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  1. So Cryoshell have launched a new Facebook page in collaboration with Christian Faber. They're working together to create a soundtrack for Rebel Nature and they'll be doing a Kickstarter campaign to get the funds to release a new CD. I'm pretty excited about this What do you guys think?
  2. Do you have any pics of that piece?
  3. My local Lego Store will start selling them on the 2nd, since they're closed on the first. Yeah, Lewa and Uxar seemed like the coolest combo to me, though Lewa's short arms and the excessive amount of silver kind of put me off.
  4. I'll have to wait for the 2nd january to get my sets. I wanna get Umarak and two other sets, preferrably a Toa and a creature. Any suggestions?
  5. Does anyone know if I can find a recording of this online somewhere?
  6. I have like... half a collection. Does that count?
  7. Just sent out my recipients gift and received my own yesterday. Thanks to Dallior for the awesome present!
  8. Nice work! Love the clean lineart and I think you did a pretty good job giving him a dynamic pose. I see what you're saying about the arms though, the left arm does look a little... disonnected? Like it's not really attached to the body. But that's nitpicking honestly.
  9. I'll keep this short Interests: Video games, Lego (obviously), digital art, cartoon/anime, robotics, space travel Working on: a silly game project with friends, some smaller digital art projects
  10. I have mixed feelings about these. I can't help but feel like these new Toa feel like downgrades in some aspects compared to their 2015 counterparts. One thing they absolutely nailed though in my opinion are the masks. The creatures all look unique and have neat functions. I'm glad Umarak doesn't adhere to the standard black/red villain colorscheme and overall seems like a cool and original villain.
  11. To be fair though, the seller did point out that two of the masks are custom both in the title and the description.
  12. So? All the connection points of the part are clearly visible, I think that's enough to make a general assumption on the usability of the part.
  13. If he were to return for the summer wave, hypothetically speaking, maybe he could draw power from the elemental creatures to become stronger. I think that would be quite interesting to see.
  14. #9 and #2 are both pretty impressive, though I have to say that the Gear Ghoul has a certain charm to it. I'm voting for Chad.
  15. Had to choose between #1 and #6, but ultimately the vampire bat got my vote.
  16. Love that Papyrus, but I gotta give Grim Effigy credit for being an original concept. Entry #5 got my vote!
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