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  1. i like how the text fades halfway out in the preview feels spooky
  2. ive been playin ffxiv, tho im kinda jus raidlogging in that game (i miss my home server of balmung so much qq), some classic world of warcraft with a few friends where we basically jus get drunk and run around for a while lil bit of overwatch 'cuz of the lego bastion skin and my boyfriend picked up fire emblem for me so ive been (slowly) playing that, too
  3. to be honest, nostalgia every so often prompts me to check back into this place for a lil while. seeing the otc forum and familiar names from back when i was an active roleplayer is, idk, nice sometimes? y'know despite like, all the dumb things that went on that i ended up a part of way back when lol otc as a subforum still feels like a new addition, never grew used to it bein there made me feel old when i realized the thread i had pinned in there was 8 years old which like, i was 16 when i wrote it been a wild ride albeit one i wouldnt ride again considerin all the bumps
  4. im glad u appreciate my buffoonery
  5. where is the box i feel old and i have (1) opinion everyone else put in life updates so heres mine no one asked for estrogen made me hot and i have a boyfriend and a pool, i have a pool im kinda a big deal
  6. Noxryn


    haven posted a thing here in forever but decided to come back for nostalgia and boredom sake for a single night in the midst of october its so weird like bein in an abandoned hospital but the lights're still on and you can jus hear your voice echoin down the halls man and i spent like... idk, i think i was active mostly through 2015? but like, 12 years of havin an acct my acct is older than elementary school also nearly half my current lifespan wild my icon cute tho
  7. Noxryn

    this place is so dead

    i appear like less than once a year at this point but i saw this entry and wanted to agree
  8. It'd be weird since it's not an active line and hasn't done well near the end of its lifespan, which is pretty much why I don't feel like it'd be used for the medium. Also not really widespread in terms of media, unlike Ninjago that has its own show that airs on CN. But you can make fun of it in the same way those movies use comedy, it's not that hard to take a child's toyline that decided to try and be as dark and "serious" as possible during some of its later years, in all the wrong ways, and laugh at it.
  9. For some people, maybe, but I'm really good at it.
  10. Yeah, I know of the one in the area who is really booked with a massive waiting list. There's an app she made that I mostly use, or try to, but otherwise it's too expensive for anyone else for me personally to try to go to. So it's mostly done via the app and suggestions from other trans women at the GIC, who get that type of therapy and can impart some of the tips and knowledge.
  11. Yeah, they shorten the vocal chords to alter how the voice sounds -- for a lot of cases, it'd be combined with the adam's apple "shaving" (according to my doctor at least) which can leave scarring/no talking or verbal sounds for 3 weeks. But, since my adam's apple isn't that prominent at all, I can likely do the laser option where it just uses laser to shorten the chords and that has the "no talking/verbal sounds" for 48 hours, so comparatively it's a lot better if it's possible to do. And less painful recovery period and stuff, too.
  12. It'll be a good day when I have my vocal chord surgery. It'll also be a good year when I remember to take my HRT medications on time properly, but a couple days off isn't as bad as forgetting for a month straight. Plus, got some nice skirts that I should wear out sometime.
  13. I have more care about the characters than their barely present vehicles, so I'd spend on the characters if I was particularly attached to them.
  14. the only good canonization to ever come out of BZPower.com
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