in the contest video was a 3D printed prototype, not an actual production piece. They probably don't have a mold for mass production. But it really does suck that we won't be getting it, really liked the design.
  14. I guess we don't have to wait until sunday then.
  15. Let's just wait for the official announcement on sunday before we start this again.
  16. Just a tip before you print these models; you might want to subdivide them because otherwise you will be able to see the individual polygons on the print. Setting the shading to smooth won't change how the print looks.
  17. Also has a white Huna and yellow Ruru apparently.
  18. Can you read up on the rules anywhere yet? I'm confused as to how many winners there will be. Will only the winner of the grand prize be awarded with the artbook or are the follow ups going to get one too?
  19. I NEED this artbook. It's what I've been hoping to get ever since they showed the concept art at NYCC 2014.
  20. Xa Vu Su and Bo How much would you want for all 4? I might be interested depending on the price.
  21. Which other ones do you have duplicates of if you don't mind me asking?
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