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  1. That shield design is awesome! Very cool build!
  2. Actually, the Mask of Light Board Game gave Piraka-style nicknames to the Rahkshi as well!! They're based on each Rahkshi's respective power: Turahk - "The Fear" Panrahk - "The Fragmentor" (imagine trying to fit that into the Piraka rap!) Vorahk - "The Hunger" Guurahk - "The Disintegrator" (another long boi) Lerahk - "The Poison" Kurahk - "The Anger" Here's my attempt at Piraka-fying the Bohrok-Kal: Tahnok-Kal - "The Coil" Pahrak-Kal - "The Laser" Nuhvok-Kal - "The Hammer" Gahlok-Kal - "The Magnet" Lehvak-Kal - "The Cleaner" Kohrak-Kal - "The Speaker" And the 2001 Rahi: Nui-Rama - "The Bug" Nui-Kopen - "The Buzzer" Muaka - "The Tiger" Kane-Ra - "The Bull" Kuma-Nui - "The Rodent" Manas - "The Crab" Mana Ko - "The Tank" Nui-Jaga - "The Stinger" Kahu - "The Racer" Tarakava - "The Swimmer" Tarakava Nui - "The Tree" Kewa - "The Chaser" Takea - "The Biter" Kofo-Jaga - "The Lurker" Hoto - "The Burner" Hikaki - "The Herder" Taku - "The Penguin" Ruki - "The Snack" Fikou - "The Weaver" Hoi - "The Flier" Husi - "The Hungry" Ussal - "The Worker" Kuna - "The Strangler" Vako - "The Horn" Makika - "The Croaker" Fusa - "The Kicker"
  3. I think what you said right there is the closest you'll get to an answer. Iruini had some fight with the rest of the team about what they were doing, something so serious that he abandoned (or at least planned to abandon) his Hagah teammates (though Comic 25 makes it seem like he never actually left, implying that the Hagah were captured during the raid instead of after). Iruini was on another Toa team before being reassigned to the Toa Hagah by the Brotherhood, the same organization that he was now fighting against; it's possible that he missed his old Toa team and manifested that in a resentment for his new teammates, teammates who he only fought alongside because the once-good Makuta had ordered him to. BS01 says he thought the Hagah were chasing after "large threats" and ignoring "ever-present dangers." This is extremely vague wording (and is seemingly contradicted on BS01's "Raid on Destral Fortress" page). I interpret this as the Hagah, dizzy with success having just raided Destral Fortress - the Makuta HQ, protected by the Dark Hunters, seemingly impregnable, yet defeated by the Hagah - deciding to immediately begin chasing other major Makuta/DH targets, convinced that they were nigh untouchable. Iruini alone believed that the six Toa were still vulnerable, and perhaps wanted to recruit other Toa to their cause before launching another attack (perhaps he wanted his old Toa team to fight alongside them or at least wanted to ensure they were protected against possible Makuta retaliations against Toa teams). I think this theory makes the most sense, given what we know - even after having captured the Mask of Light, the key to defeating the Makuta, Iruini still asks in Comic 25: "Is this thing really worth all this?" It seems like Iruini would have preferred a more cautious approach, letting the Makuta keep the Mask of Light indefinitely while the Toa assembled a stronger, more effective fighting force to oppose them. Whatever the reason, it seems that Iruini was at least partially right - the "overconfident" Toa Hagah had ignored "ever-present dangers" - they were ambushed, captured, and mutated, imprisoned by those they had just successfully raided. Norik is also partially right in saying that the Mask of Light was worth the risk, although perhaps the assault would have gone much smoother if they had spent a few days or weeks recruiting others to their cause. We don't get to see Iruini's initial disagreement with the team, but we do know that he had a strong enough sense of duty to the Hagah that Norik was able to persuade him to help free the now-mutated Toa Hagah, a mission that succeeded at the cost of mutating both Iruini and Norik. The now-mutated Rahaga Iruini then had a second serious disagreement with his teammates - he was the only Rahaga who didn't believe in the existence of Keetongu, and was therefore convinced that the Rahaga's search for him would be pointless and vain. He probably once again thought that the Rahaga were wasting their time chasing a major but unachievable goal (finding a non-existent magic Rahi) when they could work much better by focusing all their efforts on the immediate threats - namely, beating the Visorak horde. Crucially, though, Iruini this time never told his teammates that he thought they were wrong, and he never left them even though his new mission seemed impossible. And I think that the reason he stayed is because he felt strong remorse and guilt over having left the Toa Hagah all those years ago, and probably blamed himself for their capture and transformation into the Rahaga. Any resentment he might have had for his teammates probably disappeared when they were captured, and he became closer than ever to them when the Hagah were all stuck as transformed Rahaga, no longer Toa but not yet Rahi, unable or unwilling to converse with anyone sentient until the Toa Hordika were mutated.
