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    … Imagine a world with no visible light but that one little sliver where all the micro waves, infrared, radio waves, and ultraviolet dwell. Now imagine this world with inhabitants that see radiating heat and gamma rays all adorned with that ONE wave length of visible light. You wanna' know where I'm from? I come from the land of the Minus Green.
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    I have a few things, which obviously includes bionicle. I like to draw them (all though most of them don't get finished), build them, collect them, write about them (most not finished either), read about them.... well, you get the idea. What I don't like though, is trying to make myself known. I'm the lazy type... so when ever I read something from epics, ss or general descusion, I tend to not reply to most of them. Also the problem with finishing things... heh, well I guess I'll have to try harder!

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  1. 桃源郷エイリアン by serial TV drama
  2. I've heard contradictory claims about humans exploding in vacuums. Some stories take it for granted, but I've heard that it's possible not to, if you exhale so your lungs are empty. May we never have to find out. (I also heard Star Trek once got it exactly wrong by having someone have to HOLD their breath to survive...) And more to the point, that Matoran who died swimming up from compressed water to shallow water died from the equivalent, so apparently it's not accurate to say MU biomechanical beings can't die from decompression. But maybe they can't die from going from normal pressure to none. Also, although the story didn't mention him doing anything about it, Lewa was involved in that incident and might have been making air around them to keep some pressure. Actually, human bodies do not explode in a vacuum at all. Your body's many layers of flesh are sturdy enough to keep your meat sack of a body intact without gravity or an atmosphere interacting with it. No, instead of death by meat-splosion, you will die by oxygen deprivation. Doesn't matter how tightly you seal your lips, the air in your mouth and lungs are going to slip out of there laughing at you as it rushes for the sweet spaciousness of the vacuum. A human looses consciousness a little over a few seconds and a little after that... well, brain damage and death are going to be your long time friends. Oh, and your saliva boils in vacuum! Isn't science amazing?@u@ Also, muscle is generally not grey. The myoglobin in muscle tissue (the stuff that accepts oxygen from blood cells) causes it to have a reddish color (as well as mitochondria). The less myoglobin in muscle tissue equals a paler color, and more myoglobin equals the opposite. When muscle tissue is looking grey it probably indicates that it's undergoing decomposition or other processes that messes up the natural state of muscle tissue. Just wanted to clear some things up!
  3. I would imagine that it would actually be "proto[matoran word for iron]." Probably something to the effect of "protofe[rest of word for Iron]" given that "Fe-" is its prefix.Wouldn't that easily be confused with actual iron? You would think there would be a difference between proto-iron and protosteel. On top of that, is Protosteel actually steel? Or is it a different type of metal altogether?
  4. As far as I could find, Biosector01 didn't have any information on the head piece/tail on both Roodaka or the Vortixx's page. I over heard that the interesting tail like appendage was a head piece though I can't remember where I heard it! Personally, I prefer the tail-thingy to be part of the Vortixx anatomy but that could just be me.
  5. Just to give more info on amnesia to bonesii and fisher64, you do not have to have physical damage to your brain to have loss of memory. Amnesia can also be caused by traumatic events where your mind won't retain memories of that moment because of high levels of stress, and mind altering substances ( alcohol and other drugs) where they mess with the process to embed memories for long term. Both can cause temporary memory loss as well as permanent/ partial memory loss, though mind altering substances usually sticks to temporary.I think it'd be interesting if there were mechanical components to an MU inhabitant's brain and have a particular component that's like a control system that could over ride the individual's mind to a certain extent. It would certainly make it easier to erase memories on populations like in the Time Slip.As to the 'are they walking on bone???' thing, my headcanon is that MU inhabatants have an exoskeleton like arthropods that incases the individual's internal workings from the external environment. It made the most sense to me, anyway.VeOi ThE rAsCaL
  6. Yes, Matoran, Toa and Turaga can eat, they just consider it a disgusting thing to do.
  7. *cough*Transformers*cough* But there are humans in that. Megan Fox in in that, specifically. Be that as it may, before the Bayformer movies? Yah, there was still a HUGE fanbase. And I will tell you a large chunk of them did NOT care for reading about the humans in their Transformers comic. I don't think the lack of humans is the problem with Bionicle either.
  8. Now, I came to this thought recently after watching too many scientifically educational videos and being blind sided by one in particular. The subject matter of said particular video was on thermal conductivity and I thought, 'Bionicles are encased from head to toe in metal, which happens to be a conductor for thermal energy... How do they regulate their body temperatures from going too high or too low (without dying)?'So, how do they maintain a steady body temperature? Are external insulation similar to clothing needed when temperatures are lower? Why hasn't there been a mention of such gear in the world of Bionicle? Do they have other methods of keeping their core temperature? Is keeping a constant core temperature even necessary? Your thoughts on the matter are very welcome. --VeOi ThE rAsCaL
  9. How much elemental energy does a toa have in the first place? I mean, you need a CRAZY-ton of mass just to get a small black hole, would a Toa of gravity actually have enough EE to make one in a Nova blast?
  10. For the traits of Vi-Matoran maybe a longer life expectancy than the rest of the matoran population? I don't know.
  11. I think for Pa-Matoran (Yes, I voted for that) their habitat should be near areas where Ta-matoran and Lightning matoran live, since both fire and lightning are a form of plasma... or in MU speak, plasma is a huge factor in the process of 'making' fire and lightning.Oh yes, I couldn't vote for an elemental trait listed on the poll because non of them really jump out at me.
  12. Are the Skakdi around the same height as Toa? I some how thought that they were taller...
  13. First, I think the Nuva left the Kanohi Nuva on Metru Nui, save for the ones they were wearing...and the suva was out of range.Do Toa lose access to collected masks if they are too far away?I think the question is would Toa lose access to collected masks if they are outside of the MU which their suva are in?
  14. How much energy would a Toa use up if they were strictly manipulating there element? So, if a fire toa, only exercising their pyrokinesis? I'd imagine that it would spend less energy but other's opinions would welcome. ^^And speaking of elemental energy consumption, would a toa of stone or water have to use up more elemental energy than a toa of fire due to the 'material' forms or their elements? In consequence, would said stone or water toa have a larger elemental energy cache in order to create and use their elements properly?
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