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  1. Yes, I was planning on paying someone to build a MOC of Alternate Teridax and send it to me. I'll definitely keep you in mind, thanks very much. I'm really after this one to complete my collection.
  2. Hello all, I am not sure if this is the right way to go about this ... but can I request a commission MOC of Alternate Teridax? I hope this is the appropriate place for this. Thanks so much.
  3. I personally believe that Matoro didn't have as much power as the other Toa Mahri. I believe he's weaker, and he stood out to me so I placed him below. I put Tahu with Golden Armor there just because of the power level he would be at now. Whatever you want to think raw Toa Power is, I guess -- how much power each Toa has. What lists would you guys create? I was hoping to see some of your lists.
  4. Hello all! I'm going to start by saying what this topic is not: this is not a topic about who would win a brawl. As Greg has mentioned, fights are very hard to determine because of the numerous factors involved. I wanted to rank the Toa based on how much raw Toa Power they have. The people to focus on are: Helryx, Lesovikk, the six Toa Metru, the six Toa Mahri, the five Toa Nuva, Tahu with Golden Armor, Lhikan, Nidhiki, and Tuyet with the Nui Stone. You can rank teams together or as separate Toa, if necessary. So, here's my list: Tahu with Golden Armor Tuyet with Nui Stone Toa Nuva Helryx Toa Mahri Matoro Lhikan Lesovikk Toa Metru Nidhiki Feel free to discuss your reasoning as well.
  5. Hey 4kocour4, please reply to my PM, haha. (Sorry for the off topic comment here. This is the only way of contacting him) On topic: Prototype Pohatu looks amazing!! I wish I had the money to buy it!! :( :( Pohatu is one of my favorite original sets.
  6. Hey 4kocour4, I'm sorry for posting somewhat unrelatedly, but I sent you PMs. Could you please take a look at them? EDIT: I love the color of the Great Pakari, Flintsmith!! Holy cow!! How did you stain these so they came out this way?
  7. Hey there, -Sidorak-! Are the blank Kanoka disks still $10 and are there any left?
  8. $31. InkAlchemist1994, I noticed your signature, I'm surprised you want a painted yellow Ruru ... interesting.
  9. "Forget returning to the Matoran Universe. It's not very important anyways." - Toa Mata Nui
  10. If you could have this person do that, tourmalinex, that would be incredible. I think we all would be willing to wait three weeks for him/her to create a 10-inch-model. That would be amazing!!
  11. If Vezon & Kardas, the Manas, or Muaka & Kane-Ra are available I'm interested.
  12. "This is also a place for modelers to come and specify their new product ideas/for commission requests by bzpower members." This was the other reason for making this topic; also, some folks may not know of shapeways.com and they can learn about it here.
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