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  1. I like Dragon Ball Z, Bionicle, Doraemon, Shia LaBeouf, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Spider-Man, the 2014 Strider game, Elsword, and Star Wars. Basic stuff.


    I'm working on Sybregatory, which is over in the comics forum. It's only got one comic, which is rather pathetic when you look at the release date, but I hope to put out some more before Christmas Eve.

  2. Actually, I think you might be right about that first part, but I'm not so sure about the controlling difficulty. I don't think it would take much for the new sand to adapt to be like the special sand. I'm not entirely sure.


    I also think it would take some time, but if Gaara brought enough sand, he can use some to handle the earth/stone while using the rest to try and counter Toph.


    Gaara's awesome, but not invincible. :'(


    Wait, does gold dust count as metal? Gaara can manipulate that.

  3. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Gaara's sand is special. Not only is it spiked with blood (which might not help my case), but it's also powered with chakra, probably making it some kind of chakra sand. Think about it; in order to do anything relatively useful in Naruto, you need chakra to do it. Controlling sand is well within that area. If the sand is lined with chakra, does anyone know if that'll inhibit Toph's ability to bend it? I mean, Naruto chakra is energy, but I read that A:TLA chakra is merely a "path" in which energy flows, so there might be a different energy involved with these "paths" (right?). Correct me if I'm wrong here.

  4. You're right about shonen characters being overpowered. Naruto himself is so overpowered, he has almost every overpowered ability in the story. That's just an example (and also a fact), and Gaara's pretty powerful himself. He hardly has to move in order to kill someone.


    If Toph is gonna Gaara's skin, let alone ht him, she has to move fast. There's a guy in Naruto called Rock Lee who fought Gaara. Rock Lee didn't have many special abilities, so he stuck to taijutsu (physical attacks) and couldn't bust through Gaara's sand. However, Rock Lee had removed training weights from his ankles (they were incredibly heavy) and was able to move fast enough to scratch Gaara's cheek. But that didn't matter at all. Gaara broke off his skin to reveal... another Gaara. :D Lee had to amp up his game and ended up landing many good hits on Gaara. Gaara tanked them all and Lee could hardly move afterward due to overworking his body to the point of physical injury.


    Don't fret, though. There is hope for Toph. Toph will have to be as good as Naruto if she could ever hope to hit his body good enough to get results. If my memory serves me right, Naruto had actually bashed his head against Gaara's forehead, and I think that did the trick by earning Naruto the win (I'll have to reread that part :P). Basically, Toph has to act fast enough to get past Gaara's defenses like Rock Lee and Deidara did.


    As for the tweet, there's no way of knowing who the target of that tweet was. For all we know, Ben could have been saying that people shouldn't underestimate Gaara. While I'm rooting for Gaara, even I know that this won't be a one-sided fight. I think Toph has a good chance, but she won't have many opportunities to land a blow. She'll have to dive at each at every one if she wants a prayer of winning.


    That is the dream of a lifetime for a LEGO fan! You are so lucky!


    Any chance you'd be able to tell me how someone could get a job where you're at?


    Well, it might differ a bit from person to person. I applied through the job website and sent in my application, then got interviewed and then got invited to a workshop. I know other people got hired on after the successfully landed and internship with the company. It differs, but the initial step is like any other place: Send in an application.

    Ah, okay. And we all know an application is necessary. :P


    Thanks a bunch for taking the time to answer my question!


    That is the dream of a lifetime for a LEGO fan! You are so lucky!


    Any chance you'd be able to tell me how someone could get a job where you're at?


    Why, it's very easy. All you have to do is... wait... Is that a black helicopter over my house? I wonder why it's flying overh


    There is no way to get a job at Lego, period. That is a fact. Do not believe anything else. This is not a message from Mega Bloks trying to starve LEGO of good designers. That is a fact. We... er... I am not lying.


    Time to declare war.

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