  4. Over the years, Bionicle became an increasingly more and more complex story: 2004 brought us to a massive city (officially housing unknown "thousands" of Matoran, but with an urban sprawl and build-up large enough for many millions), a city where not everyone got along and the lines between good and evil were blurred. The "good" Turaga and his law enforcers turned out to be evil. The hero Toa Lhikan was killed off (or at least, we thought he was), just like the rest of his Toa team (except Toa Tuyet, who was yet another "good" character that was turned evil). The Matoran, the obedient adherents to Unity, Duty, Destiny, had fought a very disunited and undutiful civil war for 400 years against one another, and each of the six Matoran character sets for 2004 was a direct rival of one of the Toa Metru and had selfish motivations at best, treasonous motivations at worst. Later years saw the creation of alternate timelines, crazy new elements and abilities, a shift in focus from masks to weaponry and equipment, the Order of Mata Nui was secretly way smarter and more powerful than the Toa teams all put together, the whole universe was a giant robot, there were other planets with different physics and customs. In trying to keep the current story fresh and exciting, LEGO seemed to increasingly try to outdo its old work, often to the detriment of those early stories. Oh, you thought Takanuva was cool? Here's a whole tribe of Light Matoran. And now they're turning into Bohrok! Now Takua/Takanuva is no longer a unique character and the entire story of 2002 and early 2003 is rendered unnecessary. That's just one example. Likewise, the increasing number of powers and weapons made the original Toa Mata and Toa Nuva look weak, when they were supposed to be the chosen ones, and the increasing number of characters and factions made the Toa teams collectively an increasingly smaller rudder in directing universe-altering events, except when one was occasionally needed to be sacrificed in order to revive Mata Nui. When Vakama told the Toa Nuva in 2003: "You are not the first Toa!" - that was huge! There were six other Toa at one point? As the story went on, it turned out that there were literally hundreds of Toa running around at various points in time - that makes the six Toa Nuva way less special and cool. This is not at all meant to be a complaint about the later story - I discovered Bionicle long after 2001, and the more complex story is both rich and fascinating. But one of the big reasons that I believe 2001 always had and always will have a special charm is because of its simplicity. After years of investment, I still don't understand all the Dark Hunters/OoMN lore, but I do love and understand the 2001-2003 Mata Nui Saga. Where are we? An island, in the middle of an endless ocean, with six biomes each exemplifying a different element. What's going on? There's these villagers who are good guys, but right now the animals are fighting them. The animals aren't evil, but they're being controlled by an evil bad guy, since the evil bad guy put the good guy king to sleep. What are we gonna do about it? The six heroes have to show up and work together with the good guys to stop the bad guy and the animals and wake up the good guy king. The villagers can't do much on their own, but the six heroes can each control an element, and they can combine their strengths - sometimes literally combining - to beat the bad guy. The Turaga need the villagers to protect them. The villagers need the Toa to protect them. The Toa and Tohunga villagers both need the Turaga to lead and guide them. No one person or group is self-sufficient - that's why they need to have unity. Everything is at stake - no one can afford to forget his or her duty. The war has gone on for eons, but the prophecy of the Toa is finally being fulfilled - there is hope that now, the island's destiny can be secured from the clutches of the evil Makuta, and Mata Nui can awaken. The setting for 2001 isn't crazy complex - it doesn't need to be. The six Wahi are interesting enough, and are full of unique and memorable locations, locations that would be altered and expanded by the events of 2002 and 2003. The conflict isn't some eight-sided war with plot-twisting betrayals - it's good versus evil, and the only traitor is Ahkmou (curse him!). The heroes don't need jetpacks or miniguns or submarines or fighter jets or interdimensional portals or roller skates (lookin' at you, Umbra...), just being able to control the elements is already cool. If you wanted a more complicated story, you had all the Kanohi powers and the Kaita, but if you didn't want to dive into all of that you could keep it simple with elemental abilities. Some of the heroes were super-powerful beings with unnatural abilities. Some of the heroes were seemingly average Tohunga/Matoran who went on to accomplish above-average heroics (I really liked that the Chronicler's Company were later made outright Toa in the 2006-2007 story, with the exception of Macku). Some of the heroes were elderly non-combatants, who though unable to fight on the battlefield, continued winning the war through their vast knowledge, effortless virtue, and preservation of the old traditions and stories. There weren't a ton of characters in 2001. Nor were there a ton of locations. Nor were there a ton of abilities. But everything that was there, was important. It all mattered. And that's what made it so special.
