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  1. People believe. It's what people do.

  2. I don't recall who you are.

    1. Kothra


      I remember we talked about the Conduit a lot, and probably other things but i forgot.

    2. WhispersAngels


      We might have had. That game was kinda of a let down. Was expecting a lot from it.

  3. Do I still know you?

    1. GAY AS HECK


      That depends if I've been replaced by an inperfect cyborg replica or not.

    2. WhispersAngels


      You might receive this or not. I'm glad to know you are still the Emkay that I know, well used to know.

    3. GAY AS HECK


      Nah, I'm totally cooler now.

  4. And what do you think of Turnabout Trump?

  5. Trite! You got nothing on me!

  6. Apollo Justice? Nice but you should play the Phoenix Wright games first. Apollo Justice is more like "What happened to Phoenix Wright Seven Years ago?"

  7. It is because you couldn't saved Mia...

  8. I don't know why prosecutors and defense lawyers are so obsess with perfect records. Sound like a Von Karma to me.

  9. The, take this, Trite! *throws coffee at you*

  10. Yea, prosecutors are supposedly better than defense lawyers. The law is so cruel. Dx

  11. Trite! It the darkness that is coffee! Accept your defeat!

  12. Well done…Trite, I've saved my 17th cup of coffee just for you. *throws it at you*

  13. Ha! Mr. Trite, you think you could your way in here with a profile like that? Whether you're a fake or the real deal, we'll find out soon enough.

  14. It is going to happened someday...but you can always leave you client but that isn't worth it. A defense attorney also seeks the truth and tries to get his client the best punishment as possible.

  15. *slams coffee cup on the desk* Trite! My coffee is always hot and bitter just like my destiny!

  16. *throws coffee* Hey Trite! I thought this cup of coffee would help you cool your head a bit...

  17. Trite! I gave you the unlimited penalty! It is over! You stole fizzy lifting drinks! You lose! Good day sir! or Ma'am..

  18. I don't know what you mean by that, Mr. Trite. But I do know she would have shut this case by now! Your argument has nothing!

  19. Well if I go to law school, I want to be a defense lawyer. To quote Phoenix:" Why did I become a lawyer in the first place...? Because someone has to look out for the people who have no one on their side"

  20. I am college now but I cannot enter law school yet. Have to take that class and then pass the bar exam. If Phoenix can pass it, so can I.

  21. Thumbs up on your profile section about creationism. I wrote a paper about it in college about how is it a problem in America. Ravvie! =D

  22. I am currently thinking about either going to Law school or medical school. I am still thinking about it.

  23. Get the original Ace Attorney, so you can understand the storyline more. My favorite part was in Turnabout Ablaze in which Edgeworth encounters Larry and they talk about the events that happened in Bridge to the Turnabout.

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