  5. Curious to hear thoughts on different beloved locations in the Bionicle universe. Feel free to include concept locations that never actually appeared in the story (such as this unrealized concept for Ga-Koro: https://biosector01.com/wiki/File:Concept_Art_Ga-Koro.png), and locations in alternate timelines / Bionicle Gen. 2.
  6. Hmm... never thought about that! The Nuva freed the Bahrag after escaping from the Piraka and before arriving at Kardi Nui, and during this time they received their adaptive armor from Arthaka. Maybe their new, special armor rendered their Nuva symbols obsolete? That doesn't really make sense, but then again the Nuva symbols never really made sense to me...
  7. If these masks were used in a Bionicle Gen. 3, I would be very happy with the result. Also love the articulated hand design. These look amazing; great work!!
  8. I personally think G2's biggest story problem was its lack of interesting villains. The Skull Spiders were an attempt to re-do the Rahi from 2001 but it didn't work as well because the Rahi were all unique in appearance, personality, and environment - the skull spiders were all small and samey, except for the big skull spider (but there was only one). Then they had a bunch of generic skeletons, and then shadow people. The Bohrok and the Bohrok-Kal might have all been clone sets, but they were all interesting story components which is why people bought the sets. The Bohrok had elemental powers that posed a serious and symmetrical challenge to the Toa, and the Bohrok-Kal were an assymetrical opponent because they had non-elemental powers. While the Skull Army and the Shadow Horde are objectively better sets, their characters aren't as interesting. The Bohrok-Kal had real personality. The original Bohrok did not, but they instead had a mysterious hive mind whose initial motivations were unclear and only revealed later, in the form of another set: the Bahrag Queens, leaders of the Bohrok. The same could be said about the Rahkshi and Makuta (later named "Teridax"). If your heroes don't have a noteworthy challenge to overcome, you haven't written a noteworthy story. Okoto was interesting. The Protectors and Masters were interesting. The bad guys weren't.
  9. The total sidelining of the island of Mata Nui after 2003. The Mask of Light movie retroactively increased the number of Matoran from ~12 per tribe to at least two hundred in the course of a single scene, and we never got to see bigger and more complex villages or Wahis as a result of that. Then the Metru Nui saga said "surprise, it was actually thousands of Matoran! and guess what we're never going back to Mata Nui to make it more interesting with that increased number." Sooooo many missed possibilities with this alone. The island itself drew people in, and then we didn't see it for five years, until it reappeared only to be smashed by a giant face.
  10. Thanks for sharing, hadn't seen this before!! There's also an article/interview with the Templar Studios president who talks about the creation of MNOG: https://medium.com/subpixelfilms-com/the-making-of-the-mata-nui-online-game-98d41dfa8089
  11. I'm a big water tribe fan, but I always thought that the Ta-Korans looked the best (especially the way the Guard and Tahu were depicted in the original MNOG).
  12. I would go for a complementary color rather than a matching color (i.e. orange eyes for a blue Kaukau, red eyes for a green Kaukau, etc.). I probably wouldn't change Onua or Kopaka. I'd switch Lewa and Tahu's eyestalks. Gali would get orange eyes. Pohatu would get blue eyes; I'd give him a trans-brown Kaukau as well instead of trans-orange.
  13. I always interpreted the vast amount of pre-existing cave drawings of contemporary events as the Turaga secretly flexing their prophetic wisdom. The Ta-Matoran don't recognize Tahu after his Nuva transformation,, but Turaga Vakama does. The Turaga clearly understand the importance of the Nuva symbols (they build shrines with assigned guards to "protect" them, even though the Rahi are uninfected and the Bohrok are seemingly defeated), while the Toa Nuva themselves don't (at least, Kopaka doesn't - he dismisses his symbol ("It has no power, Matoro.") and leaves the shrine, only to be quickly robbed of both symbol and power simultaneously). In Comic 7, one of the Toa says "Do you ever get the feeling there's a lot more to this island than we know about?" - and of course there is, most notably the Kraata/Rahkshi and the passage from Mata Nui to Metru Nui; the Toa are frequently oblivious to dangers, while the Turaga always wait to reveal their knowledge until a problem starts. In Comic 13, Turaga Whenua leads Onua and Pohatu to a cave drawing of a Kraata, and inside he reveals a secret prison where the Turaga have spent millennia quietly locking up thousands of Kraata slugs - a revelation that angers Pohatu, who didn't know there were thousands of deadly slugs in a cave "in [his] realm" (Po-Wahi). Whenua's reply: "They were no longer a threat. We did not feel you needed to know." Seconds later, a Kraata-powered Rahkshi opens the prison, freeing all the Kraata slugs... so, now, the Kraata are once again a threat, and we now feel that you need to know. Surprise!! Death slugs! Death slugs - everywhere. The combination of mysterious cave drawings and very mysterious Turaga behavior (When did the Turaga have the time to build a secret cave prison, hunt and capture thousands of slugs, all without alerting their villages to the fact that their leaders have all disappeared in the middle of a huge Rahi war when nobody's supposed to leave the village?!? And you're really not gonna tell the Toa about any of it either? Really?) all helped hype-up Vakama's bombshells in the Mask of Light movie - "The City of the Great Spirit, my island, refound." - and in the last comic - "It is time you knew the truth - - you are not the first Toa!"
  14. Creature Name: Aerodrax Species: Only known one of it's kind Gallery Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129763343@N02/sets/72157649134502679/ Aerodrax is Okotoan for "sky terror". Flying with his huge rotors, he fires Skull Spiders from his ballista and carries a large shield. Although he rarely attacks, a village will spend years repairing the damage of a single strike. Aerodrax likes to hover high above a village and rain Skull Spiders down on crowds of people before landing and using his rotors to tear through streets and buildings. A failed project of Makuta's, Aerodrax was intended to be a guardian of Okoto before developing a personality and attacking its creator. It is unknown what Aerodrax does most of the time, but his attacks seem to be fun games that he plays when he's bored; although he uses Skull Spiders, he has been spotted fighting Skull Spider hordes in the jungle and has even disrupted their attacks on villages before. Strangely infectious if touched, it seems the only way to defeat him is by firing from a ranged distance. He is also vulnerable to high-pitched noise.
  15. Simply AMAZING work!! I'll be honest, before I saw any pictures I figured this would be a super-poor quality attempt at a game to say "Hey guys! Get excited for Bionicle!" Boy was I wrong! This is Version 0.1? Because that could be a final version in itself as far as the in-game graphics and objects go! Truly fantastic, blew me away!
  16. Soooooo excited for #BIONICLE2015!!!! Was nnot expecting Bionicle to come back with a hashtag, have to say..... Can't wait for BZP to start getting lots of old and new Bionicle fans again!

  17. Oh, I didn't see this post earlier, but there's a link in my signature to my fanfic story. I was hahli on UStream.
  18. Dude I got this six months ago for $30 and free shipping. Feel free to inflate the price, but anything over $50 just plain ain't worth it. Anyone can download the disk contents. Anyone can "MOC" Hafu (not really an MOC but whatever). Aside from the Rua and map there's really nothing all too rare.
  19. I was Hahli, the source of all Eljay madness. Check out my fanfic at "My canon cannon!"
  20. I was hahli. Check out "My canon cannon!" for my Toa Eljay fanfic.
  21. Yeah that's fine. I have more content but I don't care where it goes. Here's Part Two: Eljay was stranded on a dune, facing Meso, Makuta of Pandemics, and a small Fohrok swarm. "Ah, Bohrok." the Toa of Canon says , "the perfect island destroyers. Omni-directional kickballs, color schemes are a pro, Krana launching is a pro, ah, but no elbows and knees and they're too short to reach a Toa's head, like myself." "Shut up, Eljay. Besides, didn't the last Miru-wearing Toa get Kranaed?" "Don't get technical." "What do you even do?" "I'm a Toa of Canon, I rule things canon and non-canon. If something is ruled non-canon, it blinks out of existence in the story." "What if it's already canon?" "Doesn't matter. I could make those Bohrok disappear if I wanted to. What can you do?" "Spread diseases. Attack stuff. I hang out Viper." "Viper's here, too? None of you are canon!" "You're not canon..." "I'm a Toa of Canon, of course I'm canon! I even have a cannon!" Sure enough, Toa Eljay produced a Judgement Cannon that for some reason no one saw earlier. "Eljay... did you just make that appear?" "Uhh, yeah, I guess." "Did that even appear in any actual story?" "It is now. I'm ruling this story canon." Eljay fired the cannon, which made Judgement Cannon-like noises and blasted Meso. "NO! Peace! No more Tunneler Beasts!" "Meso, if you mention Hero Factory in my story one more time..." There was a big fist fight that Meso won, but someone ruled that non-canon so we'll skip that part... A heavily bruised Eljay slid into an abandoned Thornatus, wondering why he couldn't make Meso and his Bohrok disappear during the totally nonexistent fight. He'd made all kinds of things appear from a "Bionicle 2015? Tune in to TTV!" billboard to a fully functional cannon. But Meso didn't disappear. 'Why?' Eljay thought as he drove past a group of Kopakas arguing over who was more canon, one of which was entirely pixilated. Eljay tried practicing his mask powers as he drove past a group of lightsaber-wielding Matoran fighting a group of phaser-wielding Agori. At the last second his Hau was triggered as a Splitter Beast tossed a boulder at him. 'Dangit Meso. Why'd you have to ruin a perfectly good story with Splitter Beasts and Tunneler Beasts and...' ...and that's when Eljay realized his power. He could make things canon and non-canon whenever he wanted. Because he could make things canon, he could make them appear, but thanks to fandom, he couldn't actually make anything disappear. It stayed in fandom forever, even if he objected. What could he do? Could he really leave, knowing that somewhere out there, Klingon Agori and Jedi Matoran were in written stories? Knowing that there were eight Kopakas? Knowing that Meso's MNOG-HF comparisons were affecting fan fiction? He wasn't even supposed to be driving- he had a war to fight. He knew what he had to do, even if his Earth self didn't like it. He changed gear and raced to New Atero. "You want to nuke half of Spherus Magna?" Vakama number three yelled. "That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard!" "Really? What happened to "let's go this way oh look Visorak"? Besides I saw a unicorn on the drive here. A unicorn. This is saddening, Bionicle doesn't deserve this." "I hate to say it," Vakama number two said, "but he's right. There's three of us. Yesterday the seven Tahus tried to fight to the death to stay canon, and two more Tahus appeared today. This is madness. It must end." The Toa of Canon turned to Takanuva. "Take two of every Rahi and one of every person out into the desert. I shall prepare everything else. Meso laid his hand on Eljay's shoulder. "You're doing the right thing. We need to clean up this garbage." "Hopefully, this will erase every fan story." "And this one-" Eljay shook his head. "I've made this story canon, so it shouldn't be deleted. And it looks like the device is set." Meso shook Eljay's hand, and Eljay nodded to the two Takanuvas. Both donned Mohtreks, summoning every past Takanuva that wore the Olmak, the fanfiction's only hope of surviving. "Thank you, Eljay." The Takanuvas said. "Thanks to you, we can live peacefully, outside of the canon world." "I couldn't leave you here. Canon Bionicle deserves no less." And with a final nod, Eljay activated his powers and winked out of existence within the Bionicle storyline. At his computer, Black Six noticed something bad. A virus seemed to have deleted all of BZP's fanfiction. A few seconds later, they returned, seeming to have never moved. Must've been just a glitch. Earth Eljay finished reading the story, deciding it was completely stupid.
  22. 9396-B thundered down the hillside. The two-bladed helicopter was holding several guards and a desperate Helryx. Her Order hadn't won a single engagement with the Skrall in a month. The needed help from, frankly, anybody. Perhaps even someone who wasn't canon... Yet... Toa Eljay stepped onto the Technic plane, wearing a TTV shirt and a paper golden Miru, pretending not to notice the funny stares from Onua, Jaller, and Chiara. Even the emotionless Bohrok were clearly having trouble processing the, the, unknown species. "His name's Eljay" Helryx quickly explained as pilots Kai and Macku quickly rushed by. "He's human, and a Toa of Canon, so..." "So I can make anything canon, including myself." Jaller raised his hand. "So, you can alter the past?" "I have. I was interested to see how the Red Star works, and I also found that accidentally breaking- well, any other questions?" Hahli stepped on, clutching a MakutaFest 2014 banner. "Is that Miru on your face... functional?" Good idea, Hahli. I'll make it functional, and canon." The Toa went silent, glancing at each other as Toa Eljay did nothing. 42025 started up and took off, and he still did not move. "So..." Chiara began. "Oh, yeah, it's fully functional." Eljay replied. "Watch." Before anyone could stop him, Eljay jumped out of the plane, trying to keep his paper Mask of Levitation from flying off. Then suddenly Eljay slowed down. His mask was working, gliding him down to a dune. "So," a Makuta said from behind him, "think you could make the Splitter Beast canon?" "MMMEEEEESSOOOO!!!" To be continued in "Cannon of Canon, Part Two"!
  23. Okay, so, Hakann and Thok attack the Toa, and then Avak with the rocket jump? Sound like a plan?

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